Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update problems may cause delay


Over the last few weeks Samsung has been slowly rolling out the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update to a number of its flagship handsets, which can take a while to reach all end users especially those owning carrier branded devices, but now the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update problems may cause a delay to the firmware spreading to more regions.

A week ago we brought you the news that the Android 4.3 update had begun its journey around the world to the Galaxy S3, and more recently we heard how the new firmware had reached more regions.

Now though there are some users that have already downloaded the new software that are complaining of having issues since downloading and installing the operating system. It seems to affect the lockscreen on the device with it lagging when some users press the home button.

There have also been some users complaining about their alarm not working now as well as a patchy Wi-Fi connection that is really slow once it does finally connect. Others have complained about some apps not working correctly now along with higher than usual battery consumption.

Now there are no way in verifying if these users have downloaded the official Android 4.3 Jelly Bean release for their Samsung Galaxy S3’s, but if these problems become more widespread it could cause Samsung to put the brakes on the rollout of the firmware.

We recently heard that the same update was ready to be rolled out for the Galaxy Note 2 after the firmware was seen at a Samsung service centre, and if these claims are accurate this update could also see a delay.

At the time of writing the Android 4.3 JB update hasn’t reached the UK yet after we checked our unlocked version of the Galaxy S3 this morning, but hopefully there isn’t any issues with the firmware and more regions will get treated to it in the coming few days and we have had one reader that claims to have received the update via Verizon Wireless, but this can’t be verified.

Update: The firmware has since been pulled more information here.

Have you already received the update and had any issues?

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195 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update problems may cause delay”

  1. James Halligan says:

    4.3 update issues Samsung S3
    Lockscreen issues
    Battery drain caused by Android system
    Wifi slow to connect
    Deleted keyboard app
    Power on button slow to respond

  2. Anshul Ahuja says:

    M frm india, n derz no update as of now..but after going thru such bad comments regarding unresponsiveness of 4.3 for S3 I9300, i think it would be really hard to opt to update my phone. coz if later i wish to downgrade back to 4.1.2 den i’ll have to root the phone. and v all knw 4.3 comes with knox security which will prevent my flash binary counter to reset when i would need to unroot the device to claim my warranty back.
    I have still got 7 months of warranty period left for my s3.

  3. Ahad Habib says:

    nothing new much in 4.3 update though it makes me angry over the large battery consumption, late response at lock screen,apps not working properly and even song sharing via Bluetooth is also gone from the music player. My phone was much better performing on 4.1.2.

  4. S3 says:

    This update is horrible, my phone freezes half the time. it won’t play music if my screen is locked without the music sounding like a scratched CD, sometimes it wont respond when in lock mode and i find myself removing the battery 3 to 4 times every 2 hours. The battery life is just as bad with me having to travel with a charger and charging every 3 hours even if the phone is not being used. Why release it, if its not done. S3 has had piss poor upgrades

  5. janel@iol.ie says:

    I downloaded update 4.3 three days ago and am having serious issues with my handset. Lock screen, battery usage, non responsive phone and two un prompted shut downs. Wish I hadn’t downloaded

  6. bill says:

    Don’t use this update. S3 has gone from being a great phone to so bad that my S2 is back in use. Excessive battery consumption, music player sounds like a scratched record, home button takes 3 or 4 seconds to work where it was instant before . How could Samsung put out such a rubbish upgrade! !??!

    1. Raincheck says:

      Same here keeps downloading old email attachments, had to remove the battery 5 times now as the home button wasn’t responding. Also battery life is down at least 50% .

  7. Steve Doggett says:

    I have the upgrade to the official 4.3 update and it is awful. I’m seriously considering just getting a Nexus 5. The battery is dead within about 8 hours of it just sitting in my pocket with gps, wifi and data switched off! And it’s really laggy, Tried to answer a call yesterday… I could hear it ringing, but couldn’t get the screen to switch on to actually answer it. I’m taking the battery out 5+ times a day because I think it’s frozen.

    They’ve also removed some of the things I loved… Apps on the lock screen to go into them directly, the quick access to the camera is gone, …

  8. Yash Agnihotri says:

    guys this firmware is modified by vodafone as we can see there are many bugs included in it..just wait for u.k,us and asian firmware build…That will be much stable and bug free than this piece of crap!

