iOS 7 battery problems reported for iPhone 4 and 4S


Apple’s iOS 7 appears to be causing a fair amount of frustration for some device users. Although there has been plenty of praise for the updated operating system from some users, others are not happy at all. Today we want to delve into iOS 7 battery problems that have been reported for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Yesterday we discussed the fact that some Apple iPhone 4 and 4S users who have downloaded iOS 7 are unsatisfied with the revamped OS. Some are even more unhappy that they can no longer downgrade to iOS 6 and are stuck with the new OS.

We had many comments from readers in response to this article, with various issues being highlighted. It soon became evident that a problem with battery life is one of the most common complaints. Previously we had reported on battery drain for the iPhone 5 from iOS 7, but clearly this isn’t the only device to suffer.

Recently specific testing on battery life with Wi-Fi browsing on iOS 7 showed that both the iPhone 4 and 4S had slightly less battery life than when on iOS 6, but it was the iPhone 5 that took a big hit. However, the problems being reported by some iPhone 4 and 4S users to us and also on forums, indicate much more than a slight battery life decrease.

There are plenty of complaints of the iPhone and iPhone 4S eating up the battery since the iOS 7 update, where it was perfectly okay when running iOS 6. Some users say they have tried every battery saving tip available, but to no avail as their phones still have significant battery drain.

Another user reports that they have just purchased a ‘new’ iPhone 4S that had already been updated to iOS 7. The battery life goes down by 1% every one to two minutes, and they have no way of knowing if it’s so bad because of a faulty unit or whether this is an iOS 7 problem. Another says that their iPhone 4S battery is “dying in front of my eyes.”

Whereas some owners are feeling let down about the battery life issue from iOS 7, others are hopping made and a few say they will now switch to a Samsung device as they are so disappointed with Apple. There are also many complaints about the slow performance of the iPhone 4 or 4S since the update.

It would be interesting to get more of an idea of whether this is a widespread issue or if these are more isolated problems, so we’d appreciate input from readers. Has your iPhone 4, 4S or other iOS device suffered notable battery problems since the iOS 7 update? Share your experiences with other readers by sending your comments.


266 thoughts on “iOS 7 battery problems reported for iPhone 4 and 4S”

  1. Sarah J says:

    I have iPhone 4S and the battery drain is horrendous. It can be at 20% when I go to bed and by morning it’s dead. I would say I am a low user, maybe a couple of calls a day and rarely browse, but I’m charging it twice a day now just to keep it going. Not happy at all.

    1. SD says:

      I have an iPhone 4s and have a similar reduction in battery time since downloading OS7. Why did Apple not realise the importance of battery life to their customers? There are no new features worth this reduction, and to be unable to reload the old OS6.1 is disastrous. I agree they must give us the option to change back.

  2. Eli2b says:

    Yes! Dying before my eyes is the best description! One minute after unplugging my charger without using the phone I am down to 96% … Looked at Facebook do 2 minutes and watched it drop to 80’s. Seen a 5% drain reading this article …

  3. Kate says:

    Happening for me too, instead of trading up to an iphone 5s, c or whatever when i’ve had enough i’m just going to jump ship to samsung. I don’t want to have to buy a new phone every year. I know stuff these days aren’t built to last. But this is just ridiculous!

    I don’t play games or anything any more because my battery wouldn’t last the day if i did. Way to screw people over.

  4. Chad Guerrero says:

    Yep, it’s a big deal with my family of four who all have iPhone 4S and one 5.
    BATTERY: in Stand by with the phone on my nightstand no power connected, I lost 15% in 7 hours of sleep, now down to 85%.
    After playing with on and off line apps for two hours, I lost 40% more of my battery. Another hour later, I was warned that I was at 20%.

    MEMORY ISSUES: Just in the daily operation, we find our selves limited in the number of apps that we can run before you have to double click the home button & then close out apps we’re not actively using. For example, throughout my day I will access: Facebook, messenger, CandyCrush, camera, Hanging with Friends, bubble mania, Safari, YouTube. At any given time, I will swap back and forth and be faced with memory issues that I never experienced before with IOS 6.

    I have been an apple fan for years but in the last year or so, I’ve not been impressed with Apples been doing with the company. I’ve actually delayed my families upgrade to the 5S because of the issues I am experiencing and reading online.

    I find it difficult to replace my 64 gb 4s for another at a cost 400$ & two year contract. All with very limited improvements to my daily operation.

    EXAMPLES of known problems: Drop Test/ finger print scanner issues/ Map issues / lack of innovations / App crashes / Batteries …

    I buy and watch music videos all the time. The update has made it impossible to watch them now in landscape mode in my music app.

    In my address book, the letters to the right used to quickly access people late in the alphabet doesn’t work any more. I could go on but I think my point should be clear. APPPLE HAS MISSED THE MARK once again…

    1. yissas says:

      anotherone here with the same problem. iPhone 4 drain battery. I will try ‘restore’ as new phone fix tonight. will see if it works. Some people reports it works.

  5. Jake says:

    Battery only lasts half the day, overnight goes from 100 percent to 38%, tried all the tips from online to no avail. Need an update fast or going for a Samsung.

  6. maverickjatt says:

    Troubled by a wakelock on iPhone 4S running iOS 7. After receiving a service message (e.g. regading balance remaining or amount of data consumed etc. ) the phone doesn’t go back to sleep, screen stays on and drains battery. The phone gets hot too.

  7. Sarah S says:

    I have an Iphone 4S and am now suffering bad battery drain AND hot phone when charging or using in some instances. I had to end a phone conversation because my phone was getting to hot! This happen after the latest ios7 “fix”. I’ve switched off everything that various sites have recommended which has been of some small help BUT basically my phone has been reduced in performance as a result. Very disappointed as have nine months remaining on my contract. Just hope Apple sort this.

  8. Elwyn says:

    my 4s battery drains, to 20% by lunch time with moderate usage and has to be charged again to make it last through the day, this wasnt the case when on ios 6

  9. LJC says:

    Same here, even when my iPhone 4 is on sleep mode (dark screen) the battery continues to drain rapidly. Charging is a bit slower too. If I don’t leave the phone plugged in at night I wake up to a drained phone every day no matter how much battery life it had the night before!

  10. Barrie says:

    Quite agree both my wife and I have noticed battery life is well down since downloading 7 on our 4S phones. Also noticeable on i pad as well both on normal usage. Plus points graphics good and after initial teething problems has settled down well just cannot move too far from a plug!

  11. ilpostinopat2709 says:

    Got an iphone 4s, had 38% battery life, took a photo with flash and camera drained to zero, this is not good for Apple, Samsung here I come

  12. Jb says:

    Apple is so disappointing. I’m not sure if this is atactic to et everyone to upgrade to the new phone. I can’t stand my phone any longer and I used to use my phone for everything. It’s so slow and non-functional. I wish I never upgraded to the new iOS 7!

  13. James says:

    Left for work this morning at 7am with 98% it’s now 12.40pm and I’m on 10, 9, 8% sorry it’s hard to keep track(it’s actually going down whist I’m writing this)
    The phone has been in my pocket all morning and I’m even using all the battery saving tips.
    Seriously this is no good and is forcing me to change to another phone supplier like Samsung.

  14. TrackyH says:

    Wish I had never updated to IOS 7 now – having to charge at least twice a day which just isn’t practical. I’ve even altered all settings possible to extend battery life and doesn’t make much difference – even had to lose some I rely on! Seriously looking at purchasing from another supplier – Samsung looking preferable

  15. Aaron S McLeod says:

    I have the 4s and like evryone elese my batteery drains so fast, 1 hour after I have taken it off the charger it losses 10-15%, and thats not even using it except for maybe a few texts. So unhappy right now and I hope there is a way for them to fix this soon. I dont even surf the web or play games or my phone wouldnt last a work day without dying!

  16. clarkey says:

    I have a 4s. Where I used to charge it every other day, I now need to charge it daily, even after all the battery life tips. I played 10 minutes of temple run and it drained 16%!

  17. CeePeeeM says:

    Serious battery drain issue with my 4s after the upgrade. For every 2 minutes of call, 1% gets reduced. So I am forced to use my standby phone that was lying jobless all this while. Carry one more phone that doesn’t run the latest iOS….or risk being out of reach….it is your choice.

  18. Pipchick says:

    I have the Iphone 5 and am seeing much faster battery drain. Also I am having issues sending text messages. Sometimes it works OK but this morning nothing will go out. I like some of the features but not enough to compensate for the rapid battery drain. I hope this is something Apple can fix – I would not buy another Apple phone if the problem continues – I will go back to a droid as I can always purchase backup battery for Samsung phones.

  19. katie smith says:

    My battery goes from 100% to 15% in a matter of a few hours – even without any use, just sitting on the counter. I turned off the bluetooth and the Wi-fi to try and save it, but it doesn’t seem to help.

  20. Karstobb says:

    Mine drains by the minute since I updated. I am seriously considering changing to samsung phone when my contract expires in Dec. a phone that cannot hold a charge while I am away from home is useless to me.
    I went to the apple store and made all the battery saving changes they advised, but it has mad very little difference.

