HTC One Android 4.3 update purple camera warning


It is not unusual for new smartphones to have some minor issues or bugs that are eventually fixed with some new firmware updates, and today we have a HTC One Android 4.3 update purple camera warning.

Since the HTC One was released there have been some users that have experienced problems with the handsets rear camera suffering from a purple hue when taking images in low light conditions. This was believed to be getting a fix via the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, but now there are reports that since the update things have got worse.

Currently owners of the HTC One in the US and some Asian markets have been treated to the latest version of Jelly Bean, but some users are reporting that the issue with the smartphones camera has got even worse despite the software update.

The source has a number of images that have allegedly been taken with a HTC One running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and shows the purple camera problem, and some users have stated that the issue for them wasn’t present before this latest firmware update.

So there are some that are warning owners of the handset not to update the HTC One to Android 4.3, which is now set to arrive in the European region in the next few weeks. It is unclear how widespread this problem is though as many markets have yet to receive the new operating system.

Have you had any problems since Android 4.3 update?

Source: VR-Zone (translated).


38 thoughts on “HTC One Android 4.3 update purple camera warning”

  1. corona10 says:

    No problems at all. I installed 4.3 yesterday on my Tmobile HTC One and havent seen this issue. My camera never had the purple issue and still doesnt.

  2. mw888 says:

    Unfortunately I’ve had this problem on my T-Mobile HTC One and it still persists after the 4.3 update. I love the phone otherwise so I’ll be contacting T-Mobile about a replacement.

    1. mw888 says:

      Just to follow up, I did get a replacement from T-Mobile, which doesn’t have the camera problem! Wish I had swapped it earlier but glad it’s resolved.

  3. vmcgurk says:

    While on a phone call if I take the phone away from my head the screen ddoesn’t lite back up all the time and when a call ends the screen is black not letting me hit end, this started after my update from att

  4. tyler says:

    Had and still have the purple hue before and after update…not happy about this at all considering they boast this camera up to be one of the best on the market yet I watch friends with iPhone take beautiful low light pics and I’m stuck with purple blurred pictures…

  5. America says:

    I’ve had 4.3 on my AT&T HTC One since the day they pushed it out, and I haven’t had any issues with it. I didn’t have the issue prior to the update either. I’m not sure why I was looking for to the update so much, there really isn’t much of a difference between 4.1 and 4.3 – for my purposes anyways.

  6. Jose Sandoval says:

    The battery is not the same after the update. Before the update I could go 24+ hrs without having to charge my HTC One but now I remove it from the charger and listen to music while I shower using Play Music and within a 25 min span I’m down to 75% opposed to before after 25 min shower and then while I got ready and I was down to 97%. Fix it………… :'(

  7. sami says:

    Glad to know I didn’t have any visual issues while finding the purple glaze in my images after the update. I thought Iam alone with this issue but now that a lot ppl has it, is there any FIX in progress??

  8. juiblex says:

    I have a One with the original low light discoloration. I was hoping the 4.3 update would fix this. Now I have the same problem, except purple instead of blue.

  9. Lilolme says:

    Always had purple haze problem. Also now after the update my Google play music skips through tracks randomly on cds selected to play. Update was no good for most part. Also keyboard is a bit delayed while texting continuously.

  10. Purplepictureguy says:

    Not only is the purple tint worse since the 4.3 update but regular shots are noisier and has too much contrast. HTC support had me try couple procedures that did not work. Asked if there was an upcoming fix or at least a way to go back to the previous settings … avoided my question and got some sort of canned response. Appears HTC is doing their best not to acknowledge that a problem exits. Aside from the camera issue (pretty big issue), I love this phone.

  11. Rab Adamson says:

    I just updated to 4.3 and now I have the purple camera problem. I never had this before
    In pitch darkness it looks like a purple curtain. Please fix soon HTC Illove my one!

  12. Peter Bulgaria says:

    I have updates as well. problem remains.. the camera is UNUSABLE if it is not bright sunlight…!!! It was not like that when the phone was new .. – some software update has bricked it big time!!!

  13. Darren Robins says:

    Since updating to 4.3 my battery life has been destroyed, and has dropped by 40%, also lock screen style optio has been removed which is a backwards step.
    Very dissapointing that HTC have not road tested the update properly prior to release.

  14. S Irani says:

    DON’T BUY ANY HTC PRODUCTS… their after sales service and support is really bad. I have the HTC One and it maybe a good phone but it has the blue tint problem with the camera in low light and when I went to ask them to correct it they said they will change the camera.

    Everyone know it is hard to repair the HTC One. Infact they have even damaged some phones trying to repair them.. They are still adamant and say that it has to be repaired and not replaced and they can’t guarantee a damage free repair.

  15. hello123 says:

    the purple tint issue is actually not a software problem, it’s the hardware problem. sent my htc one for repair 2 months ago for them to fix the camera sensor alignment. and now the problem solved :). the repair period took about 3 weeks.

  16. bibo says:

    Just want to report that my htc does not have this issue until I updated. I am 100% sure because i was actively aware of this issue when i bought the phone and i was thankful i mine didnt have it. Now there is purple all over the screen. It sucks.

  17. emsmith1990 says:

    DO NOT UPDATE battery doesn’t charge fully anymore, cannot call or text, my phone now crashes, all apps force close, sometimes cannot stroll on the phone and sometimes doesn’t respond when trying to unlock my phone. Worst update ever now my HTC one is useless!

  18. HTC ONE USER says:

    I was update my htc one to android 4.3, every time my htc one crash, and sometimes blank .. OMG .. this is a worst update .. I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED

  19. djinn123 says:

    I never had the problem with the older sw version. Been asking HTC about the fix but so far no response. I am thoroughly disappointed with them. It’s such a shame when I was supporting them and hoping they can bounce back as a company. My next phone will probably be a different brand android phone.

  20. Haggis 49 says:

    After the update my rear camera is unusable in low light, everything is pink/purple. Also my ringtone volume keeps falling to the extent that I often miss calls and texts

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