  9. qwert says:

    I’m from India. .
    My friend downloaded the update of Ireland. …
    And surprisingly. .. his phone has become much faster…
    I still am reluctant to do that and will wait for the official version. .

    1. phill says:

      hi im on telecom new zealand and i used odin to flash 4.3 i had problems for about an hour but all diminished but wanted to go back to 4.1.2 to get official update but when i did i had no network you can get this back you need the rom you want and i extracted the modem from and XXEMG4 firmware used odin again you need to flash rom and modem at the same time but rom in pda and modem in phone hope this helps someone

  10. Paddy Kelly says:

    I downloaded the software on Saturday and I have had all these issues. I’m on vodafone in Ireland. I have had to remove and replace the battery to get the phone back on, and the battery level went from 24% to 9% in 5 minutes. Hopefully they will get a fix for this soon because it is extremely annoying.

      1. Endre says:

        Same story with my phone on the vodafone network unfortunately to remove it Ithink the only way is the factory reset so let’s hope there will be fix for this soon

  11. endre says:

    Yes I got the update Vodafone network Ireland and is completley rubbish waiting at least 5 sec to unlock the device a few good things in it but the bug with the lock screen very annoying

  12. matthew says:

    I jus downloaded it this morning (uk international version) via Ota and it does lag every now and then with me and i also get a message saying tha touch wiz unexpectedly stopped working every so often but havent had no issue with the wifi as of yet or havent seen seen no issue with the battery but its early days

    1. Gizmo says:

      yeah I have no Knox either and I did a factory reset like I needed to on my S$ but it’s not there (although group play now works properly between them)

  13. Sam says:

    If your getting lag on the new update back up, reset to factory defaults then restore.
    Its the new TRIM support in the update thats causing the crashes and restoring the will allow it to keep your storage space nice and tidy.

  14. I like things says:

    Ive been trying to update mine OTA once it downloads and starts to install get to about 25% and fails, maybe its a sign for me not to update, but anyone else had this im on O2 UK

          1. Umair Mukhtar Gondal says:

            if you keep on using your phone randomly, its ok, the lock screen responds well, but if it is kept standby for like an hour there are issues, it may take like 8/9 seconds to respond with illuminated lock screen

  15. Nick says:

    Guys,just flash 4.1.2 firmware to your Galaxy S3 with ODIN if you can’t live with this update (though that will lead to problems with SIM card).
    I have managed to get used to this update. Phone really feels faster,loads faster on boot,or after a hour of playing. No battery drain issues that everyone complains about (it’s like a placebo effect,one said about it and everyone started to think the same!). No alarm problem. No slow WI-FI.
    The only problems are: Slow respond of lockscreen; slow gallery load; slowness of Task Manager.

    That’s my feedback about this update.

  16. Des says:

    Almost everyone, including myself, has encountered one or all of the above mentioned issues. I find it extremely difficult to believe not one single GS3 beta tester encountered any of these issues, therfore it would be reasonable to assume Samsung released this update with known bugs. Yet another blatant case of a huge tech company using it’s customer base as beta testers. For those who think these issues occur only on network branded models, this is the case as my GS3 is unbranded BTU GT-I9300.

  17. Craig says:

    I’ve had the exact problems expressed in the article ie a delay in the screen turning on when the home screen has been pressed. My phone turned off totally and wouldn’t turn on again until I took the battery out and then inserted it again. Also an alarm I had set did not sound

        1. Spencer Hansen says:

          Oh gotcha! We’re still waiting in the U.S. for a glimmer of hope at the upgrade, but I’m guessing Sprint isn’t going to release the update until they get all the bugs figured out.

  18. Jamie says:

    Just updated with three network and it’s saying low disk when i open Facebook app. Never had this problem before. Seems to be very laggy as well 🙁

  19. Steve says:

    I have downloaded an official Vodafone 4.3 rom, when you check about the device, the rom is considered official. I experience the lagging with the on button all the time now, the lock screen is also a bit slow. once the handset has causght up, everything else is fine.