  21. Iesha says:

    So much regretting downloading ios 7. The battery life of my iphone 4 is horrible after the downloading ios 7. I turned off bluetooth, location services, notifications etc etc. which never used to be a problem before. Now in a matter of hours, the battery goes from 100% to 15% just sitting on the desk.

  22. Rob says:

    iPhone 4 here, and I gotta say that I have NOT seen any change in my battery life. I did do a backup & restore to defaults prior to installing iOS 7, but don’t know if that had anything to do with anything.

    I have background refresh & location services turned off on most apps, bluetooth is off, and auto-lock is set to 1 minute. But I also keep wireless turned on, and use my phone fairly regularly through the day. My phone will make it through the workday just fine.

    Just thought I’d throw my experience onto the pile. I hope some fixes come around for those of you having issues!

  23. Banksy says:

    I’ve tried all the things to help with the draining of my battery but its still the same! I charged overnight and had 100% at 7am, by 12 noon I has 55% and it was in my bag! now its 8:30pm and I have 15% I have not used except for two messages and may I say not iMessage as the message just keeps trying to send then eventually I get “not delivered” but it should really send it as a text! If I switch my iMessage off and on it will work again for a bit then stops!

  24. NeilG says:

    I’ve upgraded my 4S (as I did with an iPod 2) right through the generations to keep it up to date.
    Never had any major issues before so never checked on a site such this. Is it always this way when a major release upgrade is out or is it just this time?
    Have heard of people suffering battery issues before – before apple released minor fix upgrades, do this might get fixed…
    My issue is the interface seams a step backwards slow, in-necessar (and slow) animations and some child like icons in safari which would be far from intuitive for a new user.

  25. Bjay says:

    iphone 4s reduced to POS after IOS 7 – battery only lasts 1/2 day and phone powers off after dipping below 35% battery life. I will NEVER buy another Apple product unless they fix this ASAP.

  26. Buster says:

    4s – Ive tried turning everything off and dimming the screen – NOTHING WORKS – stupid phone just sits there and drains itself – not planning on buying Apple again…

  27. Thomas says:

    Battery drain is a significant issue. At my company we deploy 100s of iPhones
    and all models are reporting significant battery drain. Interestingly the
    problem began for many phones a week BEFORE the iOS 7 release. The issue is also being reported on iPhone 3S
    units that obviously cannot even run iOS 7. The problem appears to happen
    overnight, now most iPhones cannot make it through one day without being
    charged where before they would last 2 days or more.

  28. sdonn says:

    ios7 is DEFINITELY eating up my battery life on my iphone4. My routine is pretty consistent: charge all night, spend the day in the office with phone not charging. Before the upgrade, the phone was almost always at >50% when I left the office. Now it’s always <20%. Ridiculous!! Ditto when I go out at night, I have to turn it off or put it in airplane mode to have a chance of it being good later in the night, when I might need it.

    Makes me consider a droid since apple isn't doing anything about it. Friends are wondering if it's intentional so we'll all buy a new iphone.

  29. Sjack says:

    IPhone 4s … After ios7 “upgrade” have to recharge during the day whereas before one charge per night was enough (with some. 20%-25% remaing before recharge).

  30. nevrflw says:

    iphone4S, ios7.0.2 … about 1% loss in battery life every 2-3 minutes, when actively using the phone (browsing, GPS etc)

    I estimate this to be at least twice as much battery use as with ios6.1.3.

  31. Bev says:

    This ios7 is killing me! Battery life, iMessage problems and everything is much slower than before. I have an iPhone and am seriously considering switching to Samsung.

  32. Ruth Anne Byron says:

    My iPhone 4 worked perfect for the first week after upgrading to iOS7 but today my battery started to drain within an hour of completing charge. Another problem I have found is that my phone is becoming very hot even when in standby and airplane mode, I have resorted to holding a piece of aluminium under the phone to keep it cool.

  33. Bev says:

    Many people feel that this is apples way to try to get us all to upgrade to a newer model iPhone. Hmmmm…. Really? I’m thinking to heck with Apple, why not try something new and fresh with a different phone entirely? All the literature seems to indicate that Samsung has as many great features iPhone has (had), and way fewer problems. I loved my iPhone before the ios6 and now with the 7 it’s much worse. Fool me once, fool me twice……but no more.

  34. jeff says:

    i thought i was just imagining things but apparently its not just me. my 4s used to last me all day on iOS6 but since the 7 upgrade it only last me about 6 hours. same usage as day to day. also not a fan of the safari upgrades. dont like the look of android.

  35. Matt says:

    I have definitely had battery issues on my 4s since upgrading. With iOS6 my phone would last all day with average use and have no problems. I would leave the office with around 40-50%… Not so with iOS7. Most days I have to charge it at work to keep it lasting. I have tried all of the battery saving tips (turned off most background app refreshes/location services, decreased brightness, closed unused apps, etc..) but still not good. Hoping apple releases a patch to optimise it!

  36. naveen says:

    I have Iphone 5 and upgraded to ios7 then we see battery is getting drained with in 3 hrs. After completely charging which show 100% and unplug it we see immediatly down to 98% and with in 3 hrs on standby completely getting drained. We closed all the running apps and followed the tips on power saving and still no use.

  37. Rhino says:

    I have an iPhone 4S. I really liked some of the new features in ios7. I’d give em all back to get a full day out of my batt. Now around 3 o’clock I’m at 30% and normally it was around 30% at bedtime. My iphone keeps powering down at 20%???????? What is going on apple? Not to mention the frustration with iMessages saying message was delivered and I check the next day and see message error. It feels like nobody is at the wheel anymore at Apple. How else does a half baked piece of software get launched. For the first time since the origional iphone I’m seriously considering other handsets.

  38. AndyGee says:

    My iPhone 4 battery has COMPLETELY died. A few days after updating to ios 7.0.2 my phone has been straight trippin! It would remain at the pixilated apple logo for hours then get really hot. It would only work while plugged into the charger.Eventually not work at all… Is anyone else experiencing this problem?? straight BS Apple

  39. LadyofOZ says:

    I upgraded to the IO7 last Thursday. I disconnected from the charger at 5pm as always and some time during the night the battery was drained. This was with no calls, texts downloads or apps running at all in that time. With IO6 I could go 2 days without a recharge when not using my phone. The new IOS has dropped my battery usage by more than 75% in my opinion. My 4S is no longer a MOBILE phone as it has to be put on a charger wherever I go. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. I was going to stay with the iPhone when the company contracts expire soon, now I’m not so sure. If they don’t fix this problem then I won’t be staying with Apple.

  40. JSarna says:

    My iPhone 4s & iPad (3rd gen) are having problems with the battery after the upgrade to ios7 – the battery level drops to under 50% within about 2 hours of a full charge – with minimal usage (checking email / browsing the news) – and a complete washout in another few hours after that.

  41. OzzBozz says:

    I have a two year old 4s and was more than happy with battery life until I installed ios7, it has rendered it almost useless, I never used to think about whether or not I had enough charge in my phone, now it’s a constant worry. My wife and daughter have iphone 4 and both are experiencing similar. Don’t Apple test these things? Hmmm, I cant help feeling a bit cynical…….Another Apple user losing faith!

  42. henil says:

    veryyyyy badd tooo slow processor . Downloading ios7 on my I4 , due to this my phone became too slow, faceboof is also not opening. plzz do something,
    or i should quit apple!!

  43. Dino66 says:

    IOS 7 looks childish, drains battery very quickly and has really slowed my iPhone 4 down.
    Why won’t Apple allow us to revert back to IOS 6 if we want to?
    This supposed software ‘upgrade’ is a massive own goal by Apple. If they don’t let us have a choice on software they are going to loose alot of customer. I will be moving to an andriod phone if Apple do not allow me to revert back to IOS 6.
    Classic case of ‘If it’s not broke, don’t mend it’

  44. Deb25 says:

    My iphone4 battery has dropped 4% in the last 5 minutes and I haven’t even used it. It was 100% at 6am and by 9am was down to 95% without being used!!

  45. Myrreview says:

    What on earth is wrong with this new update? am sick of it already! I have an iPhone 4s and iPhone 3gs. The former one needs a charger all the time since the annoying update. Last night it was 100% when I got to bed and without even using it, it was 2% when I woke up. I do not know how to overcome this. Its even worse when I am out and can’t charge the phone at all times unlike when home.

  46. SR says:

    I have had my 4s for almost 2 years never had my battery go down so fast. I charge every night to 100% I can not get to 100% every night on charge usually about 97% is what it gets to WHY??? My battery would last 2 days before now its dead by 6PM every day. I have turned off Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi and every app and still the same thing.The new Os7 is not right I want Os6 back is I can use My Phone again.

  47. Brian says:

    It’s the same with the iPad. It sucks big time! First of all battery life on my iPad has been reduced drastically. Previously it would last at least three or four days without needing to be charged now it can run completely flat in a day, how when the lid is closed and there is nothing running??? I hate having to sign in every time I want to use it but now it insists (when there is any battery left). Previously I could open the lid and carry on where I left off, now I open the lid and it’s dead!

