I hate iOS 7 on iPhone 4 and 4S, might get Android


iPhone 4 and 4S users are so angry and only a few weeks ago we talked about the hate they have for the new iOS 7, it seems that bad that some of them are considering jumping on the Android train.

There have been a lot of issues with the iPhone 4 and 4S of late since users installed the new iOS 7, we do not need to go into all these problems again because we have reported many of them since the new operating system released.

The comments are still coming in very fast on our previous article, iPhone 4, 4S users are so angry since they installed iOS 7 and not being able to downgrade.

Some of the comments area little harsh and saying that iPhone 4 and 4S users are annoyed is an understatement, one of our readers said that they hate iOS 7, its slow, the graphics are bland and even the screen looks the same and are hard to see they are so grey. They also went on to say “There are too many clicks to do one thing and it’s painful to use what was once was a simple Calander! Battery life is poor and now really considering getting a Samsung if Apple doesn’t fix it. It’s not something anyone could get use to especially if used for work as you need speed and able to do things quickly. Definitely not user friendly, what were you thinking!!”

Another reader said they hate iOS 7 because it is ugly, it is not stable and the whole design is just wrong, and it is eating into their battery life as well.

Once comment stuck out a little and this one said, “I absolutely HATE the latest upgrade and because of it now hate my iPhone and iPad and if I can’t go back to previous version will buy alternatives.” There are many iPhone users suggesting that their next phone will be Android, gets even worse when one commenter said they hate iOS 7 that much and replied saying that Apple has turned into exactly the type of company they purported to not to be, what a load of crap.

It seems to be catching, ever since iPhone 4 and 4S users installed iOS 7 and not being able to downgrade back to iOS 7, it seems Samsung will be their next option.

What are your views on iOS 7, do you like it or hate it?


94 thoughts on “I hate iOS 7 on iPhone 4 and 4S, might get Android”

  1. Waffler says:

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that iOS 7 seems a bit “bulky” on iPhone 4/4S – these are the last generation of devices that even supported the upgrade to begin with. As in the past, the last generation tends to get the shaft (due to hardware handicaps and the OS not being optimized for them). This, of course, is a sound/logical move by Apple, as it forces their users to upgrade their handset to experience the ecosystem that they’re accustomed to “properly”. Of course, Apple does try to be lenient in regards to allowing access to the newest update (in this case, iOS7) by crippling a few key features (gimmicks, mostly – or graphic-related features); though, overall, one should expect to upgrade as soon as their device is labelled as the “last generation of support”.

    1. Ian Crossan says:

      “one should expect to upgrade their device as soon as their device is labelled the last generation of support”
      And this is why everybody hates apple. It’s overpriced to begin with, there’s phones a quarter of the price with twice the capabilities and an indeffinite lifespan. As long as you don’t break it, you can still use your htc/samsung/windows phone in 10 years and upgrades will be available for it to extend it’s lifespan even as newer models come out.
      Apple is a money making machine and they do so quite well out of gullible people with too much of it.

      1. Waffler says:

        Well, most Android devices have a _similar_ amount of lifespan in regards to updates. The exception to this rule is that, if you enjoy tinkering, you can update your mobile yourself as long as there’s a ROM out there based on the latest version of Android that is optimized for your “out of date” handset.

        Price-wise, Apple has an insane mark-up. This, of course, is due to the Apple mentality that they have a “premium device”. In reality, they have a similar device to any current Android flagship (S4/Note 3/HTC One, even). It’s been revealed that it only costs Apple about $280-340 for the iPhone 5S (64GB model is the highest end of the price spectrum) – yet, they’re selling it for over 250% in profits. It’s, roughly, the same price range that Android flagships cost to build, but the mark-up isn’t as high.

        1. ex.animo says:

          Samsung phones are already as expensvie as iPhones now, so your comment is moot. Apple still has a much better built device (it’s so well built that you won’t be getting a single grain of dust in it, compared to the dirty phones my friends have, I can’t even comprehend how they can keep such filthy things in their hands), but unfortunatelly, Apple screwed big time with the design of iOS 7. The features of iOS 7 are awesome but the design is so ugly and childish and no longer classy, no wonder most people hate it. And the update is also buggy :/ RIP Steve Jobs, RIP iPhone lol

          1. Waffler says:

            The comment isn’t moot because despite your claims, you’re actually wrong. A 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 is (roughly) £549 (off-contract) and, equally, a 16GB iPhone 5s is about £100 more (£600-650 depending on carrier). Yes, the gap is closing as time progresses, because more and more Android flagships are considered “premium”. Your claim of “better built” is a bit flawed, considering there are unibody Android mobiles that are made out of similar (aluminium/aluminium-alloy) materials as the iPhone series. That aspect of your statement is filled with bias and lacks any factual information. iPhones are just as ridden with dust and fingerprints as any other mobile on the market – in some cases, even more so (there are *very* few Android/Windows Phone flagships that are capable of this, I agree – but, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there like the S4/HTC One/Lumia 1020).

