BBM Android and iOS apps promotion differentiation


We know that BBM for Android and iOS is on the way and many are eagerly waiting for the service to go cross-platform. Unfortunately it’s been a long wait and the nearer we get to the BBM release for these platforms, the promotion differentiations for the BBM Android and iOS apps become more evident.

While there is a general feeling that BlackBerry should have launched its BlackBerry Messenger service for these platforms much earlier, the launch is still highly anticipated. Recently we discussed how Samsung is very busy pushing the BBM Android app and has been heavily promoting the app for its Galaxy devices.

However, there is a noticeable disparity between the amounts of endorsement of BBM for Android than for the iOS equivalent. Product Reviews makes a really good observation about the lack of Apple promotion for the iOS BBM app when compared to the Samsung publicity for Android BBM.

The report notes that companies that support Android such as Samsung have often backed other companies when this adds to the benefits for their customers. However, this is not the case with Apple as they prefer to only promote their own apps and don’t embrace offerings from other parties.

If Apple were to heavily market BBM for iOS this would be to the detriment of its own iMessage service. Nevertheless, many iOS users would prefer to have an alternative and so Apple needs to appreciate this and start getting behind BBM for the platform.

BBM for Android and iOS should be announced very shortly now, and as soon as we hear more we’ll pass on the news. In the meantime we’d like to hear your thoughts on the Android and iOS BBM apps. Do you think Apple should be more involved in endorsing BBM for iOS? Maybe you think it’s understandable that Apple is being more restrained about this than Samsung?


16 thoughts on “BBM Android and iOS apps promotion differentiation”

  1. Ezy says:

    I have a feeling that apple wants to roll bbm out when it rolls out iOS 7. Lack of promotion could be due to the company promoting their own things. However, I hardly see apple promotions. I thinks that it became apple knows they value of the things they sell.

  2. captain_pudding says:

    Well, they said it will be out “this summer” so they’ve got a week to release it . . . I’m not holding my breath. In the mean time google play gets a new fake BBM app every week.

  3. David Okunwobi says:

    Of cos I will not expect apple to market BBM on IOs because not only that it has rival application compared to BBM. But Samsung only thrives on android which is not owned by Samsung. So samsung will not be denying herself any market loss if they decide to broadcast BBM on samsung run android phone…

  4. Dave says:

    What is the big deal about BBM? Who cares if Apple is taking its time, Blackberry will be dead soon enough. If you want BBM get a blackberry, you can still text/viber/WhatsApp with your friends who haven’t got a blackberry.

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