  20. Lynda T says:

    Yes. I have exactly those problems. Very unresponsive from lock screen – the home button doesn’t appear to be working and the home screen very slow to load. Have to reboot each time. Also, my alarm stopped working. I unchecked the ‘Automatic date and time (use network-provided time)’ and this seems to have fixed this – the time was only updating when the home screen was on. All this happened within minutes of my updating the official software update. Very poor. Very frustrating as I use my phone for work. How do we fix this does anyone know? I’m in Ireland on Vodafone.

  21. Rach says:

    I got the new update in Ireland and I am having the same problems. The phone is very unresponsive the battery is worst and I cannot unlock my phone properly. The phone is slower and the home key button won’t work. Please sort these problems out.I regret getting the update. Need this sorted quick can’t have the phone like this. Id recommend that you dont update your phone.

  22. Syed M. Ibrahim says:

    i have just update to 4.3 i have GS3 BTU version it is keep downloading some half-life-half-life-66370 file but it is not opening it… Gallery being a pain so slow and lagging all other functions seems fine till now… can anyone tell me what is this half life thing?

  23. Egg36 says:

    Lots of people posting the same problems but has anyone found comments from Vodafone Ireland or Samsung as to when they are going to have this sorted?

  24. Ja says:

    I have same problem home key takes long time to respond also sometimes screen hangs on black when incoming call u cant answer , other than that every thing is working perfect>

  25. grant says:

    In settings lock screen I have options all greyed out all my shortcuts have gone and because the options are greyed out I cant get them back. And yes it lags. AVOID

  26. Des says:

    Samsung Mobile UK responded to me on Twitter and told me to backup and do a factory reset (clearly a canned response). I responded by telling them that I had already performed a hard reset on the device (vol up + home + pwr) and this did not resolve the issue. If you are told by Samsung to backup and factory reset, ignore this advice because you will simply be wasting your time! Maybe Samsung will finally start listening to it’s customers and introduce a facility in KIES to roll-back to the previous version (something we have been asking for since the stone age). This isn’t such an issue for those who know how to upgrade / downgrade without using KIES or OTA, however for the majority have no clue and will be stuck with a very buggy 4.3 until Samsung releases a fix. That could be months away so don’t hold your breath!

  27. Mickey says:

    I downloaded an official OTA update on a Vodafone package for an S3.
    The battery life is down around 30%. The lag when turning on the power and home key would make you think the buttons weren’t working. I’m looking to uninstall this and go back to 4.1 as soon as I can. What a waste of time.

  28. Martin says:

    Same problems here. Downloaded the official 4.3 update. I thought there was something wrong with my hoe button, battery barely makes it through the day now without a charge during the day. And for some reason i Keep getting approximately 10 notifications to say file downloaded. The files it says are downloaded were in my download folder once upon a time but are long ago deleted. When I click on the notifications it says file cannot be found. This happens approximately every hour. What a disaster!!!!!

  29. Phillymuscle says:

    Both myself and my wife have dowloaded the official update for our S3’s. We are both experiencing all of the problems mentioned above. We’re not impressed. Come on Samsung, get it together.

      1. SY99 says:

        Kies 3 is for any Android 4.3 device mate. After you update to 4.3 on GS3 and try to connect to Kies 2.6 it says its incompatible and tells you to download V3

    1. SY99 says:

      It recognises it now Mark. I think it didn’t yesterday cos they were only downloading the update OTA and it wasn’t available via Kies. Today it is

  30. SY99 says:

    Updated my GS3 this afternoon. Restore to factory and all seems well. Checked on my wifes and update was there, backed up her files etc and now update seems to have been pulled!

      1. SY99 says:

        Hi guys. Im in the UK and just finished updating my wifes via Kies. Wasn’t showing in Kies yesterday but was today despite being pulled yesterday. Updated no problems seen as yet although mine does seem to have the 2-5 second wakeup lag and a problem whereby S-voice wasn’t responding rectified itself overnight. As stated elsewhere give it time after upgrading and the issues might settle down especially after an OTA update. I usually update over Kies so its not being update through the devices memory/sd card

  31. TonkleChicken says:

    The 100’s of posts on the SamMobile site confirm most the observations below with official versions delivered via OTA or KIES. (Very slow to wake up, very laggy, Missing Multi-windows, etc).

    For the technical amongst us, the build being delivered looks to have the wrong kernel version. (Is 3.0.31 rather then 3.4.0) so that may explain many of the problems.

    It would be great to get an official statement from Samsung or Vodafone about this.