    Now to that awful font. Mr Ives obviously doesn’t remember what a font is for, it is to be legible and communicate information so what does he give us? Probably the most illegible font possible – not just helvetiva but condensed helvetica light in white on a light background, now I ask you just how stupid is that? No option to change it either and no way to go back to using iOS6 which was working perfectly. Clearly Mr Ives never heard of the phrase, ‘if it aint broke dont try to fix it’!

    Steve would be turning in his grave.

    Apple please give us back iOS6 until you fix this awful OS.

  48. Ricky says:

    I’ve have iphone 4S from a month ago. I’ve chaged from android system due to incredible fast processing/navegation speed of my 4s w/6.1.3. I was a very happy men untl i update to ios7. And now i can not going back to ios 6. iam very dissapointed. Battery last only half a day. internet navegation sucks. I think this is going to be my first and last iphone i ever had.

  49. ernie says:

    I have had my iPhone 4S for 12 months now and running quite happily on iOS6. Just updated to iOS7 and the battery is draining in front of my my eyes. Completely flat battery every morning. Tried all the battery saving measures but no change.

  50. andy says:

    in addition to battery drain (from 94% to 29% siting idle for 7hrs overnight!) the slide to power off message now appears CONSTANTLY. Not sure if it’s related to updating the software two days ago but it sure is strange and annoying!

  51. Jen says:

    I have a 4 that is 1 yr old and perfect condition until the upgrade. Now I just timed it and it takes 13 seconds for the internet to open and about 3-5 seconds for anything else. My games and music skip when playing due to speed issues. Very very unhappy. I open the phone and click the voicemail 4 times before it even comes up.

  52. Dino66 says:

    Apple have really hit the ‘Self Destruct’ button with IOS7.
    Stop dictating what operating software we have to use and give us the option to revert back if we don’t like your latest ‘bright idea’
    Unnecessary changes that have taken the ease and pleasure of use away from the iphone, and turned it into a device with issues that early andriods used to have.
    Bring back the cool looking IOS6 and get rid of the childish looking and sometimes illegible IOS7

  53. dwyer says:

    iphone 4s user here with ios 7.0.2. take my phone off charge at 8:30am and by 1pm its down to 20% with no usage. phone is constantly hot even when not using it an dno matter if i turn absolutely everything off it just drains with no usage. once it hits 20% then it dies!!

  54. MQ says:

    I encountered iphone 4s charging problems after updating ios7. The phone disconnects from the power by itself constantly even though I do not touch the cord. My cord doesn’t have any damages, and the problem appeared right after the update. When I connect the iphone to a computer, it disconnects constantly and asks “Trust/cancel”

  55. Bill says:

    My battery drains completely overnight on my 4s since the update. Before the udate i was able to go 2-3 days between charging. At this rate i should get a corded land line since i am constantly charging the phone with IOS7

  56. chris says:

    Since the changeover I am now getting about 5 average length calls,6 emails in 2 out and 3/4 messages and in total 5 hours from a full charge to empty on my 4S,my provider advises I get in touch with Apple.Seeing the other comments the 4S is going and I will get a Samsung.

  57. Tim Grand says:

    so it sounds like you’re all saying don’t upgrade, eh? I was so excited to switch from 4s to Galaxy S4 but sad to report that it was WAY WORSE than iphone. Terrible in all aspects other than screen size (which feels clunky) and battery went from full charge to 0 from 8a to 4p with minimal use. Went back to my 4s with ios6 and sounds like i should stay there. Thanks so much for the tips.

  58. Drechelle says:

    Before iO7 my battery life was decent. Now, my 4s battery life is TERRIBLE! I take it off the charger and it automatically drops to 98%. Then I wont use it, but it is constantly dropping throughout the day. I don’t want to carry a charger with me at all times.

  59. iPhone 4s Battery Life on iOS7 says:

    I have an iPhone 4s. I have followed every battery saving tip (and closed all my apps).
    iOS7 still drains crazy fast. Especially at low power. The lower the battery the faster it drains. I once sent a text message at 6% battery complaining about my battery dying and 2 min latter, as stated by the iMessage time-stamps, it was at 3% battery (no i did not change time-zones or whatever nonsense).
    Even with everything disabled, all apps closed, and in airplane mode, it still drains battery very fast. It seems iOS7 itself is a drain on the iPhone4s battery.

  60. Sheldon says:

    You have got to be kidding!! How many comments do you need and are your Geeks that stupid that they can’t see the problem for themselves? I have a fairly new 4s, made the mistake of upgrading the software to the IOS 7. Unbelievable how much of a difference it made to my battery life. This sucks, I will give Apple a couple of weeks to fix this problem before I change to Samsung. It is that simple.

  61. Where's The Bunny? says:

    Yes, significant change in battery life on my 4s even after taking action on the many suggestions to reduce battery drain. I lose about 40% in a 5 hour period with somewhat minimal device activity. I now recharge at lunch time to insure I get through the day. Hopefully Apple Marketing department did not submit this design to get people to later phone versions. They will be sorry next year when they compare this yearlast year sales numbers.

  62. Kerry says:

    My 4s has had both SIGNiFICANT battery loss (daily charging even with closing all apps and decreased use).
    Also I am suffering the iMessage issue as well and have tried the reset which seems to help temporarily.

  63. umwolverine02 says:

    Yes! I’m having this problem! I cannot charge my 4S now that I’ve downloaded IOS 7. It actually loses battery while it’s charging and never fully charges. I’m horribly frustrated!

  64. Nemo says:

    No battery problems on my 2 year old 4S with IOS 7 but I find it dreadful compared to IOS 6. This will all go away soon since I’m throwing in the towel with Apple especially after this IOS 7 debacle which seems far from an improvement and moving to Android – probably the HTC One Max if available from Verizon or the Nexus 5 – might even consider the Note 3. I do want a bigger screen.

  65. giopippo says:

    iPhone 4 no more usable after updating to iOS 7.0.2!!
    Battery drains from 100% to 1% in about 3 hours with no use. Confirmed som eother user comment that the battery drains 1% every 2-3 minutes!
    Also, the battery charges VERY slowly. It takes at least 3 hours to fully recharge. Sometimes never gets to 100%.
    I changed the battery for a brand new one and the problem persist identical!

    Apple need to find a fix to this. It is for sure 100% a software problem!

  66. Jessica Davies says:

    My iPhone 4s is pretty much worthless since the iOS 7 upgrade. After my phone is unplugged for a mere 2 hours, almost 40% of my battery is gone and this is just from listening to music for a short time and sending a few text messages. I am beyond pissed off and Apple better think of a fix fast.

  67. Hate my iPhone "upgrade" says:

    Battery life is ridiculously bad since “upgrade,” the calendar and iphoto are crap, and I suddenly hate something that I’ve been loyal to for years. If I can’t get iOS6 back, I’m moving over to Samsung and whatever PC laptop plays well with it.

  68. Disappointed says:

    Yes, I “updated” to iOS7 one and half days ago and since then I have had to charge my iPhone 4S four times. It was fully charged when I went to bed last night – it was used for an alarm, 2 outgoing calls and 2 incoming call this morning, and it only had 10% battery left! It drained overnight with no use of the phone! Apple should quickly fix this problem, or offer the option to down grade to iOS6 again.

  69. Mark Fister says:

    My iPhone 4s with iOS 7 battery life is about 50% of what it used to be with iOS 6, give or take. Even more frustrating than the battery drain, at least to me, is that the battery charges at a significantly reduced rate (100% slower, give or take). Couple them together, though? I have to carry my charging cable with me wherever I go and beg every single store/restaurant/bar/etc to use their plugs. This is especially bad when you can’t even get your phone above 20% during an airport layover after your phone died on the previous 4 hour flight (the layover allowed for ~30 minutes of charging). To add insult to injury, my phone is physically hot to the touch if I use it for more than about 20 minutes at a time (“too hot” never happened with iOS6, although “slightly warmer” did). Hmm, maybe that’s a little more like adding more injury to injury…

  70. Srinivas says:

    New Problem is Mobile go down and stop responding ,when we power off and on – we do not see any activity on screen . complete blank screen .

    i don’t know how to recover , any suggestions welcome .now mobile is not even turning on

  71. BernietheBrit says:

    The excessive battery drain and the slowing down of your old device is a marketing ploy ‘ I speculate’ to make you upgrade to the newer device. Exactly the same happened when I upgraded my iPad 1 to IOS 6.

    It is always written into the new IOS. ‘I presume’.

    Marketing drives business nowadays in the West and although some customers will leave and buy a different brand, the tables show that far more will upgrade to the latest device….thus improving sales and profit.

    Yes… I refuse to upgrade to IOS 7.0 this time… “Fool me once” and all that…

    The Americans say ” if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it” good advice to follow methinks.

  72. ken says:

    recently changed my battery and see no difference with ios 7.. I have the iphone 4.
    $9 oem ebay battery workin amazing…10 min to change. Apple wanted $79….suckers

  73. AndyG says:

    Well this is all very strange, I’ve upgraded both iPhone 4S and iPad 4 and I’m not having these problems. If anything battery life is slightly better. I don’t bother with battery saving tips and phone easily lasts all day. Only special precautions were waiting a few days for the rush to die down and closing all apps before starting the upgrade. I like iOS7 too. Doesn’t seem any slower to me and no other problems. I was concerned the 4s might not cope too well, but it’s fine.