            I will concur, though, on your statement regarding iOS 7. They’ve completely pulled an “unApple”-like move with iOS 7. First, they’ve complicated their mobile operating system by catching up to features of Android/Windows Phone – making it more difficult for the average (non-tech savvy) iOS user to manage/operate it. Secondly, it’s absolutely bug-ridden – even displaying a “Blue Screen of Death” (I thought this was Microsoft’s trademark, not Apple’s) on iPhone 5s. Finally, the biggest issue is that they’ve opened up the aspect of *true* multitasking – something that none of the Apple flagships (tablet or smartphone) are capable of handling without further software optimization or new hardware. Enabling multitasking on iOS was a smart move, to a degree – it was something that was inevitable. However, the problem resides in how they implemented it. Without proper optimization and RAM, it’ll drain the battery to have multiple apps running at the same time. Android suffered the same issues (and still does, with some GPS-heavy apps like Ingress and Maps).

            Apple hasn’t caused as much damage to themselves as Microsoft did with Windows 8 – so that’s one way of looking at it. But one cannot say that iOS 7 hasn’t convinced some users to “defect” away from iOS and move to Android or Windows Phone.

    1. Waffler says:

      That is a *bit* of a surprise, seeing as iOS 7 has elements from Android and Windows Phone in it. This is fine, as it’s nice that iOS is playing catch-up and making sure it isn’t lacking features that the other two had over them in previous versions.The UI now is heavily influenced by Android.

    1. aSwedishguy says:

      my friend also no problems so he was happy,, until 2 days ago, (wifi disconnected )

      there is a fabrication fault in the soldering of the wifi chip no buts or if´s,, you just temporary lucky it can handle the different workload from the new ios

  2. Shabik Sha says:

    I have an iPhone 4S but the iOS 7 works well, there’s no problem in it. On the other hand I saw an iPhone 4 with iOS 7 but it was too slow.

  3. Ian says:

    I have iOS7 on an iPhone 5. Whilst it does eat the battery, I don’t mind the overall design. There are a few nice features with this release. Besides, I am an Apple freak, so unlikely to defect to Samsung.
    Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for my other half, who has recently gone from iPhone 4S to Galaxy Note III. He is glad of his choice though.

  4. R2R says:

    I “upgraded” to iOS7 for my iPad mini. Despite disabling just about everything, the battery life is now MUCH worse. Like most people I hate the design. I’m not an Apple fan, but the iPad mini was a present, and I was really starting to like it. However the iOS 7 experience, and the fact that there is no way to go back has confirmed all my worst preconceptions about Apple.

  5. Apocolyptica says:

    I installed iOS7 on my Iphone 4S and right now my phone is acting like it’s dead, I can’t even get the passcode screen to come up. It will sit there for awhile and then all of a sudden poof, it wakes up and I can unlock it. My wife has the same phone and doesn’t have any issue at all. I have no clue what the problem is, god forbid they put an event viewer on the phone to indicate what problems are happening.

  6. magpie says:

    At best it is poor, poor graphics, difficult to see, have tried different backgrounds to see if that helps – have also lost music connectivity to motor as I bought an i phone re music and calls. If nothing improves I will change when contract is up.

  7. Bob Reilley says:

    IOS 7 is hideous and it has destroyed the battery life on my 4S. If it was my personal phone I would be trading it in for WP or Android phone.

  8. Neel says:

    I don’t understand all this IOS 7 bashing. I own a 4S and it works absolutely fine, same with my brothers phone. With all effects on. It’s the best thing that has happened to Iphone users. For me it’s like getting a new device 2 years after I bought 4S. I was really bored with IOS 6 interface. My friends Iphone 4 works well too, just turn off Documents& Settings in Icloud to stop the type lag in Iphone 4. 4S just flies man. This article looks like a cheap Android marketing ploy to me. You wanna get the cheap looking Samsung phones for a high price go ahead. The company is just so cheap in the way they portray themselves as well as the way they cheated on benchmark numbers. You really want Android, go for Nexus not Samsung. Btw most of you who talk about upgrade are talking about it coz you get device with contract. But majority of the other countries don’t. We buy paying more than the full price in the US. Iphone 5S is 865 dollars in some countries vs the 649 dollars in US at full price. So in such countries people wanna use the phones with OS upgrades and get max value out of it.

  9. Neel says:

    Talking about Android, none of the older Android devices get to upgrade to the latest OS. Coz the companies like Samsung does not wanna provide the new OS to sell their new phones. Their last year’s product Samsung Galaxy S Duos is still sold with Ice Cream Sandwich their outdated OS instead of the latest Jelly Bean and Kit Kat which is yet to release. It’s fragmented to the core. Google made an OS and other companies are minting money from it. Apple owns the entire experience end to end with Hardware complimenting the OS, it doesn’t need fancy amounts of RAM for their latest devices to work better than the ANdroid flagships. Iphone 5S has smoked the Samsung S4 by a huge margin.