    My advice is DO NOT UPGRADE YET until more is known and the issues are corrected.

  32. Des says:

    Yes, I can confirm that the update has been pulled by Samsung, at least for my version of the GS3 (GT-I9300 BTU). Updated to 4.3 via the handset OTA this morning and the problems I encountered include severe battery drain, slow and freezing lock screen, alarm not working and intermittent wifi problems to mention a few. Downgraded to 4.1.2 and now OTA states “The latest updates have already been installed”. I wuld avoid the 4.3 update until Samsung has made an official statement and resolved any issues!

  33. K says:

    Lock screen issue here, crashes whilst locked too needing a battey pull. Also battery life is awful. Got 7 and a half hours of average use with power saver on! This is using the irish 4.3 ROM from Vodafone

  34. Andrew Byrne says:

    I got the update from Vodafone Ireland of 4.3 and I have had all of the issues above since the day I updated (which was last week). Huge battery drain, screen not turning on when I press the home button( sometimes for 5 seconds, sometimes 2 minutes), needless restarting and rebooting, alarm not working sometimes. I’m charging my phone twice a day now (with power saver on) and I’m not a heavy user. I hope they get this sorted soon.

    1. I like things says:

      doubt they could fix all the issues that quick considering they took months to release in the first place, but be my guess and Download and let us know, im staying away

  35. Dylan Barlow says:

    My Update (uk) dropped last night and the bugs are terrible!!!

    Its takes 10 seconds to wake up from sleep, major issues when playing music (tracks skip and stutter!), Battery life is way down, downloads keep reappearing plus more issues!

  36. James says:

    I updated yesterday OTA. (In the UK on Orange but with an unbranded S3)

    I have the button lag and battery drain issues.

    After pressing the power button or home screen button to wake the phone, not have to wait at least 2 to 4 seconds before the screen comes on. I’ve tried disabling the S voice but no difference.

    Batter drain is noticeable. Was down to 90% withing 30 mins of disconnecting the charger. Normally would only be 4 to 5 % at that time. My battery is currently at 78% and its been disconnected 2h 21. That also includes a reboot after a battery pull due to the fact I could not wake the phone at all.

      1. James says:

        Yeah thanks! 🙂

        I was going to try a factory reset later, but given other people have tried and its made no difference I don’t think I will bother.

        Does sound like the OTA has been pulled though. My wife has the same phone put doing an update check reports all is up to date.
        Knew I should have done her’s first!

  37. Really gutted says:

    The 4.3 update lost me my job. I updated last night and had my usually alarm set but it did not go off this morning and i overslept. My boss fired me because of this i am totally gutted and real down, i dunno what to do i was unemployed for 2 years before this my rent due at the end of the month im in total shock. Thanks Samsung

    1. I like things says:

      Is this just me, or is this the funniest post on here, I dunno what you can do, but I do know what you should have done, and that’s not updated lol. Maybe Samsung could hire you

    2. Des says:

      My electric radio/clock/alarm didn’t wake me on my wedding day due to a power outage and I was over an hour late. The bride was not very amused. The moral of this story? Don’t get married!!! Oh and yeah, don’t trust any electronic device as an alarm, get a good old fasioned clockwork alarm clock!

  38. David says:

    Updated a few days ago and now I have to take the battery out and put it back in to unlock the screen also I can’t ans some calls the phone rings but d screen is blank can anyone tell me how to get rid of it thanks

  39. Des says:

    Okay so guess what, the 4.3 OTA update returned and became available again on my GS3 this morning although, unlike yesterday, the update is also available through KIES now. I decided to attempt the update again, only this time through KIES. So far, everything seems to be running as normal. As yet I have encountered no wifi issues, alarm and multi-screen is working and the lock screen is acceptable. I say acceptable because there is still a very slight delay (2 seconds at most) from pressing home/pwr to the lock screen appearing. As for the battery drain? Time will tell. I will be testing the hell out of this over the next 24 hours and I will post any further issues when I can!