  74. Royser says:

    My iphone 4s is about 5 months old, I’m sorry i upgraded to i0S7 battery life poor the phone is slower. imessage does not work with all iphones stored in my contact list. I am going back to samsung ,,,,to many problems for the money iphones cost!!!

  75. rents_78 says:

    while I am not particulary fussed about the phone being a bit slower, I am very much bothered by the battery… which is far worse on my 4s with iOS7.
    Last night it dropped by 15%, in 7 hrs of standby. Is that normal? I don’t think so.

  76. HeatherS says:

    iOS 7 has SIGNIFICANTLY interfered with use of my iPhone for basic functions – like Facebook. It’s horrible. The battery drains exfremy fast and the phone freezes all the time. It even crashes,. Wtf? Should I see them about exchanging the phone?

  77. Guest says:

    iPhone 4 – battery life halved after upgrading to iOS7 why on earth did i do that…… Apple really need to sort this out fast, as more and more naive users upgrade their OS this is going to be come a bigger and bigger problem for Apple’s brand. As an example of battery drain my phone has from A 100% overnight charge to 52% in 3 hours in my pocket ( I haven’t used it at all). Smacks of little to no lab or field testing on older iPhone’s WAKE UP APPLE AND FIX THIS NOW if you care about your user base…..

  78. Afields says:

    I finally broke down and “upgraded” to 7 yesterday. I am not at all happy with the battery life, which pretty much drains while I watch it sitting on my desk. I’ve done all the “help it stop draining” tips, but unfortunately, they have not stopped the battery from draining. I have also noticed that it slower than 6 when sending/receiving texts or imessages, browsing, etc. Sadly, I’m disappointed that I “upgraded”. I do hope Apple either fixes theses issues QUICKLY or makes it so we can go back to 6… I lost one percent of my battery while typing this on my computer…and I type right fast…..

  79. SnApple says:

    ios7 is killing my iphone 4. I’ve dropped calls, (which never happened before) it’s been erratic, it’s super slow, drains the battery and has frozen up several times. LET ME DOWNGRADE TO IOS 6!

  80. Disappointed customer says:

    I downloaded to 7 a week ago and noticed that my battery life is not as long as it was before. Everything is slower on my iphone 4 with this so called “upgrade”. Please let me go back to 6 or I will simply change my phone to Samsung now.

  81. Hirushika says:

    I have a iPhone 4 and the battery dies in front of my eyes.i did not have this problem when i updated it to 7! But since i updated it to 7.0.1 it has being killing the battery every minute!! Really dissapointed and irritated now..Give me instructions to downgrade it to IOS 7!

  82. Grrrr says:

    I have a 4 and my battery drain is definitely significant I downloaded iOS 7. 2 days ago yesterday I took my phone off the charger its a 100% at 2:52 and imediately sent a txt to my husband then left to go shopping took it with me of course but did not use it once I came home at 6:25 and the battery life was at 9% that’s only 3.5 hrs and my not in use .. I used to only have to charge my phone once every 2 days or at least 1.5 days because I do t use it that much .. Now I won’t be able to use it because it’ll be dead every time urghhhhh so frustrating. Today I tried some of the suggestions I found on other forums to reduce the drain I really hope it works

  83. seanysean says:

    I have a Iphone 4 and every since I upgraded to ios7 I can’t charge my phone from an outlet. The battery life is terrible. This is so frustrating!!

  84. Annoyed iPhone-r says:

    So, two or three days before I updated my iPhone’s software (iPhone 4), I couldn’t help but brag about how awesome my battery life was for a phone that was almost 2 years old, everything worked like magic. Fast forward to today and I’m pissed. At first, my phone would power off at 21%, quickly moving to 37%, when my eye would catch a glimpse of the battery life zipping down to 1% then suddenly, I’d be staring at a black screen.
    I did everything they suggested. I turned off background apps, tried re-calibrating the battery, whatever you can think of, I did. Now I’m so furious with how quickly my battery dies, and am forced to be back in the market for a new phone, which I hadn’t intended on purchasing until next year. My phone has shut down on me one too many times now. I’m at the point of smashing it on the floor.
    Apple needs to do something about this, either give us back the option to downgrade, or come up with another update to fix the crappy one you stuck us with.

  85. cw says:

    My IPhone 4s was only making it until about 4pm before needing a charge. I just downloaded the new OS and now it dies at 10am. It will go black and shut down at 37% battery life. When charged for 3 minutes it will show 60+% battery life but die just as quickly. This is nuts.

  86. klevrguy says:

    Prior to the update, my 4S would last all day at work and survive until bed time with little to moderate use. With heavy use, it would last until the end of the work day. Since iOS 7, with all battery saving options, tricks and techniques in place, even with little or no use, the battery is at 50% by lunch time, dead by the end of work. Every call is dropped and my Wi-Fi connection drops out from time to time. This all started immediately after “upgrading” to iOS 7. I just did the “network refresh” thing and we’ll see if it helps with the dropped calls…
    I carry a 4 at work and haven’t noticed any serious issues, other than UI lag on the older device.

  87. veronicak says:

    My 4s would last all day and I’d only have to charge it once with ios6. After the update, the phone freezes, the brightness is insane and my phone dies so quick! I have to charge it two or three times a day now. I get headaches and eyestrains from looking at it for more than just a minuet or two(even with the brightness turned all the way down!) I can’t even tolerate it anymore to play games on it as I get nauseated from looking at it for too long.

  88. Simon Heinsen says:

    I have two 4s phones (private and work). One with iOS 6 and one with iOS 7.
    If I leave both phones in “Airplane Mode”, the iOS 6 phone battery only looses a few percent of the charge each day whereas the iOS 7 phone goes dead within 24 hours. My general experience is that iOS 7 has cut my battery life (under normal use conditions) to about 25% of what it was before the upgrade. When left on, the iOS 7 phone lasts only about 12-16 hours, even if I don’t use it at all. If I use it for phone calls, I have to charge it several times a day. The worst Apple upgrade ever!

  89. Shaz says:


  90. Chris (UK iPhone 4 owner) says:

    My iPhone 4 is suffering serious battery drain while not in use since I updated to ios7. Why can’t Apple test things thoroughly before releasing rubbish on it’s consumers. nothing I do makes any difference. Even turning of the constant updating apps like stocks etc and only keeping weather on. Apple should not presume one size fits all because it simply doesn’t (I’m not a program/it whiz). i also don’t like having to keep relearning how to use my phone when it was working perfectly fine on ios6!

  91. Lori says:

    I have noticed a huge difference in battery life with the new iOS 7. I used to have at least 30% left by bedtime after normal use putting in a 15+ hour day. Now I get home and I have 2% left! I haven’t even called anyone (because utilizing the phone feature on a mobile phone uses up battery life quicker-ironic)!
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the new iOS, but am not a fan of the depleting battery situation.

  92. Reza says:

    Yes, i had problem with sending imessage, after resetting the network it was fixed. Abt the battery, i should say that the charger i use in my car doesnt charge my iphone 5 when Im using it while driving. The battery drainage is more than battery charging with this new ios 7. Damn

  93. margie says:

    Since the update, I cannot keep my iPhone 3 charged. Am ready to go with another company’s product. I need to be able to rely on some battery strength, and i 0S7 is not meeting this expectation. I have to keep it plugged in all night every night and while in my car to get to my next appointment. Hope I won’t need it in an emergency or when the airplane lands after a two-hour flight!

  94. name says:

    Iphone 4s I would get about 16 hours of battery life on IOS 6 after upgrade to IOS 7 getting about 4 hours until battery is dead. Also problems with freezing and email calendar updates.

  95. theazzz says:

    I had no problems with my battery before ios 7, I have followed all the battery saving tips and hints l can find. However I have still had to charge my phone three times today. It will randomly switch off when there is still charge left. My biggest gripe is that it is taking forever to charge. It’s currently been plugged in for two hours, in that time it’s gone from 26% to 29%.

  96. Frustrated! says:

    I am experiencing drained battery life with my iPhone 4s since the upgrade. I’ve tried everything. Restoring, turning off cell data and resetting…and nothing works. I went to the Genius Bar today and the “genius” told me there was water damage and that was the problem. (My phone was put in a inch of water). However, I had no problems with my battery life for two months prior to the iOS 7 upgrade. The “genius” told me that she has not had anyone else come in with the problem….meanwhile I know 4 different ppl who are having the same problems with their 4s. It was very frustrating, after waiting 30 mins, to be told (by someone who who was not very friendly) that there was no solution. Ugh! Apple! Come down off your high horse and admit there is a problem!

  97. Annoyed says:

    My iPhone 4s is literally losing battery life, it looses a 1% every time I go into it I don’t even have to open an app for it to loose battery life. Sometimes it doesn’t charge either!
    Not happy with this and wish I had not downloaded the thing. I was dazzled by the look!
    Don’t want to download version .2 in case makes it worse. Thank god I didn’t download it on the iPad!

