iOS 7 Wi-Fi problems evident for iPhone 4S


Since iOS 7 released to the public we have reported on several issues occurring so far, and these articles have prompted a large amount of comments from readers who have aired grievances about their various concerns. Now we are hearing reports of iOS 7 Wi-Fi problems that are evident for some users of the iPhone 4S.

It’s often the case that after a new Apple iOS releases some flaws and bugs come to light. Just some of the other concerns we’ve already noted with iOS 7 regard battery drainage, iMessage faults and an activation error.

Some iPhone owners may recall that after iOS 6 released last year there were also reports of Wi-Fi problems from some iPhone owners, and now it looks as though the same issue is reoccurring this year with iOS 7.

Plenty of iPhone 4S users are flooding to the Apple support forums and other platforms, complaining about difficulties with Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller since the iOS 7 update. The main concern involves the WiFi option in the Settings app of iPhone 4S now being greyed out.

Although there are a few reports of this also hitting some other iOS devices, this problem seems to be mainly confined to the iPhone 4S. There are various trains of thought about the root of this problem, with heating issues being one of the possible causes discussed.

Some people have even suggested that placing the affected iPhone briefly in a fridge or freezer might fix the problem, although we wouldn’t recommend this. Rather worryingly there doesn’t seem to be an overall consensus about this issue from Apple HQ, its customer support staff and various iPhone carriers, with differing advice being offered.

Although some people say they were given a replacement handset, others have been informed that if they want a refurbished replacement iPhone they will have to pay $199. Interestingly, Vodafone customer services responded to one person having this issue saying that Apple knew about the issue and was working on resolving it. However, no estimated timeframe for the problem being fixed was given and the customer was then asked to contact Apple.

If you check out this Apple support forums thread here, you’ll see many reports of this iOS 7 Wi-Fi issue affecting iPhone 4S users. We’d be interested to find out if this is a widespread problem or a more isolated issue.

Have you had any problems with WiFi on your iPhone 4S (or other iOS device) since the iOS 7 update? Let us know with your comments.


32 thoughts on “iOS 7 Wi-Fi problems evident for iPhone 4S”

  1. Melodom says:

    IOS 7 Is BAD! Both mine and my daughters 4s iphones are not working properly. We both have to charge it up 3 times or more a day which is a real disaster when you work in medicine. I need my phone 24/7. So thinking about switching to one of the androids. Hate to go pc but Apple really screwed things up this time….all our messages will not send. I have missed emails regarding patient updates…NOT GOOD!

  2. Lazz says:

    do a full charge for battery then start to record a video with flash
    until the phone switch off then recharge your battery !Thats all !I have
    wifi again !second days without trouble!;)

  3. The Duchess of Desmo says:

    Loved my iPhones had 3 then 4 then 4s but time to change reliability now gone since updated ios7!!
    Can’t find airplay for Apple TV,
    Camera probs pics weired insipid colours
    Music issues
    Weather can’t understand at a glance
    Screen difficult due to the chosen colour backgrouns

  4. Arpit.j987 says:

    I have iPhone 4S. When I updated to ios7 my wifi worked for five days after that all of sudden it greyed out. And Bluetooth toggle switch is still searching. I called apple care and I restore my iphone but nothing worked. And my iphone started working very slowly and even my volume scroll is not coming.
    iOS 7 issues.

  5. astro303 says:

    Sitting in YYC airport knowing there is free wifi. My iPhone 4S Ios7 doesn’t show any wifi as being available. My iPad 3 with iOS 7 finds it and connects immediately. What gives? Phone has been on all morning, iPad was cold out if my bag.

  6. pssst says:

    How can I returned this iphone it gives me a problem of wifi. I have i4s. I bought my phone in america and I am now in the philippines how am I going to resolve this thing.

  7. Angry Consumer says:

    Same with my 4S! Apple really needs to do something! It is just wrong to have a defective bunch of WiFi chips and claim that it its not IOS7’s fault or else all of the iPhone 4s would have been affected. Well Apple, don’t you know anything about manufacturing. Things are usually created in batched! And our iPhone 4S’s that are experiencing these problems probably came from that faulty batch! So you can’t say that IOS 7 had nothing to do with it. It is just wrong! Everyone in my family right now has an iPhone but after those break too, I am never going to buy an apple product again!

  8. unhappy iphone 4s customer says:

    I have a 4S and after the IOS7 upgrade I need to reset my phone almost every 10 minutes to get the wifi back again. Very disappointed. At the very least apple should let us downgrade back to IOS6.0 as a temporary measure till they work on a fix (that is assuming they are working on a fix). I know my next buy will be a samsung.

  9. Unhappy iOS 7 user says:

    My 4S is running iOS7 vsn 7.0.2 – Wi-Fi is no longer working, although it was fine after updating to vsn 7.0.0 and 7.0.1. I now have a similar problem to everyone else: in Settings, Wi-Fi option is greyed out. Tried rebooting several times, even tried putting phone in refrigerator to cool down, all to no avail. Have now raised a trouble ticket with Apple UK and will be speaking with them tomorrow.

