iOS 7 apps crashing problem on iPhone 5S not imagined


While Apple’s iOS 7 has been a welcome update for many device users, there have also been a number of issues that have resulted from the upgraded operating system. One of these arises when using apps, and now it appears that the iOS 7 apps crashing problem on the iPhone 5S is not imagined.

Just a few days ago we discussed some of the many issues that have arisen so far since iOS 7 was released to the public. These include battery drain, Wi-Fi glitches, iMessage problems and more, and this prompted us to ask readers what fixes and improvements they would like to see with the iOS 7.0.3 update.

The various issues that have been raised sometimes affect one particular iOS device more than others. One thing that has become evident is the amount of comments we are still receiving from readers regarding various concerns. Most recently we have heard of the ‘blue screen’ problem concerning some iPhone 5S owners.

Just after iOS 7 first made its general release we told how some people were reporting issues with apps crashing. However, we also noted that there is often this kind of issue after a new iOS update while developers are busy updating apps. Although the team at Phones Review has experienced the odd app crashing on our various iOS devices, it hasn’t been a major concern.

However, we are still receiving emails and comments from readers about this issue, particularly from those using the iPhone 5S. Now it seems that the app crash rate for this device has been proven to be worse than for other iPhone 5 models.

Crittercism is a mobile app management platform and has just conducted a study looking into this. This study found that iPhone 5S apps crash at twice the rate as apps running on the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5. This is thought to be because of developers having “unforeseen issues” with iPhone 5S internals.

It’s reported that the new 64-bit A7 chip and M7 co-processor of the iPhone 5S has led to issues for developers when having to rewrite drivers and code for converting their apps. The short time span that developers had to submit iPhone 5S 64-bit apps was noted as part of the reason for the problem, as Apple began enabling submission of these apps only four days before the phone was launched.

The upshot of this is that if you have an iPhone 5S and think you have an unusually high amount of apps crashing, you’re probably right. Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy pointed out though, that these sorts of issues can arise with any new software release and said that he expected Apple to resolve any issues with further updates. Levy also praised Apple for its prompt updates to address problems so far.

We’re really interested to hear our readers’ experiences of iOS 7. Have you noted any issues that have arisen since the update? Maybe you have this apps crashing problem on your new iPhone 5S? How do you think Apple has handled the launch of iOS 7? Let us know with your comments.

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8 thoughts on “iOS 7 apps crashing problem on iPhone 5S not imagined”

  1. jd taylor says:

    This new ios version does seem to be worse on the eyes and not as disabled friendly as the old version in some ways, but it’s actually better for larger fonts in developers apps but in my opinion it does seem to be better for battery life but wifi usage now eats battery.

  2. PeterBlood says:

    A shocker! [sic] So what of it? Not a permanent problem or first instance of this ever happening in tech with a major change in chip and OS. The only problem I have with iOS 7, which I think is GREAT, is I’d like the gray lines in Calendar and elsewhere a little more contrasty, or darker. That’s about it. Works very well on my iPhone 5 & iPad 3.

  3. Michael Brian Bentley says:

    My apps aren’t crashing. One, Chrome, got confused after the transfer from the old 3gs to the new 5s; to fix it I deleted and reinstalled Chrome.

    What apps are crashing for other people? If they delete and reinstall the app, does it continue to crash?

    The Facebook app used to crash on my iPhone 3gs, but they fixed that problem months ago.

  4. Prithvi Partap Singh says:

    My iphone 5s has the following: compass upto 20 Degrees out!
    Level about 2 degrees off. Accelerometer also affected and any app requiring accelerometer is likely to be glitchy…
    Any driving / flying app is afflicted accordingly where the vehicle veers off to one side.
    I am not alone; loads of users having same 🙁
    Is this the new ‘antennagate’ for apple? 🙁

  5. Blogpimp says:

    These jerks at Apple should be giving every customer monetary damages for screwing up their devices. They apologized for Maps, but say nothing about this crap operating system? They should be begging customers not to leave! I was going to buy the new iPhone. Why by something that is this defective? Who needs all of their new “features” if the phone doesn’t work because it crashes or the battery runs down twice as fast? The reason many people hate Microsoft is because of having to put up with crap software. And Microsoft was so arrogant, that they ignored their customer base. Now Apple, who has built up tremendous goodwill, is going to lose it overnight for the same reason. If you liked Vista, you will love IOS 7

  6. Frustrated says:

    My complaint is using Oracle Beehive on my iPhone 5 using IOS7. It crashes every time I try and change the status. Given it’s work, it’s especially frustrating.

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