Curved screen iPhone 6 gets its own video


Last year saw the release of a couple of smartphones with curved displays but the jury is still out whether enough consumers like the idea of smartphones like this, but in the meantime a curved screen iPhone 6 gets its own video to star in.

We have seen many concept phone ideas over the last few weeks which have included an iPhone 6C that featured an iPhone with a curved display. Today we have a new design for you that is also taking onboard the idea of an iPhone 6 with a curved display.

The YouTube video that can be seen below this article courtesy of ConceptsiPhone shows an iPhone 6 with an edge to edge 5-inch display, which will slightly remind you of the LG G Flex. The display has a seven degree curved Retina display with the handset measuring only 5mm thick.

Other specifications for the iPhone 6 with a curved display include a 12-megapixel iSight camera all fitted into the sleek design of the handset. It remains to be seen if Apple ever provides its customers an iPhone with a curved display but speculation is mounting that the company will provide larger screen sizes this year.

In the meantime we will have to just enjoy the numerous design ideas that are being created for an iPhone 6, and only yesterday we had a couple more that included another iPhone 6C concept with iOS 8 in tow.

Would you like to see a curved iPhone?


2 thoughts on “Curved screen iPhone 6 gets its own video”

  1. wky21 says:

    Apple are pioneer in both designs and technologies, so if this is genuine, it will be an embarrassment as a follower. Beside, this curve doesn’t serve any purpose.

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