      1. Des says:

        Everything was going great…right until about 10 minutes ago when someone called me, the phone wouldn’t wake and a battery pull was required. Then I got the shock of noticing the battery was down to 29%. The phone was at 100% when I posted 7 hours ago. In that 7 hours I made one 3 minute call, sent 3 text messages and checked Twitter once and that used 71% of my battery? So, suffice to say, the wake lag, freezing and battery drain problems remain, so it’s back to 4.1.2 until Samsung sorts this crap out! Oh, one thing before I go, a message for “I Like Things” – your posts are helping no-one and serving only to show how much of a twonk you really are! Everyone here knows that you’re laughing at others who updated to try and hide the fact that you made the same mistake and wrecked your phone by updating to 4.3. Don’t bother wasting your time trying to convince anyone otherwise because thus far everything you’ve contributed is useless just like your phone 😉

  40. Joerock says:

    updated: a few days ago and my internet cuts off after about 10 minutes and I have to take out the battery and reinstall for it to work again. Getting an upgrade next month to the galaxy 4 . This is Samsung’s way for you to get a new phone.

  41. TaxiMike says:

    Just updated now and I have had various of the issues below. The download manager kept saying it had downloaded an image over and over again until I killed the app and cleared the data within it. Seemed to fix it. The screen sometimes takes a good 5+ seconds to come on from dark but a restart takes this back to around a second.

    Not sure on battery life yet. Updated OTA on O2.
    Version is 4.3 (3.0.31-1902166

  42. Jim says:

    I have exactly the same problems as TaxMike. Download manager kept saying that I have downloaded a pdf file over and over and I killed also the app and cleared the data. Screen takes so long to appear and battery is drained. Many problems

  43. Josse says:

    Also updated my SIII via Samsung update and nothing seems to be working properly. The screen takes long time to start when pressing the start button, the alarm does not work, notifications keep on re-appearing, music sounds cut-out, the phone restarts from time to time, battery draining faster, applications not working, etc, etc, etc.

  44. Ro says:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 updates Android 4.3 for Ireland

    I updated to 4.3 and I wish I hadn’t now because all the issues mentioned are happening to my phone. The lock screen is lagging when I press the home button, I keep getting told that my WIFI connection is unstable (despite everyone else in my house having no issues what so ever. Battery consumption is an absolute joke, I initially thought that I had downloaded some APP that was draining the Battery
    but it’s not it’s the new 4.3.

    When I try to listen to my music on Google Play, once the screen locks (auto after 1min set by me) the music starts to skip and then freeze, then the volume mysteriously turns itself up then down. I haven’t had any issues with the alarm yet but because of the battery drain I am quite sure something will happen.
    In my opinion the new 4.3 update is very unstable and I only hope Samsung and Google see this and get the issues fixed asap.

      1. Jim says:

        What’s your f*cking problem and keep telling everyone that he shouldn’t update his phone? If you don’t want to update, don’t. But if everyone was so “smart” like you, we would never have newer versions.

          1. Jim says:

            You thing you are smart but in fact you are coward.

            If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Henry Ford

          2. Really gutted says:

            you think you are so funny at the end of the day i lost my job i dont see the joke in that

      2. James says:

        You have nothing better to do with your life than mock everyone else’s actions?

        Yeah its a risk to upgrade, but to comment with pisstake and nothing constructive helps no-one. Suggest you go find find some youtube videos to go vent your immaturity at.

        1. I like things says:

          Sorry James my piss take is not with you I will stop,its just some of the posts are funny don’t tell me you don’t agree, look at the guy who lost his job

    1. I like things says:

      yeah you can downgrade go on xda site they have all the ROMS on there, screw that James guy who tried to say im far from helpful he can suck it

      1. James says:

        I wouldn’t even let your mother screw me.
        One slightly helpful post does not cancel out the multiple posts you have made taking delight from other people’s problems.

        1. I like things says:

          What has mothers gotta do with updating a phone, i hate people like you who have to go that one step further. I hope everyone fixes there phone apart from you

          1. James says:


            Actually, you brought me back into this conversation by referring that you could screw me and I could suck it. I’m telling you that you have no chance!
            How does telling everyone that their phone is f**ked, and seemingly taking such delight in doing so, assist people? It helps no-one. A point that was raised to you yesterday by others on this forum, yet today you continue. If you have nothing constructive to add, you’d be best to not comment at all.

