GTA V iFruit Android release hope with online petition


While there have been a few apps this year that have gained a lot of headlines the companion apps for Grand Theft Auto 5 have caused a lot of anger from users of one smartphone platform, and now there is some GTA V iFruit Android release hope with an online petition.

Gamers that have been enjoying GTA V that also own an iOS device have long had access to the two companion apps that were released by RockStar Games. Android users meanwhile have been left twiddling their thumbs waiting for the apps arrival although the Manual app was released recently.

It’s the iFruit app that is causing most of the anger though and even started an iPhone vs. Android debate, but now an online petition has been started today that is demanding that developers get their act together and release the iFruit app for the Android platform.

At the time of writing it only has a total of 25 signatures but this is likely to grow once news of its availability spreads, but it remains to be seen how successful it will be in getting the app released. As we reported before users have to be aware of fake apps that can find their way onto Google Play and could contain malware.

Hopefully now that RockStar Games has released the GTA V Manual app for Android user’s iFruit won’t be much longer behind it.

Do you think it’s worth signing the petition?


21 thoughts on “GTA V iFruit Android release hope with online petition”

  1. T0PS1D3 says:

    My thought is why would they make a companion app and limit it to smart phones… why isn’t it like elite available on most smartphones, the web, and directly on the consoles.. hmm hmm..

  2. Wysteria McDougal says:

    Even though many people use iphones, there are still a vast majority of gamers who are angered about the ifruit app not being available in Androids Play Store. GTAV is the best selling game of the century, if not of all time, reaching 8million on the game’s release date. If Android doesn’t come out with this app, a big loss is upon them. Step up Android.

  3. Medz says:

    The vast majority of the population using smartphones are Android users. Their market share has been higher than Apple’s for some time if not always. What I dont get is why R* released an app for a smaller population of people first since more people are Android users xP

      1. Waffler says:

        Not entirely true, Rory. Android’s market share had fluctuated back and forth until the past several quarters. Secondly, Fratboi – you’re wrong; it’s easier to develop Java/C++ apps than it is to learn Objective C (which is the primary language for iOS) using XCode. The reason iOS “seems” easier to develop for is because people are more willing to shell out the $1-2.50 price for an app that’s sub-par on iOS than on Android. Due to the surreal amount of free (paid via advertisements) apps on Android, to purchase an app – it has to be “remarkable” or, at least, “of value”.

    1. Fratboi says:

      Just because an OS has more users doesn’t make it better. iOS is far more easier to develop for, don’t you notice how much iOS exclusive apps there are?

  4. Anthony Johnson says:

    kinda pissing me off i payed 150 bucks for gta v which i love but i have an android so i cant get ifruit or even the manual now it says my phone isn’t compatible with the app and that is really starting to piss me off

  5. Tyrone_83 says:

    I wonder if the Android would be getting the “Drone” since the ifruit for Apple. But then again they should have have this both covered. A lot of apps I want to use have only been released on iOS and by the time they finally pushed the app on the Play Store I totally lost all interest since 6 or more months have passed.

  6. Alex Boisot says:

    So apparently kicking up a fuss over Rockstar’s supreme incompetence with regards to this matter is now enough to warrant a temporary (I hope) ban from Social Club. Which is great, because I can’t even access Rockstar Support now, which would seem like the best place to complain about a completely unjustified ban.

    If Rockstar invested even half the time they spend censoring and banning people in actually communicating and telling us what’s going on, maybe they wouldn’t have alienated so many loyal customers in record-breaking time…

  7. Dtoxication says:

    Here’s one more for signing the petition, im sick and tired of that apple business crap. Iphone app is possible, but creating the app for android, takes so long? It feels as if rockstar would have to bendover if apple found out that they created the app for android, coz of Ifruit. Not saying its all true, but a company like apple has a nice reputation if it comes to strict business.

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