  98. Disappointed says:

    I was wondering why my battery wasn’t at 100% for very long!! I wasn’t going to do the download, but was stupid and did!! I haven’t done the 2 download for some fixes it said it made. iPad is not getting this download for a long as I can hold out!! They need to fix this problem!! I didn’t buy this phone to not have any battery life.

  99. jerry says:

    Ive been very fustrated with this battery drainage issue, i have tried so many times just to save drainage, but no matter what the drainage still goes on, i really want this problem to be solved.

  100. Dbosch says:

    My iphone 4s has ios7. Since two days the phone gets hot, without using it. The battaryis empty in just a quarter of an hour. All tips about killing apps, changing settings i have done. I never had this with ios 6. I am sure gps is not working. Strange (and definitely a show stopper.)
    (The Netherlands)

  101. scootr68 says:

    What is with all the Samsung marks on here?? Samsung get together and pay some trolls or what? S3 has sh!tty battery life and rotten signal (poor radios, a Samsung staple)

  102. Ric says:

    I have an iPad 2 and I downloaded iOS 7 when it first came out. I have the same issued. My iPad drain whiling it charging and it is on standby. I am getting real frustrated with it. I am thinking about going back to iOS 6 if Apple do not fix this issue soon.

  103. goingnutswithbatterylife says:

    Mine is 4s with iOS 7.0.2 and my battery goes down at 1% every 2 minutes!!! Tried all the tips on how to save battery life and have a battery saver app in my phone but sadly it’s all useless. How can you deal with a phone that you need to charge every 3 to 4 hours using very limited apps like viber, wechat, and only facebook?! It’s literally killing me! Kindly help and improve this issue.

    Note: My 4s works so well before re battery life.


  104. Paul/NL says:

    8 hours of sleep… 25% down.. OMG… In iOS6 i’ve only seen a few percent.
    This sucks. BIG time. I just CAN’T go through the day without recharging. C’mon Apple! This can’t be true!

  105. Thomas/Denmark says:

    After updating to the first version of iOS7 I too had problems with battery drain. However, after the recent update, the problem is smaller albeit still there.
    Another issue is that apparently the hardware in the iPhone4 is too slow for iOS7, so swiping between screens and stuff like that is jittery and anoying! This, I think, Apple should have been able to see for themselves during development and testing of the new iOS, so why didn’t they fix this? Was it intetionally so as to get people to buy new phones, by letting the old ones run badly?? Maybe that’s in the conspiracy department, but still… Makes me think.

  106. loohall says:

    I had all the same issues with batt life my 3GS was great for a year then ios 5 killed the battery, Upgraded to a 4s worked well until iOS7. To be honest i have a charger at work and it is always plugged in charging, when i get home its charging again i tried all the tips to increase the battery none of which worked. The final tip was from a friend and that was to get a samsung……I DID the new Note 3 and its brilliant its the best tip i can give too.

  107. stewart says:

    I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 with some trepidation (really should have listened to that inner voice). The battery now drains in just over 24 hours but we’ll see if that improves since I’ve shut off many, many features. My home computer is just old enough that it cannot run iTunes 11. I upgraded my iOS on my newer office computer and guess what, I can no longer service my iPhone on my home computer. Over all; I am not the least bit happy with iOS 7. For me, iOS 7 has offered no improvements and nothing but regret. I’m stuck. Apple; please offer the option to go back to iOS 6!

  108. Rick Larsen says:

    Since the update to iOS7 my battery life on my 4s has lessened significantly. I run with my i-Phone and use to run for 2 hours with about a 40% battery drain while listening to music. Yesterday I ran a race and after 90 minutes I had drained 80% is this a ploy to get people to buy i-phone 5’s. This morning I had my phone sitting on my desk and had not used it. I have done all the adjustments suggested to help with the battery life and after 3 hours I showed 30% battery life left, with no use!

    1. Striko1989 says:

      Hi, have you tried with recovery mode?

      When the phone is off, hold down the home button and connect the USB
      cable (which should still be attached to your computer) to the dock
      connector. The iPhone will turn on and display the Apple logo. Keep
      holding the home button until the iTunes logo/USB cable appear on the
      screen. You can let it go then. The phone is now in recovery mode.
      If the red empty battery icon appears onscreen, let the phone charge for a few minutes and then restart this process.
      When the phone is in recovery mode, a window will pop up in iTunes
      saying that the phone is in recovery mode and needs to be restored.

  109. Hirak Hemant Bhattarai says:

    after updating to ios 7.0.2 i have noticed that my battery gets anonymously drained even in the airplane mode thats just very much disgusting please apple release an update on battery drained problems

  110. Sandy says:

    My battery dies a quarter way through my day, every day. It gets drained so quickly I just want to downgrade back to ios 6. Not only does my battery get drained quickly but my phone ALWAYS dies when it says it has battery remaining! There will be 10-20% battery remaining and my phone will shut off. I’m switching to an android, I’m tired of iPhone disappointments.

  111. Jim says:

    My battery use to last about 2 days just answering a call here and there and playing a bit of music now it lasts about 1 day charged it the night before and it was dead by next evening with a couple short phone calls and prob 20-30 mins of basic browsing / app use

  112. Sally says:

    I have an iPhone 4s. My battery used to be good, but now it only lasts half a day. The other day I had 20% left and tried to make a phone call, but it died before the number had been called. This is terrible! I should go back to the £10 Nokia that lasted for over a week. With so many people using this as a means of safety, Apple is making me feel very unsafe.

  113. dman says:

    Yes! I usually keep my IP4 charged up but have noticed it shuts down dead at 35% battery. This is soooo annoying. Don’t know what to do. My phone was fine before this. Not to mention how slow everything runs from apps to net connections and lets not even start with messenger, total trash. I absolutely loath Apple essentially bricking my phone in the quest for more sales to the 5 model. Which, btw, I will never buy. Yup next one is a Samsung or HTC. Bye apple.

    1. I have this same problem, and it’s super annoying. I’ve had mine fail three or four times from the 40% range. So I think “Oh, cool, I have half of my battery left!” and then BAM! the phone just shuts down (spinny-line circle) and when you try to turn it back on, it gives you the red-battery plug logo. Dead until you plug it in. Super annoying. Never happened under iOS 6 and I’ve tried all of the battery saving tips out there.

  114. Luke says:

    I have a iphone 4s, My battery life drains ridiculously fast, and takes a enormous amount of time to charge, sometimes when it says it is charging it is in fact not charging at all, for example, my phone went flat last night while i was out, and i have had it on charge all morning approx. 4hours, and it is only now just at 20% battery life, i am considering changing to a samsung as i find this ios7 to be more of a downgrade then gaining anything worth the amount of problems associated. Luke. New Zealand

  115. giz3us says:

    I have a 4S upgraded to 7.0.2. Twice since I upgraded my iPhone reported 100% battery life for 16-20 hours then died without warning unable to boot. When I plug in the charger it switches on ok but reports 1-3% battery life for ages while it is charging, then all of a sudden it reports 90-100% again. I’m not convinced its an iOS7 problem as I haven’t heard of it happening to others. Maybe it could be a faulty battery.

  116. Suzanne says:

    Yes updated my software a week ago and now my iphone 4 is a nightmare. Battery draining and phone becomes too hot to touch if I use or charge. Freezes and turns off and is hard to charge up again.

  117. iOSeraisover says:

    Bought my iPhone4 a year ago hoping it’s gonna last me a while, but no. After iOS 7 updates I came up with a new problem nearly every day until one day it stopped charging. Have switched to Android and believe 30% (if not more) of other iPhone users have done that too. Besides it kinda feels like they are releasing same phone every year, few new features to keep the price up. And iPhone 5c that was meant to be a cheap version of iphone is not cheap. iOS ERA IS OVER

  118. Bobdazzler says:

    I have the same problem battery life barely lasts 4 hours but it didn’t happen straight after updating to iOS7 I think it happened after a secondary update was released.

  119. bman says:

    had no problem with 6.0. Now the battery drains in less then half a day. Before I only charged at night now I need to charge twice a day. The volume keeps turning down and causing a lot of missed calls. I don’t like the childish colored icons. I do like the quick access to the calendar and other apps.

  120. DSM says:

    I work in a phone store, these are a few complaints we received from customers who updates to the new IOS 7. I am not 100% sure if all problems were caused by the new softwear or if it is a hardwear issue but we have had many people complaining about different things. #1. Bad battery life #2. Phone goes slower #3. Phone freezes. #4. Phone won’t charge with non apple products (cables, charging cases etc) #5. Loudspeaker won’t work for calls or skype. #6. Bluetooth stopped working. #7. This one has come up quiet a bit, but WIFI stopped working!! I have had on average 2 people a day come in with this issue and there is absolutely nothing I can tell these people how to fix their problems! We have a trained technician on hand who has checked all their hardwear and has found no problem with the parts, so the only answer I can give them is “there has been alot of problems with the new IOS, so just wait for a new update and hope for the best”

  121. Steve says:

    I charged phone fully overnight then switched to airplane mode when I got to work. When I left work and tried to use phone battery was completely dead. Wouldn’t switch on until plugged in.

