BBM Android, iOS shows BlackBerry popularity


Many readers will already know that the BBM Android and iOS apps have both been delayed following a leaked version of the Android app. This is yet another dose of bad news for BlackBerry following its recent woes. However, there’s a light on the horizon for the company, as the BBM Android and iOS apps have highlighted BlackBerry popularity.

Long before the recent delay of BBM for Android and iPhone, there have been many people wondering if BlackBerry had simply left it to late to go cross-platform. We ourselves wondered if the release was mistimed and if a golden opportunity for the company had been missed, but also noted there was still a massive amount of interest in BBM from our readers.

BlackBerry’s ailing fortunes have been well documented recently, but the planned app release marks a radical shift by BlackBerry and could be the beginning of better times. Sadly the delay of the much-needed iOS and Android BlackBerry Messenger apps after an already long wait, is yet another blow for BlackBerry.

However, one thing that has become evident is that despite frustration among Android and iOS device owners waiting for BBM, the amount of interest is still huge, showing just how popular BBM is. The release delay has given industry observers a chance to note that the desire for BBM on Android and iOS remains high.

This is welcome news for BlackBerry at a time when there has been a fall in the popularity of its devices, and could be an indication that BlackBerry is going down the right path by focusing more on viable services.

Expanding the BBM platform to more devices is a big step in this direction and over the next few years we’re likely to see BlackBerry move further into the broader mobile market. It’s impossible to say at this stage, but moving away from device production into services could be a rational plan.

It will be interesting to see if BBM for Android and iPhone takes off, but at present we are still waiting for BlackBerry to reschedule the releases of these apps. Maybe things are not so bleak for BlackBerry as many thought though, going by the amount of interest that these apps have generated. In the meantime we’d really appreciate your comments on this.

Are you one of the many people waiting for the BBM Android or iOS app? Are you still eager to get the app for your platform and feel that BlackBerry popularity is still strong? Maybe you think BBM will not be enough to turn things around for BlackBerry?


4 thoughts on “BBM Android, iOS shows BlackBerry popularity”

  1. twitnialingbaby says:

    One thing’s for sure, all blackberry users have tried and tested the quality of messaging of this app that even those IOS and android users want to get hold of it. Are we waiting in vain? I am and still a blackberry user and also owns an iphone and I just can’t wait for this app to be released and I think millions more also does.

  2. Jason says:

    Blackberry only announced they were going to release BBM on Android/iPhone so they could increase the valuation of their company right before selling it. They needed to show the purchasing company they have a valuable asset (b/c their phones/software is useless). This really p*ssed me off. I have been a loyal blackberry fan for YEARS (I still even carry a BB phone) and for them to pull this stunt just to increase their valuation makes me want to never deal with them again. Seriously, how can you NOT get a grip on your OWN software and remove the unofficial bbm software release after 1 week?? Is your software team stupid or something? Or why cant you release your Apple version in the mean time?…there were no unofficial software releases of this version.

    Let me tell you why: b/c it is a LIE. It is just a publicity stunt to see how many global people are interested in BBM. Now they can do their calculations (from the recent data gained by using the world as guinea pigs) to make their company more valuable from speculation. As I said already…I love blackberry…but after this bullsh*t they just pulled…I am slowly losing my respect and credibility for them and I may just drop them FOREVER.

    Seriously, from a business perspective, just release your software already and charge everyone $5/month to use it and everyone is happy. I know this is why you did the publicity stunt last week so you can see how much you can charge per month for the software (I am okay with paying a monthly fee for BBM on iPhone)…just don’t lie to us with a stupid lame a** story.

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