    1. Waffler says:

      Sadly, it seems that you’re not very knowledgable about Android-based smartphones. As I have said elsewhere, despite the OEM manufacturer not always distributing the most recent version of Android – as a “technically inclined user”, you can manually update yourself. “Fragmentation” is a myth that Apple has decided to run with, despite the fact that iOS is just as fragmented (it doesn’t update all versions of its iDevices and forces people to upgrade to newer hardware). Google didn’t, in fact, “make” Android – it was originally developed by Android Inc. Whereas, while they were developing the mobile OS, Google decided to (initially) financially back the company, and later.. purchase it entirely.

      Your example as evidence towards “fragmentation” is the Samsung Galaxy S Duos – which, despite being sold with ICS, can be updated to Jelly Bean without the use of ROMs. Please, before attempting to speak about something – know what you’re talking about when you’re trying to troll/sprout nonsense. The iPhone 5S lacks RAM and that makes Apple’s usage of a 64-bit processor useless (other than encouraging the development of 64-bit applications for future iDevices). “Iphone 5S has smoked the Samsung S4 by a huge margin” is a baseless comment, as well. While Apple considers “sales to companies” as a sale, this isn’t an accurate baseline to determine if the handset is actually selling to the consumers.

    2. Oso says:

      Hahahahahahha!!! Did you say smoked?? Oh really in what way!? Nothing changes if you get an iphone 4 iphone 5 iphone 5s or iphone 5c ahhaha your stilll running the same ios 7 system.. No differences just the design . Unlike androids! We got HTC ! Samsung ! Lg! Windows! And many more android phones that are nicer than all the iphones like the htc one!

  10. u00dep1 says:

    I was at the AT&T store last night to buy my wife a new phone. The guy told up that iOS 7 was designed to work best with the iPhone 5s, If that is the case then why won’t Apple let those with the 4 and 4s go back to the old OS? There’s got to be some legal issues here.

    1. Waffler says:

      This is, in fact, true. But this is how Apple has managed iOS since its initial creation. Over the course of time, more and more of the older devices are “weeded out” by being the “last generation to receive the newest updates”. The 4 and 4S models are the last (oldest) models of handsets that can actually installed iOS 7 – those below the 4/4S are tied to iOS 6 or (in some cases) iOS 5. There’s no legal ramifications or conflicts – this is just how Apple convinces its users to upgrade their hardware (handset).

  11. imrun101 says:

    I hate ios7.
    My iphone 4 is sooooo slow and apps are crashing all the time.
    Why can’t I downgrade to ios6?
    Shame on you Apple – that’s the way to loose customers

    1. Marc Bourgoin says:

      Heyyo, the only way to downgrade is if you previously used a jailbreak or uploaded your SHSH’s to TinyUmbrella servers… sadly once you update I don’t think it’ll work unless you did those first. So far only iPhone 4 users can use their SHSH blob’s to downgrade back to iOS6… If I did it with my 4s? I’d be boned.. luckily I stayed on iOS6… purely to preserve my jailbreak, but it looks like the “jailbreaking” that Apple hates so much is the only thing that helped me dodge a bullet. My company’s dispatch phone the previous dispatcher upgraded to iOS7.. it’s an iPhone 4. It’s brutally slow and poop. Even hitting the power button to bring up the password screen is a joke how long it takes… iOS7 = Windows Vista of smartphones with a terrible interface like Windows 8 slapped on top… I bet even the Windows phones aren’t as bad as iOS7. 😛

  12. Ryan says:

    I don’t get it, I have an iPhone 4 and iOS 7 works really well on it.
    My friend owns the 4s version and it’s working fine too, besides de battery.

  13. Elwood says:

    Wife and I have iPads 2 & 3, and both have iPhone 4S. Got sucked into the iOS 7 updates, and absolutely HATE the changes!! Screen icons are embarrassing; we feel like we’re using a teenybopper’s screen display. Calendar is next to impossible to use now, as is Contacts and Notes. NO contrast in any of the fields; we never have any idea which field we’re in. Deleting mail used to be one quick swipe; now we have to OPEN the @%#€£ thing first to get an option to delete. Same with sending iPhotos. One keystroke used to do it; now it takes multiple strokes. WTF??!! The new iOS has made our machines way too cumbersome to use for business now – who has the time to do all the additional steps EACH AND EVERY TIME? Samsung is beginning to look more and more appealing.

  14. pearcie17 says:

    Absolutely hate it! Used to love my iphone and ipad, now can hardly stand to use it. Apple made sooooo many changes (to a product that worked) for apparently no reason. I am definitely considering android for my next phone upgrade. I actually get angry while using my phone because it is so pathetic compared to previously. Terrible.

