iOS 7.0.3 update wish list three weeks on


The new mobile operating system from Apple released to the public just over three weeks ago, and many Apple device users are now getting used to iOS 7. Although iOS 7 offers many new features and improvements, it hasn’t been without problems. Now we’d like to know what’s on your iOS 7.0.3 wish list three weeks on.

It’s often the case that some issues show up for new versions of operating systems shortly after they release, and this has been the case with iOS 7. We’ve written many posts now about various problems, with battery drainage, iMessage issues, and Wi-Fi glitches just a few of the examples.

Shortly after the arrival of iOS 7 Apple issued iOS 7.0.1, which was followed shortly afterwards with the iOS 7.0.2 update to fix a security flaw. However, some device owners are still reporting issues after the latter update.

We then heard that iOS 7.0.3 may be issued as early as this week as the build number has already been seeded to partners and employees. It’s thought that iOS 7.0.3 will contain further fixes for various issues, and this is sorely needed as we have many readers who report they are still having problems.

Various issues that people are still mentioning to us involve ‘slide to unlock’ not working, applications being slow, and activation errors. However, the issue that still seems to be mentioned most regards the faster battery drainage since iOS 7.

It’s thought that the next update that will bring new features will be iOS 7.1, and that could come later this month when new iPads are expected to be unveiled. However, with the iOS 7.0.3 update possibly looming we’d like to know what you’d like it to bring, so do please let us have your comments on this.

Have you had any problems with your iOS device following the iOS 7 update? What would you like to add to the iOS 7.0.3 update wish list?


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  1. Mirek says:

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned it yet, but my the biggest issue with iOS7 has been 1: Reminders. They are such a pain to use now – When you write really long list or any text in one reminder field, few first lines usually disappear and you can’t edit them, or when you want to slide down, keyboard disappears instead. It’s just jumping all over the place. 2: When you need to sort folders or move bookmarks out of them, or move apps around the screen, it does crazy things and nobody writes about it. 3: Minor one – Nothing feels smooth like they show in presentation videos or reviews.

    1. Bobby D says:

      I am so surprised that folks are not mentioning the erratic workings of the finger TouchID. I started a thread in the Apple Forums and it has gotten momentum with other users having the issues. It appears to be software related, as new replacement units are not resolving the issue.

  2. Harold Merriman says:

    how about adding an ability to select a range of emails without marking each one and delete them all with an delete all option. When you get numerous mailings this can save you a lot of time. Right now as we are selecting emails to be trashed/deleted and we get a incoming call all the selected emails become unselected.

  3. Savio says:

    Well let’s see
    1.camera glitch fix – when on a call try going to the camera app, it acts weird(maybe just my iPhone 5..but you never know)
    2.slow frame rate in games fix- temple run 2 and banana kong loose frames while playing them(maybe others aswell)
    3. Smoother animation transitions fix-eg- try landscaping your keyboard in the default messaging app and see how glitchy it is
    4.battery life fix- yes, no elaboration needed
    5.lock screen freezing fix

    Well that’s about it ..thank you

    1. John6301 says:

      About lanscaping the default keyboard in messaging – turn off the opacity effect (general> accesibility>increase contrast) and the transition will be like on ios 6 – smooth:) At the cost of an eye candy effect.

  4. iOS 7 fan says:

    iCal needs the list view back! Also, as others have stated, iMessage sending from iPad is not working… and some Apps no longer display in Landscape that did in iOS 6…

  5. Clemma says:

    The camera needs fixing. I lost mine on 7.2 update and have been told if a complete reset doesn’t work then it’s my hardware that has suddenly broken!!! Along with all the other people complaining of this problem. I guess we all dropped our phones at the same time!

  6. Targus says:

    Not sure if it’s hardware or software but here are my issues on my 5S…

    – Battery Life Sucks
    – Camera is broken (Crashes whenever you open no matter what)
    – If you slide up from the lock screen the phone crashes
    -Torch is greyed out, third party apps crash or have a blank white screen.

