New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 update now rolling


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a recent smartphone to hit shelves in many regions across the world, and yet only a few weeks after it released a second update is now arriving. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 update is now rolling out, although it looks to be pretty minor stuff.

The Galaxy Note 3 has been extremely well received in most quarters with excellent reviews given, although we have recently reported on a reboot problem and some mixed test results on battery life. However, it’s often the case that some issues can occur with major new devices, and these are usually quickly ironed out with updates.

The first Galaxy Note 3 update that arrived was a minor update bringing stability improvements and it seems to be the same story for the second update, which has build number XXUBMJ3. Samsung hasn’t stated any other benefit from the latest update that comes in at 29MB.

The new update has so far arrived in a few countries of Europe including the UK, Greece and Romania. It’s available as an OTA update or via Kies. Your device should receive notification of the update, but if you want to check then you can do so by heading to Settings followed by About Phone followed by Software Updates.

We’d really like to hear from readers who have already received this latest Galaxy Note 3 update. If your device now has the update have you noticed any ‘stability’ improvements or other changes? Maybe you’re still waiting for this new update to appear for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Source: All About Samsung (Google Translated)


12 thoughts on “New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 update now rolling”

  1. Samantha S says:

    I hope it release in UAE soon , because I’m really fed up with jelly bean and I would like to get Gingerbread, I had it on my Note 1 and my phone was so neat and beautiful, but in my Note 3 everything looks huge specially icons on home menu,,some fonts won’t work with Note 3 but it worked well on my Note 1, other things I don’t like setting in jellybean, I love to be in one column,,

      1. Samantha S says:

        Do you have problem when your wifi randomly connecting to another modem? For me I have to set it by myself because when it’s changed then it won’t work exactly.

    1. Waffler says:

      I fear you won’t “ever” get Gingerbread on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – that’s just something that isn’t going to happen, unless someone (or yourself) work on creating a ROM that will utilize Gingerbread.. (which, I think you’re on your own there). If you enjoy Gingerbread or Froyo, stick with the Note I or Note II. That’d be my suggestion.

  2. westonfrontss says:

    had an Update Within a week of Release
    to. fix handwrite Issue .I have since had 3 More update
    but I still have the boot Issue and have to Remove the battery

  3. Sperafucile says:

    I have the same problem but can confirm that the above fix works. I have s question! Why are we having such problems on such an expensive phone? Come on Samsung! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND UPDATE THE FIRMWARE

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