  15. Toomtabard says:

    Bought ipad4 in july. Have now switched it off, 2 weeks after downloading ios7. Used it for business, but it’s no longer fit for purpose. The homepage looks like a small child’s vtech machine, but the most basic business use apps lack contrast or functionality. Add to this a keyboard which is slow -i’m back to 1 finger typing to ensure it keeps up- and all in all you have a pretty useless package, because once downloaded, the damage is irreversible. I’ve now gone back to using a laptop and dongle for everything, and the ipad now sits in a drawer, only coming out when my neice and nephew come round (5&2 years old) to play ant smasher (which also runs slow on this!) It’s cost me several hundred quid and lasted a fortnight. This is, without question,the last apple product i’ll buy, and that includes the business mobiles which i banned from upgrade. They’re up for renewal in a few months, and apple will be off the list of acceptable devices. It’s just as well they have huge cash reserves, because with such poor product reliability, they’ll lose savvy customers hand over fist. Lucky their new phones come in bright plastic colours to go with the infantile display their new target “spoiled teenager” market will have to put up with. Poor show apple. Very poor.

  16. Cody Simon says:

    I feel betrayed by apple, a company I knew i could always rely on gives us ios 7, I thought it was a terrible joke at first. I’m absolutely terrified of what they are going to do to the macs. I just cant take apple seriously anymore. I will be using samsung, htc and hp for my technology needs until apple gets it together,but i don’t know if i can ever trust them again. I dont mean to be over dramatic but this dont even come close to expaining how much i hate ios 7. Thanks for ruining some very expensive electronics apple.

    1. davidel says:

      I totally agree, I used to trust apple with all software upgrades but since IOS7 (which I feel has the look and feel of a cheap Chinese version of an iPhone..sorry to the Chinese) I am totally fearful of what will happen to the Macs. I hope they leave them be. Thankfully, I only installed IOS 7 on my work phone. My own phone is happily running the last version of IOS 6 and will be as long as it can. So is my iPad. I will be careful to install new software on my Mac. Steve Jobs must be turning in his grave!

  17. gjmoo7 says:

    I happen to like the iOS 7 on my iPhone 5. It is very smooth and works like a charm. My only complaint about it is I was having trouble with I messaging and the battery is dieing out faster so I now have a Mophie case. Problem solved. All the problems that seems to be affecting some people like motion sickness, eye strain etc I have not experienced it at all. I have 7 iphone 5 on my account with Verizon and all if them have iOS 7 installed and there are no major problems with it at all. Either I am lucky or perhaps the problem only occurs with the GSM models. And before anyone responds by saying I must be an apple employee the answer is NO!!! I’m not.

      1. FuckkCRAPPLEE!! says:

        I love androids!(: especially the Samsung Galaxy s4 or the sexy looking HTC ONE!!(: i think that apple users should stick to apple not move on to androids cause they cant handle widgets lol ..

  18. Kevin says:

    I had an iPhone for years and when I finally got tired of the tiny screen and the eventual slowness (turns into an “iBrick”, which is Apple’s way forcing you to buy a new phone), I turned to Android and bought a Galaxy S4. What a difference! I don’t know if I will ever go back to iPhone, can’t believe what I had been missing. So for all you iPhone lovers, please, at least give Android a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.

  19. RS says:

    I have a 4S phone and I absolutely HATE iOS7. Someone please pass along to the morons at Apple that I would rather pick up a dog turd off the street and carry it around all day than continue to use my phone with iOS7. My phone was the bomb with the old operating system and now I can’t wait to get rid of it. Not only am I extremely disappointed, I’m also pissed off beyond words at Apple

  20. TH says:

    I hate it… I have always loved Apple, have always bought apple products since way before the mac… spent thousands… but i so HATE my iphone since installing IOS7, nothing works!!! imessage, facetime, texts i reply to going to my wifes iphone!!!!, so slow, battery sucks… cant downgrade to IOS6… I’ve even through the flipping thing across the room as so annoyed… i know there are more important things in life but APple have truly screwed up… they got an award winning industrial designer to design software!!!! rubbish! should have stuck to what he knew best… I’ve fallen out of love with Apple and my iPhone…. hate it….. even the look of IOS7 sucks, the round contact pictures you cant change, the stupid icons… simplified look is crap… do not fix what is not broken… grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. Get Android!??? No thanks Google annoys me enough, never ever…
    that this title made me wonder just who is in charge of this bloody update design now that Steve Jobs is gone…

    Apple what were you thinking, are you pandering to tiny tots with this silly un -apple look!

  22. nn says:

    I hate ios 7 , iphone 4 and ipad 4. i’m shopping for a Samsung S3 or S4 , slow, calendar, ugly colors, and difficult to read screen, bugs. are my biggest complaints but its enough to make me want to change.

  23. BOB says:

    I have been calling my iPhone 5 an Android
    phone because of all its crashing and close outs! The biggest problem is that
    even if I get an Android, I’m still going to be in the same boat. All androids
    crash and have close out problems – the more apps you add the more glitches you add.
    SO…I guess I’m just stuck with a cra*py smart phone until Apple goes back to
    being perfect.

