BBM app on iPhone a nail in coffin


Now that the BBM app landed on iPhone then was removed again, and then nothing but fake apps appeared on Android, is this the final nail in the coffin for BlackBerry?

Seeing the BBM app go live on iPhone via iTunes, then these pages being removed from the official website caused a lot of upset and confusion. The demand might still be there for this chat app, but you can count on thousands losing the desire to download anything from BlackBerry every day the delay continues.

BBM EVP, Andrew Bocking put a little note out online updating those waiting for the release of BBM. He said that the rollout of BBM on Android and iPhone saw its delay because an unreleased, older version of BBM for Android went live on file sharing sites.

The app was supposed to go live last Saturday to address the issues, but unfortunately could not block users of the unreleased version if they went live with the BBM for iPhone, Android app launch. The unreleased app was installed nearly one million times and climbing, and the only way they could sort this problem out was to delay the rollout for both Android and iPhone.

The team are now trying to block the unreleased version of the Android app, so in a nutshell there is no BBM Android, iPhone app release date as of yet and no sign of when we can expect a date.

There have been a few iPhone users complaining that if it were Android user issues, why should it affect BBM being released onto the App Store, this is simple really; BBM works on a single network, which means it will not matter at all where the load comes from leaving all platforms suffering. Comments are coming in thick and fast with many saying that this is another great failure; some have said that this is all a nightmare. There are so many others saying good luck with the BBM launch and that they will wait for it, all of the above leaves us with one question.

Some feel that iPhone users have been kicked hard and lost out having the app, it’s hard to fathom that the BBM app for iPhone was released only to have it removed again because of fake apps being loaded onto Google Play etc.

Do you think the BBM app on iPhone is a nail in coffin?


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  1. Jamie Young says:

    many many people who switched from BlackBerry to Android, iPhone or WP8 almost entirely miss BBM. It is and has been for a very long time one of the best features of BlackBerry phones. I know there are many skeptics about how well BBM will do but I’m sure that most of them are people who have never used the app. It may look like a regular messaging app on the surface but it’s more of a social network than it is a SMS program. The delay is another black eye on a company that really didn’t need another one but hopefully they get this solved very very soon and get the app out.

  2. Olly Be says:

    they just making up excuses for their mistake blackberry never meet a deadline since they started business this was their last chance to redeem them self but they messed up again

  3. rm says:

    People say why bbm when whatsapp does the job? The answer is simple- whatsapp does the job as an compulsory alternative to bbm, for those who don’t have bbm. If you have bbm, you won’t probably use whatsapp or any other alternative.

  4. MAS says:

    This is not true, should BBM released the official app it would have stopped all the unofficial apps that were installed, cause its the human nature to go after the latest and update. Reading between the lines it seems that it was BBM who made that early releases to test the system performance and the result was expected as they are not ready yet.

  5. Brian Dsilva says:

    I think its honestly stupid, BBM has no future really, blackberry services ain’t cheap and its service was completely 2G
    The new blackberry would have been an improvement but then they decided they would make a free app for other OS platforms as well..
    It was disappointment to blackberry users at that time, it may have excited android and ios users as BBM at a time was the soul of Networking where data could be shared.. So it was something new..
    But now i think BBM has suffered a lot to maintain its status, the app probably wont be released for a long time.. And that will probably get existing users to get off it as well..
    Thats about it.. Nail in the coffin is the right term..

  6. Tshepo Hooper says:

    I think the problem is that Blackberry released an unfinished app because they have made a promise to release on a certain date which was a would’ve looked bad on them if they hadn’t kept that promise. I say this because I had downloaded my BBM for iPhone from the NZ App Store the time it was release. The app feels like a BETA version. So I think the BBM is working on finishing the apps. The story of the unreleased android version is just a cover up. That’s how I see it

    1. Hi says:

      No I disagree with you. Conjuring up a fake story with negative connotations (hacking, system-overload, illegal downloads) would all bring bad press to their company. A company as large as Blackberry would want their name painted in the best possible light, (especially as they are looking to sell themselves) therefore I doubt they would make up a false story as you stated because it would decrease the value of their brand. I have friends that had bbm on android the first day, and I was able to talk to them through my regular bbm (on my blackberry) as well as my bbm on iphone. Soon after though, all the android versions stopped working and haven’t worked until this day. Therefore, they did get kicked off the blackberry servers and it was not a fabricated story.