  122. Itaforsure says:

    After 2 weeks updated to iOS 7, now my iPhone 4 completely drain. I can’t use it without cable charged to electricity. I’m very confused about that. Is it my battery problems or because iOS updates? and wifi doesn’t work anymore. I have no complains before but I’m very very disappointed to Apple right now.

  123. steve says:

    Ios 7 is the worst thing apple have brought out putting me off buying new i phone 5
    battery retention is shocking and phone looks like a kids comic book now

  124. Tracey Houston says:

    I will not be buying an iphone again, this Ios 7 is shocking. I have to charge 4 times a day even had to buy an incar charger for once. Also when charging the phone goes really hot! Sending messages is poor too, freezes and won’t send, I am also having problems with signal which never had before, can’t seem to handle it. Apple need to sort it or they will lose a lot of customers. I also have an ipad but I will still move if this continues.

  125. Tracey Houston says:

    Sorry forgot to add shutting off a lot of features should increase battery life but hey is this not the reason I chose an iphone!! Android for me once my contract renews.

  126. Paul says:

    My iPhone 4 which had a reasonable battery life before the change to iOS 7, has now an appalling bad battery life. Fully charged at the beginning of the day, by the late afternoon it has almost discharged. My usage of the ‘phone during the day is light as I mainly use a computer for communication. It makes the ‘phone almost worthless as a tool. I am not impressed with the other changes to the programme. I have now to learn a whole range of different commands to manage the same ‘phone – I really do not wish to learn such things alongside keeping up do date with so much else. Is it really beyond the wit of Apple to have options to keep the same commands and interface whilst improving performance? The all i would need to do would be to learn how to use completely new innovations (not relearn how to use the existing ones).

  127. Suleman says:

    My iPhone 4 battery life has considerably reduced. And secondly it has not been charging properly. I let it charge for the whole night but I woke up to see only 50% charged. I changed the charger but to no avail. Anyone who can help me with this problem?

  128. SBEW70 says:

    My 4S battery is draining at a ridiculous rate now after installing IOS7. Last night is drained in 2 hours from 100% down to 12% and the phone was so hot, I could not hold it in my hand. Not impressed!!

  129. Joselth1 says:

    After I updated my 4S the Wifi and Bluetooth broke (Wifi greyed out and I went through all the recommended steps to correct it but the hardware had been fried). I went to the Apple store and they gave me a new 4S and in less than 2 weeks the new phone is broken (Wifi and Bluetooth fried again) and – in addition – the battery does not last for a whole day. Each night the battery completely discharges and I wake to find my phone is dead. I charged it fully this morning and by noon it was at 67% with very minimal use. What the heck is going on? Now, I have to go back to the Apple store and get yet another phone. When will this nonsense end?

  130. Joe says:

    I updated my Iphone 4 to IOS 7, and had problems initially with it getting hot to the touch even through an otterbox defender case. what I found was that I have too many apps running in the background. I click on the home button 2x and it shows all of the apps running in the background. I then flick the app running up that is on in the background and it is now off. Since I shut each and every app down from running in the background each time I have completely finished using an app, has caused me to keep my battery life pretty descent. My phone has been off of the charger for over 8 hours and with descent use of texting, phone calls, checking online, I am still holding at 79% battery life. Hope this helps.

  131. HTC says:

    Have IP4 and battery life was good for 1.5 days with average use, updated to IOS7 and now I’m lucky to get through 8 hours with very bare minimum use before red lines. Should offer option to revert back to OS6 till Apple gets act straight-would not get another based on current performance-can you say SAMSUNG

  132. Caitlin says:

    iOS7 has completely killed my phone. Apple says its a firmware issue, where basically the phone doesn’t properly recognise how much charge the battery has. This basically means the phone will go completely “flat” and turn off at random, from say, 40% charge, but when plugged in will show the original charge. The phone is fairly unusable given it will just turn off and not turn back on completely at random.
    The bit that annoys me is that Apple has confirmed there is nothing wrong with my phone’s hardware, that it is a software issue, but the only potential fix they offer is replacing the battery (except theres nothing wrong with the battery?!) for $99.

    I was an Apple die hard but I’d think very hard about buying another one of their products.

  133. MrsF says:

    Loved my iPhone 4S until iOS7 came out. Wifi greyed out and battery life is a joke. It barely last a day and I’m hardly using my phone! I have an iPad but I’m not updating that to 7 until Apple gets its act together. Same problems reported on countless forums including Apple’s own website.. I thought they were worried about competition fromSamsung? They need to be because I’ll be switching when my contract finishes and judging my comments below I won’t be alone. Shame on you Apple for such poor customer awareness

  134. gray says:

    iphone 4s loses a full charge in 4 hours with no use. phone is red hot on standby. only way to stop it is put it in aiplane mode so i have a nice ipod!! i have tried all the tips turning everything off but nothing helps, i have done a full restore 3 or 4 times to no avail….please apple sort this out!!!!!!

  135. SLF says:

    Disgrace. If Apple have done this to try and get me to upgrade, they are sadly mistaken. My phone went from 50% to empty in less than 2 hours and I wasn’t using it, with all the supposed battery saving options enforced. I will certainly be leaving unless this battery issue is fixed. Also the new menu looks like it was invented for toddlers. Childish with no style. A ploy for Apple to make more money looks like it could prove to lose it’s previously loyal customer base. All my friends are switching.

  136. Z says:

    Have definitely had rapid battery drain on my 4s since installing iOS7. I feel like I’m being forced through planned obsolescence to upgrade. Color me furious. Am eyeing Android.

  137. Mandresen says:

    My son’s iPhone 4 will not charge after the ios7 upgrade. Says the cable is unsupported or somesuch nonsense. Actual Apple cable plugged into a PC’s usb port and still fails. Phone was perfect prior to the upgrade.

    1. green-19 says:

      I’m having the same problem. Every once in a while I will plug it in and it will start charging, but most of the time it won’t and there were no problems with the cable or anything before this stupid IOS7 update! Whish they would at least just fix this!

      1. onlyonewomble says:

        Likewise – same problem. iPhone 4 was working perfectly 2 days ago, then I was getting an error message when charging saying that my phone was incompatible with the device. Now charge has completely drained and all Apple can do is offer me a replacement phone for over £100…

  138. Autumn says:

    I have been having major problems with iOS 7. I have the 4s and it is running much slower than before, also, it drains my battery. Now my phone goes dead while there is still 35% battery life left, happens every time. My battery will drain after only 4 or 5 hours. Not happy!!

  139. buckone says:

    As an Apple iPhone 4S and iPad owner you folks hit the nail on the head regarding the battery issue. With the Christmas shopping season approaching shoppers should be informed about the serious issues with Apple’s management regarding the iOS 7 up grade issues. As will ALL software companies as users we should remember that the software is developed and implemented by humans. The disappointing issue is not so much the battery drain issue with the iOS 7 up-grade as it is with Apple’s management and how they have stuck their heads in the sand regarding this issue. Hopefully, the folks on Wall Street will send Apple’s management a strong signal. Bottom line, I am switching to a Samsung phone and will not purchase any more Apple products. Hopefully, I’ll be multiplied by 10 million and Wall Street will get the message since Apple’ management doesn’t from their existing customer.

  140. Chris says:

    I have an iPhone 4S and upgraded to iOS 7. The battery life is way shorter. It will often turn off on me with a 40% charge. When I try and turn it on it says it needs to be plugged in. After plugging it in it shows a 50% charge. I guess they are forcing people to get the 5S or is it time to switch to Android?

  141. Kellie says:

    I upgraded a few days ago and where I could go up to 2 days without charging my phone, it is dead within about 4 hours, even with most of the settings turned off

  142. bradley eru says:

    hello I just brought a iphne 4s 3days ago and the battery was fully charged to 100% I have made a two calls and a few txts and it is now sitting at 56% ive turned all the things I have to turn off to save battery life I told my cousin and he look through it and said im right and in that time it depleted to 53% also when I charge the phne up the battery and the back of the phne gets unbelievably hot is this supposed to happen as my cousin says his doesn’t get hot apple help me out im a new customer

  143. bradley eru says:

    to be honest I knew I shouldn’t have changed to apple android is way better the only thing that’s good about apple is that it is secure apple help me out or do yous not value your customers

  144. abent says:

    I have had my iPhone 4S for over one year and have had not real issues with it, other than operator errors. However, since updating to iOS7 a few weeks ago, I have been very disappointed with the battery life. If I charge to 100% at 8:00 a.m., by 11:00 a.m. (without making a phone call) I will be at 25-30 %. That is MUCH faster than prior to updating to iOS7. It is awful and I don’t know what to do about it!!!

  145. mstaudi says:

    Apple has finally pushed me over the top. I had my iPhone 4s for about a year. When the ios7 update came out, everything worked ok for a couple weeks (the operating system was noticeably slower with many of my apps). However, when the latest update of ios7.0.3 came out, it completely wrecked my wifi card in the phone. I don’t even have the option to turn on my wifi now. On top of that, my battery life is absolutely horrid now since the latest update. I hardly use the phone (especially without wifi or 3G), and the battery won’t even last 12 hours! Apple wanted $200 to fix the broken wifi card in the phone that was caused from their update overloading the phone. I’ve had it with Apple and their attempts to suck money out of their consumers. Next phone will be an Android OS!!!