    List of issues:
    -Sharing YouTube Video’s – FREEZE and CLOSE OUT- I have to copy and paste the link before it freezes to open my messages and send from there.
    -iMessage – FROZEN IN TIME. I have tried the fixes, none work. iMessage has to stay off.
    -Draw Something – CLOSE OUTS
    -Siri – Won’t automatically listen for my replies, I have to push the microphone button.
    -Don’t like the Music layout – never starts on ‘Now Playing’ screen.
    -Other apps close out a lot.
    Guess that’s it…
    OH WAIT!! ………..

    1. SebasTián Andrés says:

      lol on Android the crashing will depend of your configuration … YOU choose what to install, where and when.. not like Apple

      Apple assumes you won’t be able to configurate your phone by yourselves so gives you all packed and ready … and that is just awful

  24. SebasTián Andrés says:

    i just lol’d myself by reading the comments hahah … people feel exclusive and important for having Apple products

    yes they are exclusive … on wasting money

  25. Jason Wissel says:

    I cannot believe how bad IOS 7 is! The calender is SOOOOOO bad I can’t even read it AND it no longer shows appointments!!!! WTF! Am REALLY considering taking a bath financially and switching to a non IOS phone!
    Thanks Apple for screwing up something that was damn near perfect!

  26. caroline says:

    ever since installing my ios 7.0.3 on my iPhone 4s its absolutely shocking my phone crashes it locks out Wi-Fi doesn’t work seriously considering an android phone

  27. ex apple lover says:

    I hate ios 7. My iphone has now lag! it’s just annoying!

    I’m going to move away from iphone but dont know which phone I should buy, but not Samsung or LG. no korean phone for me. Taiwanese is ok 😉

  28. Luke O' Sullivan says:

    I can understand that people dislike iOS7 (crashes too much, laggy, etc), but I don’t understand how switching to Android would fix the problem?

    Surely switching to a completely different OS would just make the problem worse as everything is laid out differently and none of your content is compatible?

    Plus, if you run iOS7 on and iPhone 4, you can’t complain because if you were running Android, I highly doubt you’d be receiving an update nearly 3 and a half years after buying the phone (especially on day of release)…

  29. IhateiOS7 says:

    I HATE the new iOS7 and I will be changing the Samsung/Android. Why do they have make such changes, or worse not let me have a choice for the amount of $$ I have spent on this APPLE &#@!
    Change is good, change for no reason isn’t.

  30. JBones says:

    Ive had a bottom of the range 80 quid Samsung my first smart phone for two years and thought i would treat myself to an iphone 4 a couple of weeks ago. I hate it, everything to do with it is such a hassle, why should i have to give them my card details to use a phone! People told me it was a bit convaluted but i wasn’t expecting everything about it to be such a monumental pain in the arse. Don’t get the complaints here about android, either people have been brain washed by Apple or I’m not tech headed enough to devote my life to owning a phone but I will without question be swapping mine for an s3 mini or something asap because this iphone is getting to me and Im a chilled out person.

  31. Giorgos Amigdalos says:

    I am selling my iPhone 4S. Ι ΗΑΤΕ ΙΤ since upgrading to iOS7. I DONT WANT IT ANYMORE. And thats not because of the bugs on the OS, those will be fixed. I HATE THE INTERFACE AND THE WAY APPS WORKS.That love and usefulness disappeared. I used to love it so much and decided not to change it until was completely dead.

  32. hater says:

    On my iPhone 4, the screen won’t shut off during phone calls. Within a minute, I’m either hitting mute, speaker, or end call with my ear. Compleaty unusable without headphones or Bluetooth.

  33. Decision Maker says:

    Hate(d) it.

    I own and run a business and we use a critical business application for my field team .yes we should have run a POC before upgrade however we should also have had the option to revert. Subsequently we spoke to Microsoft and the app is ported now to Windows Phone so bye bye apple and 51 Iphones which we actually got a buy back deal from Microsoft for 🙂 . In this day and age 3 days of a developer teams time and the app was ported to a new platform this cost me a lot but costs me less in the pain my users had with performance,usability, GUI, etc etc. I am not a patient man and when you mess with a business via user impact it goes beyond a simple phone issue and into damaging operations.


  34. Merry907 says:

    Ios 7 screwed my life, Im a Good artist and i draw in the ipad for my onlien friends for free -im 10 yrs old-
    -the new keyboard? All sh*t
    I am a rager. I usually talk in caps. In ios 6 just hold the caps button even if u tap spacebar the caps will hold until u let ot go. In IOS 7!! When u hold the caps it will only lt ofe word and u need to rehold or retap it again. Why did i even buy an ipad 4, worth 27 k pesos -philippine money- and i just of baught a laptop alot cheeper, more memory and most of all better games.