      1. Holycow says:

        Hmm if android was the issue, why prevent the release for the iPhone? And bbm is still working on the iPhone. Blackberry is blaming android, when it’s blackberry’s software issue.

        1. Josh says:

          Did you even read the article? “There have been a few iPhone users complaining that if it were Android user issues, why should it affect BBM being released onto the App Store, this is simple really; BBM works on a single network, which means it will not matter at all where the load comes from leaving all platforms suffering.”

  7. JB says:

    When Apple paused the rollout of BBM I was confident they would not re-release it. Maybe I’m missing something but I fail to see what benefit #BBM4ALL would have for Blackberry. What does Blackberry have going for it other than BBM? I think that the rollout of BBM was just a negotiation tactic for Blackberry in their venture to sell the company. Now that there is an offer on the table I have little faith that BBM will be available for any other playform.

  8. Terry a says:

    It’s all one big publicity stunt, funny how all this happens them the company gets sold for billions! Like the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity!!

  9. Joseph Safi says:

    Well i did download the app on iphone after it was removed, done so by changing stores, but the funny thing is that i do agree with JB that its just a tactic they using because the app is a complete failure when it comes to cxn. I still hope they do the release since BBM is the best private chat app on the market.

  10. iWiki says:

    I see the entire incompetent tower of BlackBerry crumbling before my eyes, and it’s exactly what they deserve! Don’t mess with iPhone users, BB. We’re used to the best and won’t stand for your bull$h!t!

    1. iwiki_is_a_stupid_fanboy says:

      used to the best thats funny coming from an iphone user apple products are not the best seriously the iphones a mid-high range phone thats overpriced and stupid technology illeraterate people think are the best samsungs probably the best tell me five reasons why the iphones the best and its not allowed to contain anything stupid like you can afford then and i cant cause i can and dont think about sending me hate cause i just laugh at those fanboys stupidity

    1. Michael King says:

      You say it, like it’s 100% fact that 100% of people think that.
      I’m annoyed, about the release, but I’m still just as excited and so are my friends.

  11. getting old now says:

    im beginning to think its a complete publicity stunt by blackberry because the drop in sales!! they said it caused a surge of data on there service that’s just with 1 million people wait until its is officially released then it would have the same effect with 100x the amount of people downloading it and using it…..

    1. Research In SLOW Motion says:

      I also thought it was such, but the BBM Head confirmed that it wont be ready this week, so he took away all the anticipation of an unknow time of bbm’s real release… I personally dont think its for publicity, they probably just failed again

  12. ShawVicDaas says:

    was lucky enough to GET Official BBM on my iPHONE, within hours of its launch. I am using it daily. Even though it doesnt show on the Appstore now. Thats sad for those who cudnt grab it the moment it was available.

    1. Mughal says:

      Hey bro, what’s up? Is it possible if u can upload this app in drop box or somewhere and gimme the link. I really want this app…… It will be really appreciated..

      1. ShawVicDaas says:

        Sorry, But iOS Apps cant be uploaded on Dropbox(unless perhad jailbroken). And the links are all inactive. Its better to wait a few weeks for even a better version of BBM. The version I am using has some bugs n lags too. Its also not optimised for iOS7.

  13. Colin Johnson says:

    Ha I know of at least 5 people who use BB’s and we’re planning to stay with them as they would be able to BBM their friends with iPhones. 4 of them have just brought IPhones and can’t believe they hadn’t done so already. I use a BB at work. Don’t get me roc got does its job but the iPad and iphone do a far better job. Personally I think there wasn’t any issues with the unofficial app. More likely BB realised that their systems wouldn’t be able to cope with the demand and shut it down to protect their own infrastructure. Personally I can’t see BB lasting more than a few years.

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