iPad 5, mini 2 fingerprint Touch ID deliberation


Apple is expected to announce the new iPad 5 and mini 2 on October 15, and there are a few things worth thinking about. Will the iPad mini 2 release with Retina display? And is there any possibility that the iPad 5 will come featuring the new fingerprint Touch ID sensor under the home button?

Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint scanner technology has had a lot of mixed reactions of late, some love it and a few dislike the new tech. What do you think about the new fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S?

Comments have poured in discussing Apple’s privacy risks, but we must stress that Apple do NOT store any fingerprints on the iPhone nor the Apple data centre. When consumers use Touch ID, it does take a photo of your fingerprint.

We all know there are implications when new technology is released and teething problems always get ironed out in the end, some have said that the fingerprint tech on the iPhone 5S would be deemed useless if you damage your finger, or if they are oily etc. We will put this to the test at a later date to see if these are all true.

Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor on the iPad 5, mini 2
There is a possibility the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor could make its way onto the iPad 5, because we know for sure Apple wants to improve its security. As for the iPad mini 2 we cannot see this getting the new fingerprint scanner, hopefully it will release with Retina display but we see it using the A6 processor because it is cheaper.

The iPad 5 we believe will come with an A7 processor, iPad mini design and the new Touch ID. Would you like the iPad 5 with Touch ID fingerprint scanner?

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