    -the zoom in zoom out apps? All sh*t
    I have motion sickness. I almost puked because of it

    -the new desighn? All sh*t
    I think apple is ment for kids now. The desighns are for 5-8 year olds! Nice job apple

    -the new settings? All sh*t
    Near to perfect. Now near to the worst mobile operating system ever.

    -The app closes Faster? Best ever!!! -sarcasm-
    Im very impatient.

  35. denis says:

    shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit, they should sell iphones with sunglasses gift, just can’t look this icons any more.

  36. Amy says:

    I have an iPhone 4S that’s less than 1 year old. I didn’t upgrade the OS on my phone, (it was still running iOS 6.1.1), well suddenly it stopped conecting to the WiFi. I tried troubleshooting it and after I reset the network settings the WiFi button greyed-out. I attempted some more troubleshooting and had to upgrade to iOS7 in the process. Of course that hasn’t fixed the problem.
    Now I’ve got a phone with no WiFi AND a crappy OS. I’Ve had to turn off my cellular so I don’t accidentally use data. I’ve had to adjust about 20 hidden settings to stop my battery from literally draining before my eyes.
    I have an appointment with an Apple “genius” to try and get this fixed since it’s still under warranty for about 2 more months. However, there are only 2 Apple stores in my state and I have to drive 50 minutes to get there.
    Right now I’m paying for the luxury of a smartphone, but my iPhone is nothing more than a dumbphone in disguise!!

  37. Louis says:

    I really was happy with my IPhone until the crappy update so I sold it , I’m now using my old 3gs that is much better , thanks a lot Apple for the TRICK Update ~

  38. Wil-E-Bee says:

    In the high stakes competition between developers, and with the example of how well another company can compete with iPhone as with Samsung, and the example of how quickly a company can collapse as with Blackberry, it makes no sense to pigeon hole your customers into an upgrade that they may not like. I called my apple support, knowing that they couldn’t help me, but wanting to tell as many people that I could in that company how much I HATE the new upgrade, and that I HATE even more the fact that I can’t return to what I loved. I am stunned that it wasn’t displayed right at the top of the alert BEFORE I upgraded, that I could go back! I guess I am just going to have to wait for our awesome friends of the internet to crack into this and fix this problem. Clearly Apple doesn’t care. I totally loved the way my iPhone used to work. I swore by this product, and would often tease others when they didn’t own one. I guess the joke it on me now. I wonder how much a Samsung is?

  39. Thank you Apple for the latest iOS update. As an iPhone 4 user, the latest update made me realize the error of my ways ‘drinking the cool aid’ and buying an iphone. I will be moving to Android on my next phone. Am tired of all the restrictions and constant ‘changes for the sake of change’.

  40. Ross says:

    If AT&T was open at 11PM last night I would have smashed my iphone 4 and went android! I HATE THIS IOS 7, when i tap the text message icon it takes 15-30 seconds for anything to appear on the screen!!! I am soooooooo glad I’m out of contract, GOOD BYE APPLE

  41. marios says:

    I have 4s and ios7… new ios it new features… if your iphone eat battery please click 2 times “home button” and close all aplikations working in background (move finger from application to up screen).

  42. tmp says:

    I’ve updated to iOS 7 without reading first, and I am so pi**ed and disgusted! I’ve sent my iPad back for a refund, ordered another one hoping to get iOS 6, but no, it’s iOS 7 regardless of what they had on the picture, so I am just returning my second iPad.
    Design is poor, cheap, low-end, infantile, and dull. So is the user experience with new menu bars. I’ve seen nothing like that, Tim Cook and Jon (the a****le who is a director of design) are both terrorists as they have sabotaged Apple, and made it poor. Skeuomorphisms and the fake glass, shadows, high-quality textures, these were the biggest assets of Apple, and personally I have only bought an iPad to get exactly that look ‘n feel which Apple has ripped out. Seriously, one more attempt to get iOS 6 device, and if it fails, I’m buying an Android tablet, and bye Apple! Yes, Samsung looks good, and it’s cheaper, with a bigger hard drive, richer user interface, Apple has been really sabotaged.

  43. Irfan Hussain says:

    Everyone wants a user friendly cell phone with cool apps like IOS was once .Before IOS 7 came out,which is really a hasle specially in iPhone 4 so it will be much better if Apple sort this trouble fast or there will be no one left to leave their comment here,android is the best choice specially because of IOS 7 has totally ruined the flexibility so its up to to apple now..LOL

  44. Kim says:

    My 4 is basically turned into a brick and something I find so frustrating I will not buy another iphone and I will no longer be looking at the ipad air simply because if apple values its customers this little I cannot trust them to do the same in future products. My phone now freezes, the screen doesn’t respond half the time, the brightness outside is so dull I cannot see the phone because there is so much white space and the letters are so faded its illegible with any sun glare. Features that worked fine are now different and awkward. Try choosing to text someone from your contacts, someone who is not in your saved msgs list. Before choosing the contact set focus in the msg box, NOW it leaves it in the To box. WTF. I can’t figure out how to get New York and Cupertino off my weather so I can see the cities I ADDED. The calendar, why all the red and why so much white space. Iphone has the smallest screen of other smart phones and 85% of the screens are whitespace! WHY?!?@#%$!%#!%
    Who designed this pieces of crap?? Who coded this buggy piece of dog pooh? People say, be patient they’ll fix it. I paid for this phone, why should I have to?? Why should I be forced to take an upgrade that ruined my phone with no alternative? How is a company allowed to even do that??

