Android 4.3 seen on Galaxy S3, no S4 features coming


Despite being over a year old now there are millions of owners that are still enjoying their Samsung Galaxy S3’s, and the device is still readily available in many regions around the world. Today we have news that the Android 4.3 update has been seen on the Galaxy S3 but no S4 features are expected to be coming with the new firmware.

The software must be getting closer to release as last week it was seen in some benchmarks on an AT&T version of the device, and the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update is set to be released next month for the device along with the newer Galaxy S4.

Now the blurry image that you can see on this page comes courtesy of AndroidSAS and shows the Galaxy S3 running the software, and you can see the model number of the handset along with the version of the Android OS its is running. Obviously the firmware is still being tested ahead of its October release, but the update may disappoint many owners of the handset.

Shortly after launching the Galaxy S4 Samsung revealed that a lot of the new features will eventually find their way over to the S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 in future updates, but sources are claiming that the Android 4.3 update will only bring with it some bug fixes, security improvements, and the new features that are found in the Android OS.

There is still hope that the features will be added to the firmware before it gets a public release, as the handset has been sitting on Android 4.1.2 for a number of months now.

Will you be disappointed if the S4 features fail to arrive with this update?


10 thoughts on “Android 4.3 seen on Galaxy S3, no S4 features coming”

  1. Martin says:

    Yes I will be very dissapointed and thinking to leave these
    mistreat from Samsung to their customers. Thinking to leavo to another devices
    and platform like iPhone.

      1. bob bob says:

        Why does he have to? Whatever he says (albeit improper) is none of your concern. And if you believe that he shouldn’t post if he cannot “speak English”, then you are mistaken. This is a public forum, get used to it. I’m tired of having to read these worthless comments from people like you.

        1. nelson says:

          “Why does he have to?”…
          Because it eliminates confusion, misinterpretation perhaps? If you’re going to use a particular language to express your thoughts in WRITING, at least have enough knowledge of said language to avoid composing broken, bewildering sentences like “thinking to leave these mistreat from Samsung to their customers”). I’m still trying to decipher that one. Not trying to be an a$$ but really, I speak conversational Russian but I don’t possess enough expertise in the written word to risk butchering the language commenting on a Pravda article…

          1. bob bob says:

            There exists such an action as ignoring. Think of it this way: what good is someone’s comment going to do when the original poster probably doesn’t give a damn?

      2. Gaarakun says:

        Probably an American i am sure…. You are the idiot because you think English the only language and USA is the only country!!!! That’s why you idiots say “Africa is a beautiful country” with your celebrities!!!DumbA*s$!!!!!!

        1. nelson says:

          I’m an American and I speak conversational Russian and Italian. Beautiful countries, beautiful people and fascinating languages. But I suppose that doesn’t matter to you since I’m obviously a typical elitist, western imperialist scumbag, eh? By the way, I love my country but I don’t care much for the politics, politicians or false sense of exceptionalism Americans buy into, but I’d rather live here than anywhere else in the world…except for maybe Switzerland or the Bahamas..

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