          2. I like things says:

            My comments are valued in here actually I have received positive feedback so must be saying something which people wanna hear. I have been advising people also not to update which someone said thanks. So yes I hope someone screws you right up the a**

          3. James says:

            Umm, OK. If you believe that your feedback has been positively received, going on the upvotes, I really don’t think that “guest” votes count – I’d probably go so far as to assume you have upvoted yourself. Do yourself a favor, search for your username though this thread and actually read the replies that people have given you; you’ll soon see what people actually think of your “helpfulness”.

          4. I like things says:

            I gave some decent advice to a guy who lost his job and a few others. I dont care what you think, i wish you would just leave this post as no one wants to read your cr*p

          5. James says:


            Decent advice? You publicly stated that you think him losing his job contributes to the funniest post on this thread. How the hell is that decent advice. I wasn’t inviting you to care about my views, I was advising that you read the other people’s views of your “assistance”.

            And with that, I bid you farewell.

          6. I like things says:

            Bye mate good luck with everything deep down i dont want no trouble, sorry if i did upset you. And come on im sure you agreed that guys post was funny only a human with no soul would not laugh

  45. Joe Flo says:

    I have received the official update and I must say it is very very bad. the software looks cleaner but the lag on the home screen is very very annoying. My alarm failed to go off once as well but has since worked fine.

  46. Richard says:

    Can’t receive emails; phone takes ages to respond. I keep getting downloads of files I don’t want. Battery won’t keep its charge. This is useless software. I will tell anyone I know NOT to buy a SAMSUNG smartphone.

  47. Richard says:

    Can anyone tell me how to fix my email problem? I can sent emails but they don’t come to my phone. Also, how can I stop the same files downloading all the time? PLEASE, Vodafone, PLEASE Samsung, fix this.

  48. Alex says:

    I downloaded the Vodafone Greek 4.3 version from SamMobile and everything is working ok exept the lagy lockscreen which takes about 3-5 seconds for the screen to light up.

  49. Valentin says:

    I know, that the lockscreen has a huge lagg on it.. When the screen is turned off, you can’t hear to music because it is breaking.. If someone does not understand, try it out 😀 The battery drain is caused by the checked boxes in the settings>others>Location Services ….. Uncheck it and it wont drain your battery..

  50. Mike D says:

    Can only agree. Official update received on Monday (OTA) and within hours I was having problems. Have had to remove the battery several times already. It’s unbelievable that they don’t do any end user testing. They can’t have done any of this as there are so many problems that even they could no miss them. The problem with software development these days is that they use automated testing and not give it to end users (ie us) to try and break. This is down to Samsung – really disapointed in this. Each day that now passes until they fix this will add another nail to their coffin over such upgrades.

    Companies like them really need to start waking up to what Customer Service is about – and not just think they are a good company because they have a good marketing department.

    1. I like things says:

      You guys still updating even though so many have warned you not to, serve your right that your phone is f**ked, what’s the point of people saying dont update if you dont want to listen

  51. sean862936 says:

    Had the update for my S4 and now having major problems staying connected to wifi, battery life really short and phone generally not responding well.
    I contacted the place I got it from who told me that its to do with the KNOX security update and theres nothing i can do until samsung bring out a new update!!

  52. 8-KarNagE-8 says:

    Well updated my s3 not a problem until the next morning when 1st my alarm failed to go off 2nd keeps showing old downloads that have completed? This is a nuisance 3rd my music now plays like a broken record cannot listen to a track without it skipping and jumping most of the track?? And 4th it is so slow and lags like f*** not happy at all

  53. RichAbreu says:

    Locks screen takes ages to appear when asleep, old downloads keep showing up at the notifications even after clearing them, overall extremely slow and battery does not last as long =s

    1. subara says:

      for showing up old downloads go to the application menager-all-download menager open and clear data ,and open to download in app menager and same do it there clear data and after that restart phone,this is help for me!

    1. James says:

      This is part of the response I recieved from their tech support

      “Please be advised that we are aware if the issue and Google is working on the resolution at present. I would kindly ask you for your patience on this
      occasion and as soon as Google confirms that the fix was prepared we will make sure that all users are immediately informed.”



