Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pink version closer for all


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone is already a big success and plenty more people will be intending to purchase one over the busy holiday season. If you’ve been waiting for the blush pink color option to arrive then it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pink version is closer for all.

Although the Galaxy Note 3 was announced with three color options, for many people the black or white versions have been the only models available so far. For those in the UK the pink Note 3 has been exclusively available through Phones 4u, and the pink Galaxy Note 3 has also been available for a while in South Korea.

Now it’s reported that the pink Galaxy Note 3 is to release in Germany in December at a price of 749 Euros for the 32GB option, fortunately in time for the holiday season. Once this color choice is launched in Germany it looks likely that availability will soon spread to other regions.

Therefore if you particularly want the pink variety of the Galaxy Note 3, it may be worth holding on a little longer to see if it becomes available in the coming weeks where you are. There have also been some very nice promotions for the Galaxy Note 3 just recently.

For example if you’re in the UK you may be able to pick one up and get a free Samsung tablet. For those of you in the US, buyers of the Galaxy Note 3 over the next few weeks can get a $50 Google Play credit.

Have you been waiting for the Blush Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to arrive in your region? Let us know with your comments.

Source: Samsung Mobile Germany (Facebook) Via: All About Samsung (Google Translated)


19 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pink version closer for all”

    1. Mary Hazlett says:

      Although I think getting a high end phone for a kid is dumb, you can get a lot of deals on the GALAXY S 4. Make sure you have a high data plan for a kid.

    2. Deathbyillusion says:

      A flip phone or one of those cheap prepaid phones is what a 12 year old needs there not old enough and responsible enough to have a nice touch screen smart phone. I know this from experience cause my niece dropped and cracked 3 different iphones. Or would lose it in the house somewhere.

  1. Christina says:

    I want to upgrade my phone from the note 2 to the note 3, but I won’t do so until I can receive it in pink from AT&T. Why was it only released in S.Korea in pink? I can’t use an unlocked version with my carrier.
    This was so dumb on Samsungs part considering October was breast cancer month when it became available. They could have doubled 1st months profits. If this happens to come across Samsungs desk, please fill my holiday wish and drop the pink note 3 in the US.

  2. Kitekatsmeow says:

    I would love a lilac or purple one but since that’s not available I think the blush pink is so pretty and if I upgrade that is the one I want. Best buy has the pink but it’s like over 800$. Personally I think Samsung should offer it direct although I will have to wait until t mobile gets it to be able to afford it! Before Christmas would be nice!

    1. Deathbyillusion says:

      Yes Best Buy does have the blush pink unlock but DO NOT get that version as its the international version which means for use U.S. people it doesn’t have 4G/LTE support only 3G. Even if you get the LTE version it still will ONLY get 3G here as internationally their LTE is on different frequency’s then here in the U.S. This is making me so made. I don’t see why Samsung hasn’t release it yet here in December for the holidays people would buy it and they would make lots of money. I have been holding out for months for the blush pink version. Im a guy but my favorite color is pink. Also through Best Buy even the black and white versions are the same thing no 4G/LTE support if there unlocked and also Best Buy over prices there phones way too much!

  3. Tammy williams says:

    My contract will end this month on the 20th i really want so bad the pink color this is gonna be my for for the next 2 years so please samsung spread it here in US to our carriers i am very sure it will sell very fast dont be greedy trying to sell them high your a business man i know u know u dont count by individual sales but for volumes so please spread it out to our carriers.

  4. Louella says:

    Ever since talks of note 3 also having a pink version, I’ve told myself I will only get the pink. That’s why I’m holding off even if the black and white have long been out in the market. Otherwise I will just have to wait for the next best smartphone.

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