  45. Kim says:

    Oh and I almost forget the best part, my phone battery is worthless too. My phone is dead half way through the day where it lasted 1.5 day with my usage. I have turned everything off that I can, I don’t have a liquid screen for wallpaper. This is all just very very wrong.

  46. Robyn Berry says:

    I didn’t upgrade to IOS 7. Apple put it on my iPhone 4 when I recharged it, but I refuse to click on the install button.
    History has taught me to wait on all Apple upgrades, as they rarely get it right the first, second or third try. Considering the reviews, I’m glad I waited.
    I won’t buy another iPhone. I don’t like the lack of options Apple offers their users. They downloaded the upgrade without my permission.
    Bad bad bad customer service.

  47. MrMarc says:

    Android phone manufacturers must love IOS7, now nothing separates them and Apple.
    Weak managment at Apple is now “going with the crowd” not leading the crowd.

    Make me very sad that the Steve Jobs legacy is being wasted.

  48. MrMarc says:

    This like taking your mercedes into the garage for a service and being given a Toyota HiLux pickup back.
    Ios7 is so far from why I bought an iphone, ipad,iMac, I now feel as if I have been given another product.

  49. Arthur says:

    My complaints? Ugly colors, ugly, flat icons and interface (someone said they’re designed with golden ratio in mind – where??), taskbar seems to occupy more space than before, nauseating animations, undistiguishable text (improper color balance), messy look, undistiguishable text labels (Copy, Paste etc), no more pretty animation in horizontal view for playlists, opened tabs browsing a mess, slow. Shortly said – garbage.

  50. Marie says:

    I used to be an android user and I was really happy with the samsung galaxy versions that were released, but when my sister got the Iphone 4 there was no doubt i wanted it. I fell in love with the apple design and when my phone got lost i was so excited to replace it with the iphone 5! I hate ios 7, it makes me nauseous my battery life is more like 7 hours at most. My phone turns off at 15% battery and demands to be charged. I can’t play any playlists or shuffle music, the phone glitches and goes onto a spree of where a thousand songs flash before your eyes making you dizzy. Every time i call someone the call is always ended because it no longer dims the screen so i’m pressing some sort of a button. Imessage is a joke now I cannot get it to work whatsoever even with the new updates. The phone has unbelievable lag and everything is so slow. I just hate it. I can’t even read the clock on the lock screen because of the tiny, thin writing. I hate how everything is white. Apple had such a futuristic design and now i’d rather switch to an android again. Don’t get me wrong, as a previous android user i’m well aware of the problems that android systems have, but i’d rather have a phone that doesn’t make me wanna gag every time i look at it. I really hope SOMEONE comes up with a way to downgrade it back, I got my iphone around xmas last year so it hasn’t even been a year and i do NOT want to continue to run ios 7 for another year. I’d rather have an obama insurance alert ring every five minutes instead of an iphone with ios 7.

  51. busteddreams says:

    Ohhh I am so glad I found this page. I have been suffering in silence
    over ios7 on my 4 ever since I upgraded. I may soon leave the iphone4
    for a Android device and I am only 1yr into a 2yr contract. I will
    actually PAY to get away from ios7. And I am EXTREMELY mad at Apple
    because I never liked iphone until the 4 came out and I really fell in
    love with the product for the first time. But since ios7, I no longer
    enjoy using the phone. Here’s why:

    -Sluggish screen transistions. Slow and hesitant. Used to be smooth and quick.
    keyboard…letters are smaller or closer together, always misspelling
    words. (i liked it the way it was! why not offer THAT keyboard as
    -Battery life is shorter
    -Music level is not as loud. Previously I loved the great sound from the speakers.
    (This is a deal breaker.)
    -The awful colors of the text message & dialer screens.
    -No outbox in email. (!)
    accessing the “recent calls” list, if you are quicker than the time it
    takes for the screen to fully load, (the screen “jumps down” the space
    of one recent call immediately upon opening) thereby making you
    inadvertantly press the wrong phone number, i do it every time. Then
    you have to end the call and start over.

    These are some of the
    things I don’t like about ios7. Apple needs to do something quick
    because I do have a choice and I will not wait long for them to give me
    back something I already deserve to have (and did already have); a sleek
    and quick operating system that is not over designed and doesn’t gimp
    other things like the sound and battery life. I was going to wait the
    next year before upgrading because I loved my iphone4, but now I am
    looking at other phones NOW….AND it WON’T be a apple phone.