  10. Noonie says:

    Since my IOS 7 update I have done numerous restores and still no Wifi, poor battery and call dropping. I have had the phone 18 months of my24 month contract. After weeks on the phone to 3 mobile, they advised me to upgrade and start a new 24 month contract at a cost of £280! I called Apple and they offered a replacement handset at a cost of £146 + £29 delivery charge!! Taking no responsibility for the problem caused by the update! I contacted Trading Standards and they advised me to quote the Sales of Goods Act to my provider 3.. They have offered to refund me the cost of the replacement handset from Apple and Apple have waived the delivery charge.. The least they should do given the huge inconvenience! Never risking another Apple product after this experience

  11. zipzero says:

    Yes, I’ve got this wifi problem in my 4S. That made my iphone become the useless thing without connect to wifi. How terrible a smart phone without wifi connection.

  12. Michiel says:

    Same problem. iPhone 4s on iOS7.02. Everthing worked perfect before. Apple should fix this quickly. I would downgrade to iOS 6 if that was possible! Strangely the iPhone4s from my partner still works well.

  13. marcalhon says:

    Hi there, I have the same issue in here, my iphone 4s was working fine with ios 7.0.2 until 5 days ago, now I can’t access to Wifi, tried everything I saw on the internet, redifining etc etc and still nothing

    Any idea when this will be fixed? From what I read, this is a firmware problem, correct?

  14. Jackie Stevens says:

    hi i have ipad 3 and 4 and since up date they both with not stay on the wifi with my BT hub i have tried everthing to get them to work no joy yet

  15. ebee says:

    I have a 4s. Wifi greyed out and bluetooth not working as a result of the upgrade. Did full troubleshoot, including hard reset. Nothing worked. Out of warranty, so I may have to pay $199 for a replacement. Except that I have no intentions of buying a replacement, or another iPhone, or any other Apple product, ever. Unacceptable. A recall, or at least a response from Apple, is in order.

  16. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

    After the iOS7 upgrade, the dreaded dead/grayed out Wifi. Wish I had known this BEFORE I downloaded 7 – thanks a ton, Apple.
    This is a perfectly good, 7 month old i4S that is ‘out’ of Apple warranty (original phone got wet, I went to Apple Store and bought a $199 replacement phone but they only provide a 90 day warranty of that vs. 1 year on a ‘new’ phone from a cell carrier – go figure).

    Apple hosted 2 online chat support sessions for me and 1 store visit, at which time they said it’s a ‘hardware issue’, it’s out of warranty, so just buy a new phone & good luck. So I am going to buy a new phone – but it won’t be an iPhone! My wife has a work-sponsored Blackberry and they are discontinuing their support, so she has to buy her own smartphone. Guess what is won’t be? Right: an iPhone.

    Are you listening, Apple?

    1. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

      I decided to contact Apple again and ask for an iOS6.x retrograde. They said they are a forward-only looking company regarding OS’s! What hubris! Forward only is OK if the one you’ve pushed every one to get onto works! Can you believe the pair on Apple!?

      I went through my case again and was graciously offered the opportunity once again spend $199 on another ‘new replacement’ i4S. I can only presume that one would work with iOS7…but who knows?

      I’m trying to reach one new tech-blog per day and tell what’s going on. I
      hope to at the very least stop some unsuspecting current i4S customer from
      making the mistake of doing the iOS7 upgrade, and at best, I hope to cost Apple some hardware sales when folks read what great support they provide when there’s a known fault on their end.

  17. CW says:

    Updated to iOS7, running 7.0.3 now. Have had WIFI issues ever since the upgrade to 7 even with last upgrade on 6. Talked with Apple last night, just did a restore and network reset only had temporary WIFI, it dropped out again shortly after. Too bad Apple won’t just admit and do the right thing to correct their error.

  18. Mitch says:

    Yes, same problem as everyone, my Wife’s iPhone recently upgraded to iOS 7 and now Wi-Fi option greyed out. Vodafone want £150 to repair! I’ve got five phones on the contract with Vodafone will not be renewing any with Vodafone and will never buy an iPhone again. Rubbish product.

  19. ticked at apple says:

    since ios 7 has come out my i{hone 4s has become a paperweight. The wifi got iffy with ios 7 and after installing update 7.0.4 I can no longer get wifi or bluetooth. According to apple the only fix is for me to purchase a new iPhone. WTH?!

  20. Sally Goodger says:

    Same problem – iPhone 4s that can’t hold its wifi connection for more than about 5 minutes. Have taken it to Apple and was told the phone was ‘broken’ and I would need to part with £150 to get a new one.

  21. Luke3616 says:

    I had my iPhone 4s for Christmas just gone if tried everything blow drying it freezing it resetting network setting and phone itself and nothing i hope apple gets this solution done faster i’m getting out of patience. After blow drying it it worked for 10 mins thats all that actually did work 🙁

  22. shanie says:

    I got an iPhone 4s for Christmas and now it’s just being stupid as now (ok only been happening since day before yesterday) WiFi access doesn’t hold for even 30 seconds, only works when I don’t need a WiFi access…

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