  146. Jack says:

    Just got 4s yesterday with ios7 and ive charged the phone twice this day already haven’t used it but still battery’s draining so fast….any advice?pls!tnx

  147. pixx says:

    I have loved my 4s for 2 years now. Watching it slowly die in front of me every day is utterly frustrating as I have turned off every available ‘battery saving’ option and even avoid using it unless absolutely necessary. Even after all this I often find myself unsure if I will finish my day at work with a working phone.

    What’s more frustrating is that it has started jumping from 18% battery to 1% and then turning itself off. Yet the moment I put it on to charge it will show as much as 25% battery remaining. I really wanted to wait for the 6 to come out but I’m considering cutting my losses and going to a Samsung.

  148. Sheri says:

    I’ve had the iPhone 4S for nearly two years and loved it until this upgrade!! I work 12.5 hour shifts, until the upgrade I could unplug phone at 5:30 am and still have at least 50% battery life when I returned home at 8:00 pm. I use my phone at work mostly for calculator, searching contact information, google search and some light use of phone or social media. With this upgrade, my battery life is already about 80% when I arrive to work at 7 am (without any use) A few nights ago, the battery died just before going to bed so I plugged it in. A few hours later, I checked battery and was still charging at nearly 90%, yet when I woke up for work, it was still plugged in but at 65% battery life!!! I frequently experience lag time, kicks me out of apps AND won’t shut off (unless battery dies) I Hate this update, it ruined a perfectly good phone!

  149. Hardik says:

    Its true!! ios 7’s worst.. Back when I bought my gadget loaded with ios 6 i was stunned to see its performance & battery life. When I upgraded my iphone 4 to ios 7, its performance deteriorated & battery life dwindled. In fact, at times I felt I was using a Samsung product. Apple should take this seriously n try to take care of this or it might lose its old customers.

  150. Mandy says:

    my phone is now useless, i have had to get a spare one as mine just randomly runs out of battery. i can actually watch the percentage going down.. I am so angry

  151. David says:

    I am using 4s and since I installed IOS 7 ( today I got the latest update) my iPhone is working much better. But yes all most of my friends iphone donot work after installation.

  152. Patty says:

    It’s all true. I’ve always loved my 4S, pre-IOS 7. Battery drains for no apparent reason now. Apps are slow. Internet is slow. I’ve tried all the tips and tricks. I’m not a fan of the new cheap looking cartoony graphics, but that’s less aggravating than these other issues. Oddly enough, I didn’t have the wifi issue. My phone “expires” in May; if I can hold out until then I am considering the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

  153. Elaine says:

    Yes my iPhone 4 is practically dropping in battery percentage every few seconds and that’s not exaggerating ever since I updated to ios7, it has even got worse since the latest ios 7.0.4. My battery has dropped 50% in 2 hours and I’ve barely used it, haven’t even used the internet and it has dropped by this much already.
    I have tried every energy saying thing there is to do, practically everything is turned off and to no avail. ALSO, the phone is running very slow when opening or closing apps, the most frustrating thing is My contacts app has also started to stick to the point I can’t answer or make a call sometimes. Apple please fix these problems as I am a true Apple fan but I may have to reconsider when buying my next device. ios7 has some very bad qualities so I don’t even want to think about the next software update, we’ll soon not be able to turn on the iPhone without it dying on us!!!! Very unhappy apple customer!

    Elaine, Ireland

  154. Jamie says:

    I had 80% battery at 10am this morning, now at 14:34 with an unused phone; it’s dead. Apple really have screwed their users over. My 4s will just turn off at points, for no valid reason – sometimes it’ll show the apple logo like it’s reset and sometimes I have to plug it in to turn it back on. Apple need to sort it out.

  155. Dhanushri says:

    My iphone 4s got overheating ang battery draining probelem for a week after ios7 upgrade. Now it is not charging anymore. Any solution to this problem?

  156. Bunny says:

    Battery usage way to quick, phone freezes up and also reboots for no reason. It’s an iPhone 4s with no problems before my last 2 updates. Shame on you apple.
    Not a happy bunny

  157. John C. says:

    My iPhone 4s battery will go from 76% to 38% and then shut down in the matter of 5 minutes. I’ve turned off most location services, etc., but this is totally abnormal.

  158. Sever says:

    Gents, I had an interesting experience. Usually at home, my iPhone 4 (upgraded to the latest OS of the day) goes from 100 to flat straight overnight. However, last weekend I went camping, in a place with mobile coverage but NO WiFi. Strange enough, the battery went down some 5% to 8% over night. I guess this is a problem WiFi related. Sever 03/12/2013

  159. Leslie Edwards says:

    i have a iphone 4s and since ios7 – 7.0.4 my batt is total usless to the point it shuts down at 50% and will only boot back up when put on charge, i feel total let down by apple and also feel they owe me some sort of compo seeing that my phone is only half as good as it was, its well embarising when you are in a call and batt goes at 50%

  160. Ron Claver Jr says:

    I have an iPhone 4S & ever since I downloaded iOS 7, my battery drains more rapidly. It even will shut off, sometimes, at 30-40%! What I need to know is there something that can be done to improve battery life?

  161. Michael Runnicles says:

    Under moderate use, I’m in the red zone by lunchtime (less than 20%). Very poor – if I’m going out for the day, I have to restrict use to an absolute minimum to ensure some life left on my way home in case of emergency etc – which kind of makes the great features I would really benefit from (ie GPS, maps, camera etc) useless! Today I was on a lunchtime stroll out of the office listening to some music, and the phone died and shut down. It wasn’t even in the red zone at that point. Mind you, it struggled to last a day on IOS6 anyway. The battery life is far and away my biggest bugbear with my 4S at the moment. I don’t minding charging every night, but failing to survive throughout a single day is painful!

  162. mayhemchoas . says:

    Before IOs 7 No battery issues now you can watch the life go down as you txt. I told my wife not to upgrade her phone & I’m glad she did not. Really disappointing. I have just about every feature turned off but to no avail this software sucks!!!! I’m starting to think apple is the symbol from the biblical story about taking a bite of some magical fruit that really is just a bad putrid idea!

  163. nimimi says:

    did a clean install of ios 7.0.4 my iphone 5,
    restore it as a new device, i left every setting as default,
    removed sim card, put it to airplane mode, but still Charge drops upto 40% over night, that is 4hours standby and 0minutes usage.

  164. Unhappy says:

    My battery life on my iPhone 4 drops from 100% to 0% in exactly 2hrs and 37mins. 🙁 It wasn’t like this before and started happening when I updated to the new iOS version a few days ago. 🙁

  165. seriously MAC???? says:

    I purchased this phone (iphone 4) because of decent battery life. But since I updated to iOS 7.0.4 I started having battery problems too. Today it also shut down when it reached 7%, that was new! Enough…

  166. eku says:

    everything was Okay before I update, but after updated iOS 7.0.4.. my iPhone 4S battery shows 20%, then 1%, and turned off… not charging, not recognizing to iTunes… just dead…

  167. Mahmood Hasan says:

    I’m disgusted ever since I upgraded my iPhone4 to iOS 7. First the home button started failing. Then, it became rapidly and progressively slow and then started losing charge @ about 3% per minute. Do I now throw the phone away or is there a lasting cure ?

  168. Mina says:

    The change to the new OS was fine for me, but then last weekend, my phone got ‘stuck’ on 37% battery, no matter what troubleshooting I apply. At any given time, I do not actually know how much battery life I have left, which is especially stressful when using the GPS on my phone. What the crap, Apple?

  169. Lynda says:

    My 4 was fine before update – now shows 98% charge and shuts down turned everything off and deleted nearly all apps. Now it tells me it has to be reset in iTunes when it shuts down . Fortunately , so far, if I plug it in to power it comes back to life. However as is the phone is no longer fit for purpose as it can not be relied upon to be available for use when needed. My old Nokia still works Apple !!

  170. mac says:

    OK – Think I have the best example test yet – I have an I phone 4 that is used purely for music in my car these days – It stays on airplane mode all the time with Wifi off – In IOS 6 it would last over a week with heavy use and up to a month on low use – In IOS 7 it goes flat in one day under the same conditions – Something is definately running in the background or otherwise trashing the battery and it is not the cell broadcast or wifi

  171. Steve says:

    Apple should allow customers to downgrade, but they are unwilling to do this. It seems like they would rather let customers go to Samsung instead. (They wonder why sales are dropping).

  172. Ghs9 says:

    I unfortunately updTed to ios7 on my iPhone 4 not realizing there was no turning back. I am experiencing the same app slowness and alarming battery drain as identified by others. I am truly disgusted that one is not allowed to restore to a former IOS and will not contine with Apple

  173. Applehater says:

    My 4s is 15 months old. Since updating to ios 7 last week it is now almost useless. Battery lasts less than 3 hours with NO usage!!!!!!
    and what are Aple going to do? Ptobably nothing.
    I am particularly disgusted as I bought the phone, unlocked, direct from apple for £450 so cant even upgrade, as I probably could if on a contract.
    Samsung here I come.
    Apple GFY.

