Surface 2 tablet instigates new Surface Phone 2


It’s fair to say that the original Microsoft Surface tablets didn’t quite take off in the way that was expected, but Microsoft is hoping to rectify that with the new Surface tablets. The Surface 2 tablet has now instigated a Surface Phone 2 creation, and we wonder what readers will think about this idea.

We’ll point out from the off that this Surface Phone 2 is a concept design and not a device that will be heading for production, but maybe it should be? This concept comes from designer Jonas Daehnert, who has previously come up with some other notable concept renders.

It’s not the first Surface phone concept we’ve seen either, and readers can see other examples here and here. Nevertheless we think this is a sleek and stylish Surface phone design that we think readers will be interested in taking a look at.


Daehnert was inspired by the new Surface tablet and his concept Surface 2 phone has a 4.7-inch Full HD display. The design is a tad industrial with no nonsense square edges and a complete lack of curvature, but we think this could appeal to many people.

The Surface 2 phone is only 7mm thick and with the phone looking like this we’d expect some top-notch specs to go with it. As far as we know Microsoft isn’t in the process of developing a Surface phone, but concepts such as this certainly tantalize our tastebuds.

We’d like to know what you think of this Surface 2 phone concept? Do you think Microsoft should seriously consider bringing out a real Surface phone? Let us know with your comments.

Source: Behance – Phone Designer


8 thoughts on “Surface 2 tablet instigates new Surface Phone 2”

    1. deez says:

      The phones will not be Nokia branded they will be Microsoft branded. Nokia will still be a separate company and Microsoft is not acquiring the Nokia name. Microsoft is just buying their handset business. So it is not a stupid article, just a stupid comment.

  1. david says:

    They have not bought Nokia yet, it has to be approved. At the same stance just like google uses a different manufacturer, aka LG, Samsung, Motorola, to make their nexus phone, MSFT could do the same thing with Nokia to make an official surface phone, something that really screams top tier, it would be a good image for those that look at windows phone as a low end phone

    1. Waffler says:

      This is pretty much what I’m expecting MSFT to do regarding their mobiles. Nokia has had the most prominent Windows Phone handsets, thus far. Though, as we’ve seen, HTC did have a go at creating a WP mobile too – so the idea of Microsoft using Nokia for their “pure”/first-party mobiles is very likely (in my opinion).

      And yes, Nokia’s smartphone division hasn’t been approved yet (but most likely will). That would only encourage a “premium model” to be worked on, or at least “attempted” (doesn’t mean that it’ll make it to production/sales). But WP users have an expectation of their devices, it’s that simple (as with all users of any mobile operating system) – so it would be something that would take a bit of time to do.

  2. nuuwski says:

    I’m loving it already! I just wish this company could find a way through their bureaucratic decision-making processes and begin to implement ideas in a timely fashion, else they’ll be chasing the competition in areas where they should be driving the bus.

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