GTA V iFruit companion Android app killed by story


The fifth instalment of the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise has been available to gamers for a number of weeks now, but there are still some users that are left feeling short changed by the developer. Now we have news of a GTA V iFruit companion Android app that has been killed by a story.

Since the games launch iOS users have had access to the two companion apps for the game, which have features that are needed to enhance the experience of GTA V. Android users have been left in the lurch though and has opened an iOS vs. Android debate that is still rumbling on.

We have warned of fake apps appearing on Google Play before claiming to be the iFruit companion app, and recently Kotaku reported about yet another fake that was charging users $2.79 to download it for Android smartphones and tablets.

The name of the app changed and there were a couple of screenshots that had clearly been taken from the real apps page over on iTunes, and the site emailed the apps developer to ask why it was deliberately ripping off Android users.

A reply did come back but only said that it couldn’t “comment at this time”, and the app that was being downloaded by some unlucky users didn’t actually do anything. Luckily if users quickly uninstalled the app and requested a refund they would get one from Google, but shortly after the original story was published the app was pulled down from Google Play.

As we said with the recent BBM debacle Google really needs to get on top of this problem of fake apps getting on to the Play Store and tricking unsuspecting users, as they run the risk of downloading malware as well as finding themselves out of pocket.

Are you surprised Google doesn’t do more to stop this happening?


7 thoughts on “GTA V iFruit companion Android app killed by story”

  1. DATL says:

    Yes I am surprised but frankly I’m totally angered by this. I left iOS for Android about 8 months ago. I LOVE my phone but HATE the lack of oversight by Google regarding the PlayStore. The whole BBM fake app thing duped me on the day BBM was SUPPOSED to release. I don’t trust the PlayStore. I HATE to say this but I WILL probably be going back to iOS before long. Android is supposed to be so much more customizable, but I do t take full advantage with launchers. I don’t want to lose my blinkfeed. Widgets are cool but the only one I care about shows my calendar appointments for the day, and now iOS does this on the lock screen like my widget does. People say you are a “sheep” if you go iOS. Well baa baa baby I want a smoother ecosystem and more app security. Deuces.

  2. Bryan Kurt Schmidt says:

    No I am not surprised. Google has done just as they should and in the right time frame. Users should be aware of what they are installing, what the permissions are, and who the developer is. Those that install apps without doing the least bit of research should not complain if they are subsequently plagued with malware or are faced with an irreversible charge. However, Google haters gonna hate, so go ahead and disregard the logic and truth in my statement and continue to rant; continue to display your ignorance and laziness. The rest of us will enjoy watching you squirm.

  3. Crispin Crimbo says:

    I wish people would understand it’s not about what is better but the difference between open source and closed source systems Apple are very garded with there systems where as Google is very open .sounds like Google been a bit to open 🙂

    At the end of the day it is coming to android and I hope it comes. Soon

  4. Jason says:

    Here’s the thing. The way I see it, android phones are more like computers where iphones are more like, well, a phone. Does anyone police the software you download in your computer? You are free to download what you want, at your own discretion, and with that comes the responsibility of not downloading crap software.

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