  174. nicahhh! says:

    I have a not more than a month old 4s then upgraded it to ios7 Im not even using it, closed all app and tried every power saving tips but still battery’s is running out fast! and the charging was at first fine but a week later it wont charge properly anymore help!

  175. vito says:

    I updated to ois7 yesterday. It now dies without a warning once I start making a call. And won’t turn on again. Then when I plug it in and switch on, it comes back immediately to the same battery level as it was before dying. This piece of junk always sucked (for a multitude of other reasons ), but now it is completely unbearable. Actually I am glad it came to such a sad and shameful end, because now I can “legitimately” replace it with something more trustworthy (previously I couldn’t as it was a gift from my wife, so I felt obliged to use it at least for some time).

  176. Peter Huang says:

    It’s true. I have iPads and iPhone 5s. The phone drains the life out of the battery. Apple will not admit to the problem every time I called them. I think the 5s is not as good as the iPad mini or iPad retina display. I can say this for certain because I have both. I am disappointed with the batt life. If anyone is in doubt about their iphone 5s with battery issues do not call apple care. They will not admit it.

  177. Purplepug says:

    Just got 4s after having a 3GS on an old os which I thought had bad battery life. It’s running ios7 and the battery life is really awful- only had it a cpl of days and the battery is running down as I look at it

  178. Richard Harrington says:

    Hello there I own a Iphone 4s, my battery life drains so quick while I am not even using the phone. I have tried so many battery saving tips. Apple need to give us the choice to revert back to a previous iOS until they can solve this issue. I like the new features but my phone is awful on battery life now. I have to keep charging it at work and home when not using it just so it stays on. On many occasions I have had my phone battery die when possibly I really could have needed to use it in case of emergency. I cant use my phone for anything other then texting and calling now everything else just drains it super fast. Richard from Kent

  179. george says:

    Hi. I have an iphone 4 running ios 7.0.6. Until ios 5.1.1 my phone’s battery was tottaly fine. I could say, even more than expected. Battery used to last 1.5 – 2 days with heavily usage and 4-5 days on low/average use. With, ios 6 my iphone’s battery lost this ability. But, I accepted it as my phone could last for 1 day with average usage and 1.5 day with low usage. Now, wIth ios 7 my phone is useless. Battery barely lasts for a day with a very low usage. Tried every single advise, replaced my battery (as I thought it is an old one), but the battery drainage is still there. Some apple advisors working for the Apple communities are saying that the phone may have too many apps or my usage is heavy. I have 33 apps and I think they are not many. And don’t forget thay It’s a smart phone for god sake. I have my phone since 2012 and I know when things look normal or ubnormal. Anyway, with the latest update (ios 7.0.6) my battery is even worse – drops 1% every single minute when I am texting, calling, surfing, but not playing games or doing stuff that drains battery. I don’t think apple will recognise the problem. The sure with me is that I will never purchase an apple device again as they cannot be reliable anymore plus they do not show the required respect. I paid lots of money to buy my iphone and this is the outcome.

  180. Juan Carlos says:

    Impressive! Since I updated to iOS 7.0.6 my iphone 4s battery last less than 2 hours. The memory usage is always at 95% when iddle… I use every single advice to reduce the use of battery (I cancelled the parallax, turned off every single network, and still happens). I agree. APPLE must give us the opportunity of reversing an update when it isn’t satisfactory.

  181. SAL says:

    It has just gotten worse and worse since I updated to IOS 7. My phone used to last for 2 days and I charged it last night and it is totally dead by 2 PM.

  182. Will Howes says:

    This is absolutely awful of apple to do this to us iphone users. I have an iphone 4 which worked perfectly on IOS 6 but now lasts for just over an hour. I have timed it, it drops by one per cent per minute 1% = 1 Minute exactly. I have tried four different batteries in the device and tried all of the online advice such as turning off background app refresh, location service, switching into airplane mode when idle… The battery also displays a circle next to it and it keeps refreshing the battery i am so frustrated. I am now using a sony xperia J and the battery life is second to none. A full charge will last you 3 days! But then i don’t overly use my phone, times when i have found myself addicted to an app it has lasted a day and a half at most but it is better than an hour so i have changed phone and my Iphone 4 just sits there feeling sorry for itself. I was tempted to go for a better upgrade on the iphone but after seeing that the IOS updates are getting worse and not better i am definitely not convinced. On a final note i have now restored my iphone 4 about 6 times 🙂 I think your days are numbered apple, so many problems lead me to think that apple are doing this deliberately to prompt us all to go and see a ‘genius’ for a fee. Not happening Apple we will all change to Android, hear us loud and clear!

    1. Suenita Bonita says:

      I hear that, so agree.My friend has the coolest phone. It looks like a camera. Works really well. Now several months old and still doing the job. Samsung phone. Works great. Problem is I haven’t seen a case for it yet. Plus I’ve been all about iPhones till now.

  183. Andrew says:

    My 4s has dramatically decreased battery life since update. I used to go all day without a recharge. I find myself chagrin my iPhone 2x per day now. This sucks!

  184. Cassie says:

    I have an iPhone 4S and my battery dies quickly. It will be at 100% one minute the next it’ll be at 95%. I can never keep it charged. It will say 10% remaining then I will plug in the charger then it’ll jump to 22% or so. It will also die at 11% sometimes. I will like to know how I can make it stop or how I can fix it.

  185. Assa says:

    i have a 2ed hand iphone 4(i0s 7) and i dropped it in the toilt and it lost 45%on stanbby mode? its in a rice bage now with no charge and can not even tell you thats its got no charge. someone plesse give me a tip to recharge my phone!!!
    PS.i had it on charge the sarfo for about an hour nothing happened…
    if you have any idears send them to powerhuck01@gmail.com

  186. E Gray says:

    Just upgraded to OS7 on G4s can’t believe what I’m reading above, wish I had not done it my battery down to 1% almost immediately and very slow at recharging on second recharge in 12 hours, this can’t be right. I have had apple for years and an avid fan, can’t believe this is so bad for them.

  187. Suenita Bonita says:

    I’ve had my iPhone 4s since 2012. I bought a really sturdy case and dropped it probably less than 10 times in that time. No water damaged either. Recently I shut down my phone and within a few days it’s been constantly turning off. I downloaded the latest software maybe 3 weeks ago. ( although in the past I would never update until about 1- 2 months after the new software update comes out ) And will only start if I hit top and large center button together, not just center button. I would see the apple icon with a black background and nothing would change. Unless I plug in my phone to charge. It’s been showing a dead battery icon sometimes with black background even though when plugged in and I can finally use the my phone there’s plenty battery power available. It’s time for an upgrade I guess. I know it’s all how the business goes. Oh well. I had my iPhone 3 for about the same length of time.

  188. wanabe says:

    I put Ios7.1.1 on my 2 iPhones 4s that we have had for a couple of years. Now 1 phone with next to no use will not make 2 days and my phone with little calls and resonable wifi and data use dies before I can get home. The last couple of times it showed 12% and 21% on the battery when it shut down. As soon as you plug it in it shows what it shut down at.
    I hope there is a fix soon, because I will be looking for a replacement soon. I don’t particularly like android, but if I need to charge the phone midday, it is not going to make sense to buy something that will not make a full day at least.

  189. Gayle Pulleine says:

    my iphone 4 fell off my bed now it wont turn on it says itut as b on charge for more than 24 hours and I need the contacts and photos off of it what is the best thing to do

  190. BMRoundel says:

    I have an iphone 4 that I just updated to iOS7 a few week ago. I was also forced by Apple to update my iTunes on my PC in order to download and use an app I just purchased. Of course I wasn’t told that this would be necessary before downloading the app. So, reluctantly, I upgraded to the newest version of iTunes. Yesterday, two days after the app download, my phone surprised me when the batter drained from 96% to 33% in about 5 hours in standby. Leaving the recharge until the morning was a bad idea, as the phone was dead when I got up.

    Friends laugh at me for being such a luddite about my “upgrade” cycles, but this illustrates perfectly why it is they who are the sheep, and Apple is their malevolent, mercenary, shepherd. So now I’ve got to decide whether I want to try replacing the battery or getting a new iPhone 6. Actually there is another option. I could reactivate my Samsung Convoy flip-phone, hold it in one hand, and “flip” the other hand in the direction of Cupertino.

  191. ray says:

    I have a 4s, it goes complety flat over night once charged up it will last fine all day still on 50-60 percent after i get home from work tried all sorts switching everything off it makes no difference at all any one else have a similar problem

  192. Eli Sargent says:

    I have an iPhone 4.. And every one or two minutes my battery drops 1% sometimes more.. But that’s not all… Apps like Facebook an snapchat and Kik will all freeze when I try to pull them up, leaving me staring at a white screen until I restart the app. Not a hard fix but VERY annoying and not at all nessicary I just want this thing to run smoothly like apple promised it would.. Or like it did before the update.. I love all the new features but it’s just too faulty..

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