  52. RPG says:

    The ios7 downgrade has caused me fits of rage with my iPhone 4. I think Apple comes up with with this updates so that consumers are forced to buy the new model phone as the others become obsolete. I have to be honest and say that because of my unlimited data plan I did go with the iPhone 5s…the up grade works much better on this newer model than on my previous phone. Still not thrilled but the temptation to toss it into the bay has dissipated.

  53. Gina says:

    I flipping hate my iphone. I will be switching to a droid should have never got this. It’s not so much the upgrade for me but the control apple has over your phone. No cheap cords apple says no to that. A lot of apps u can’t use with iPhone because Apple says no u can’t. I realized to late that iPhone=no freedom!!!

  54. lola says:

    I hate the iPhone 4, whenever I use it I want to smash it to the ground and break it. It’s so infuriating. It’s just SLOW. I’m definitely leaving the Apple camp. I have a MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Even the iPad is so limited, I saw a great tablet windows 8 tablet that has so many functions. Apple = Prison.

  55. Cam says:

    Sh***iest phones ever. My Galaxy Ace performed better and was more user friends than my sh***y iPhone 4. I miss how I could link my android via bluetooth adapter to my truck
    and read all my diagnostics and engine sensors, all for the cost of a
    $20 OBD2 bluetooth adapter. The same thing on iPhone costs $50 for the
    app and $150 for the adapter! If you have iS**t all over your house and car then I guess it’s user friendly, but I’m not buying a f***ing Macbook Air and Apple TV just to make my life with a phone “easier”. If you are the kinda person that wants to waste a lot of time on their phone like some anti-social public transit commuter or yuppie a**hole then buy a f***ing iPhone and f**k a dog. I have better things to do than look like a prick on my phone trying to figure out simple things that were a click or slide away on my android.

  56. iPhoneSucks says:

    iPhones SUCK. iTunes is HORRIBLE, and with the newest iOS update the wifi on the iPhone 4S no longer works and it is SLOW. GOOD JOB APPLE. You cannot even plug in your phone to the computer to use the internet on the computer. Everything is terrible about this phone.
    Every 5 seconds it is asking me to enter my password on the iTunes store (even when I set remember password, it is infuriating!), the interface of the iTunes program is AWFUL and user-unfriendly. The number of apps that loads up are very limited.

    How people actually like this piece of crap of a phone is beyond me. Nothing but a stupid hype that stupid people pay big bucks to buy into. Get an android and save yourself from this nightmare.

  57. Veerle says:

    At last I bought an android phone last weekend. I have had it with Apple. I am leaving it for the same reasons I left Windows 7 years ago. Apple is forcing iOS7, an utterly UGLY operation system, rendering my 4S a brick for its battery still drains in 4 hours. Everything you want a smartphone for has to be shut down to prevent it draining even faster.
    It is the impossibility to downgrade I hate Apple the most for. I have no choice. In iOS 6 my iPhone worked like a charm. The same is going on is OSX. Since Lion the finder is crap, everything is grey – without a good and secure way to change that – lots of features are removed and iWorks is a utter disgrace. I will not wait for the next forced upgrade to be a downgrade having no choice to go back. Shame on you Apple. I am switching to Linux.

  58. Steve says:

    Finally had to go to iOS 7 as apps wouldn’t upgrade any more and had hoped maybe they had lessened the pain but omg what a disaster this thing is three weeks in and I’m going phone shopping fire the dude at apple that destroyed the greatest product in the space Nothing is better it’s all crap appearance functionality battery my great device became useless in an hour!

  59. Ranty says:

    I just need to rant. I have an iPhone 5 and I can’t stand iOS7, it’s horrible. I’m not really an apple person but I always loved iPhone because of how incredibly responsive they were. I could look past all the compatibility and lack of features because of how crazy responsive the device was. It didn’t matter how fast you tapped, the phone was always waiting on you. It’s now the other way around, about 50% of my taps don’t get registered because I have to wait so much. There’s about a 1-1.5 second delay before the phone becomes responsive anytime you change what’s on the screen. There used to be no perceptible delay on iOS6 and you could fly through menus, not anymore! It’s not just that the UI is heavier, but that it’s actually programmed to be slower. The animations are actually slower even when they don’t lag, they don’t on iPhone 5, but they’re still slow. I turned them off and it’s still too slow. Every time I pull my phone out, I tap on stuff, nothing happens, because of that 1-1.5 second delay. I thought maybe I’d adjust to it, but it’s been about 6 months, still horribly unpleasant and a constant annoyance.

    I haven’t used an android in probably a decade. Hopefully they don’t have this problem, but I’m definitely switching away from iPhone. The only reason I loved it was because it was incredibly fast and responsive. No longer. 🙁

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