  7. Purist says:

    I want faster touch to respond ratio on my ipad 4, just like ios6. This slow unresponsive lag id annoying me…… Battery drains too quick sometimes when i need some brightness.

  8. Dimitris says:

    Clean iOS 7.0.0 had zero issues to me. Battery was super improved compared to 6.1.4, phone was super fast and no glitches whatsoever. From 7.0.1 and especially 7.0.2 on my iPhone 5 things got nasty vert fast. Serious issues with iMessages, difficulty on even replying a call, browsing pictures stucks while moving from one image to another, not to mention that battery gets drained super fast.

    Cant tell what I need as an improvement on iOS 7.0.3, but certainly at least all the above mentioned, get fixed ASAP.

  9. Sandy says:

    I quite like the new update except for the volume glitches. I’m on IOS 7.0.2 now but ever since 7.0.1 my quality of sound has been poor; it crackles in the background and I can’t even listen to music with earphones. At one point I didn’t have any volume at all and then I powered off and on again.


  10. Kevin smith says:

    Woow really all these issues? I’m running iOS 7 on a mini, iPad 3, iphone 5 and iphone 5s and I’m not getting any issues aside iMessage being a bit unpredictable. Couple of differences – I did a fresh install and I never ever link my devices to a computer / iTunes…….

  11. St10ne says:

    Apart from the iPhone 4 now being snail slow. Had the same loss of speaker and volume buttons that I got back after several resets, but the most annoying is the loss of the prox sensor during calls causing me to mute,cutoff,put speaker phone on when the phone touches my face.

  12. Ryan Crouse says:

    I would like panorama for iphone 4. Another MAJOR issue we iphone users is the camera and flash out of time. Hardware issue needs to be addressed. I have tried all of the troubleshooting and nothing improved it.

  13. Deepak Tibrewal says:

    Please fix my battery drain, which is very erratic. It suddenly drops by 10 points and at 14 %, the phone switches off. When plugged, it starts to recharge from 14 %.

  14. MG says:

    One of the in going problems with iOS 7 is the keyboard is not as accurate as iOS 6 it almost feels as if something isn’t calibrated correctly. Apple fix the damn keyboard this is embarrassing.

  15. VRIJR says:

    I never download new iOS versions until they prove to be worthwhile improvements without bugs. Battery drain seems to be an ongoing issue with new iOS releases. I always associate this with planned obsolescence of the device. My iPhone 4S is using iOS 5.1.1 with no problems and my iPad is 6.0.1. Sorry you all are having problems – maybe wait 3 weeks before downloading new iOS.

  16. vincanss says:

    In mail under ‘all inboxes’ if I click my own
    address on a received message it no longer highlights ‘which’ of my email addresses I received the message to on my ‘contact’ entry. A minor quibble but now means a two or three+ step process in checking each of my inboxes to see which of my inboxes an email to me was received into.

  17. vincanss says:

    Music player is a little buggy. I might hear a track playing but has ‘stuck’ on another song on screen. When I put phone in landscape mode I see all my albums as thumb images. I can then choose to play one. When I put my phone to portrait it reverts to the last song/album I had in portrait. Would rather this be what it was for iOS 6 with cover flow or make it consistent so landscape = portrait….why it isn’t already I don’t know. Feels buggy.

  18. NickSVT40 says:

    # 1( Fixing the WiFi issue on the iPhone 4s ).
    i am getting tired of having to put my phone in the freezer to make the WiFi work.

    # 2 ( Fixing the issue with the music player in the lock screen )
    most of the time when i press play it doesn’t play songs i have in the phone. i have to unlock the phone then open the music app then play my music… i miss the old push the home button 2x to get my music to play

  19. Fernando Flores says:

    When opening music app, iTunes Radio doesn’t show up, I have to force close the app and then it’ll show up but it’s still buggy in my opinion also when in iTunes Radio, it’ll crash three times before it’ll actually play music.