    1. Justas Deniušis says:

      It is not that we do not listen but there is very low info about caused problems for this update. this is the only place for the moment where people are complaining. 🙂 i checked on the net and did not find any bad review so i have updated. and once i have noticed lag i have started searching on the net if i am the only one and then i found this page 🙂 any way the update is not finished and they should release a fix in the month or so 🙂 fingers crossed 🙂

  54. Justas Deniušis says:

    For my s3 it is only the lag when you try to wake up your phone. it sometimes takes like 5-10 sec. also if the phone is in sleep mode and someone calls you, the same thing happens. you take the phone out of the pocket and you see it is still sleeping, after couple more sec. it starts showing that someones calling you but you still spend like 5 second to answer it because of the lag

    1. Justas Deniušis says:

      Looks like simple restart solve all the problems 🙂 just dont know for how long. any way you can feel it is working a bit slower then it was with version 4.1.2

  55. Samoht says:

    Yeah updated last week .from great phone to neolithic phone all in one update. Phone battery, don’t even get past 11 in the morning. Incomming calls have a blank screen and don’t allow me to answer. Takes a minute to access home page as it seems to be frozen. Internet pages stay open even though I taught I closed em …. and theres more …..anyone an idea when this will be fixed

    1. I like things says:

      I checked my software update and nothing mate, it took them months to release this in the first place, so don’t be expecting something so soon

  56. I like things says:

    Samsung has finally responded with an official statement, withdrawing the download until the issue can be fixed.

    “As we are currently investigating the reported issues with Galaxy S3 4.3 Jelly Bean update, the upgrading service has been temporarily suspended,” Samsung Mobile UK told the SamMobile blog in a statement. “We are committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience, and will ensure to resume the upgrading service at the earliest possibility.”

  57. morris says:

    I am having an issue every time I turn on Wifi that cause a number of old email attachments to generate a notification. They really do not get downloaded as I deleted the old account, but the notifications must be cleared every time. Very annoying. Hopefully, they fix this with an update.

  58. Ed says:

    Spoke to Samsung UK this morning – roll-out of 4.3 to uk Galaxy S4 users has been SUSPENDED as end-users experiencing serious problems. My S4 was pushed to 4.3 on Sat, after which I have all manner of data connectivity problems – using either Wi-Fi or Mobile data. Device established connection but OS does not grant apps access to data and you simply get a “cannot connect to proxy” error whenever apps try and use data. Samsung say no solution until they push out a new service update – you simply have to live with a phone that NO LONGER WORKS after 4.3 update. Shambolic! I now have 4g smartphone that can not be used for anything requiring data – JOKE!!!

  59. Joe Flo says:

    Total joke samsung, my alarm decides when to go off and when not to go off. My home screen constantly locks/freezes. I keep having to reboot the phone. Battery life has been cut into half. And all this happened after the update. The fone was working seamlessly before.

  60. Andresaral says:

    well, at least im not the only one with all these issues, but what’s the solution??? waiting for the next update, any clue when is this going to happen???

  61. Mick says:

    Was unaware of any update issues and allowed my S3 to do so a couple of days ago. Many of the same issues, flashing light with notification, showing downloads in status bar that aren’t there etc.
    My biggest issue is that internet is no longer an option. Either WIFI or mobile service causes every web page to completely freeze. Cant go forward, back or perform any page functions.
    Very disappointed

  62. Cady says:

    Since updating my Galaxy, it has been really slow. And most of the time I when I press the home button to get to the home screen, it pops up with a screen showing all the apps and sites I’ve looked at recently. It’s extremely annoying. I now have to use the back key. I am very disappointed with the update. They made a great phone into a crappy one.

  63. Angie says:

    I recently replaced my S3 due to damage but prior to damaging, I had updated my Galaxy with the latest system update and it kept showing downloads in my status bar. I would clear them (using the clear button) and of course they kept popping up so I clicked on each item to try to make them disappear and it didn’t work. My replacement phone is trying to get me to update now and I keep ignoring it. I did chat with a Sprint rep at a store right before activating my replacement phone about the problem and he was supposed to show me how to make the download notifications stop…we got sidetracked on something else and forgot. If I get anymore information on how to fix some of these annoying problems, I will be sure to pass it on.

  64. Jeff Go says:

    Got it on my Verizon GS3 in North Carolina right after Christmas and my home screen lags like a second or more before waking up the phone now. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Screen stutter when closing apps happens with lots of apps now too although that doesn’t seem to cause actual crashes…

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