  20. Scott says:

    Please let us be able to delete individual artists or albums from music, also delete songs that appear from iCloud, my battery has always been bad so i dont care about that anymore, i do realize my phone runs very slow and alot of lag when typing and trying to swipe pages. little things that need to be taken care of

  21. Person says:

    Fix the lag in the animation when you close an App on an iPad Mini when you use the 5 finger pinch gesture PLEASE it’s honestly being quite annoying… Everything worked so flawlessly on iOS 6.x…

  22. Lemont says:

    All of thee Above and one of the problems I’m having is IOS 7 Keeps Restarting the Phone Out of the Blue it keeps freezing Up My Phone and Apps are not working Right its very Slow and the spot light has a lag still. All need 2 be fixed

  23. Angie says:

    Fix imessage it fails alot and wifi sometimes works! Make new colors and backgrounds we can use! Have more control center options! Alot needs to be done.

  24. SilverStreakRay says:

    I have a 32gb iPhone 5 – with iOS 7.0.2 and LUV the new interface. I have to recharge every 2-3 days – I turn off wifi/bluetooth when not using internet – turn off location for camera and other apps and ALWAYS restart everytime I install a new app or update. Never had a crash or blue screen. Keep up the goodwork Apple!

  25. AK says:

    I waited to update, but had to update recently to 7.0.2 (as certain 3rd party apps required iOS7 to update) and I have noted that newly purchased apps on my iphone are not showing up….. this surely needs to be fixed immediately, after alll apps are what make the phone smart right?!

  26. tylerhawkins says:

    it’s very slow on iphone 4. i know it’s not because of graphical hardware but it’s not fair. if the ios 7 is available for ios 7, just make it work!! everything works excellent but slow. i wish fix it

  27. Mus Nak says:

    thanks for your article
    I am an iPhone 4S user … I updated to the iOS7.0.2 since the 9th of October ….
    it is really frustrating me because the WiFi on/off on my device is note working at all since then …. I tried all Apple suggests …. the persists till now !!!! ???? I am really setup with this, and frankly I decided to leave Apple’s smartphones to Samsung’ ones
    it really disappointing
    I hope te gest solution sooner with a new update

  28. Badger says:

    Talked on my phone for 25 minutes, with my battery at 100% when I started, when I was done I had 49% left. Absolute crap as this phone is used for business and at this rate I can have two business calls a day and have to find a charger if I want to do more. I am so disappointed!

  29. rkmccauley says:

    Give me the quick reply/compose feature so i can reply to text msg without leaving my app or from lock screen. Give me control of colors as the new color scheme sucks and is hard to see. Give me contact pics in the text messages que. Give me different themes for the phone so I can make it look different from everyone else!
    This is why I jailbroke my phone and havent upgraded!

  30. Vincent Aetherius says:

    sadly, 7.0.3 which i installed last night did not resolve my three biggest problems. i was up til 3:00 am testing it out. still slow, still sucking up battery, yahoo mail through safari still freezes. also, it seems to be losing contact with wi-fi on an intermittent basis, something that never happened in my house until i installed 7.0.2. however, on the hopeful side, mercury browser is not crashing! (you will notice that i have not capitalized anything, that is because my fingers can still beat the shift key response that went down the tubes when i went to ios 7. now they are talking about a 7.1 with new features???? hey, here’s a thought… fix the bugs in 7 first orrrrr… sell to microsoft since there is an ever diminishing ‘quality’ gap between them and apple.

  31. Vincent Aetherius says:

    let me re-phrase my last though…. why blindside us with 7.1 when they have not fixed the bugs in 7 ? there is an ever deminishing incentive to buy apple over microsoft since they are both obsessed with burdening their customers with features that do not work rather than reliability and excellence. typical greed mongers.

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