Nexus 4 Android 4.4.2 KitKat issues mounting


Quite often a new mobile device firmware release can bring some issues for certain users that can either be a little annoying, or make the device almost unusable. Since Google released its latest version of Android there have been some problems experienced by users, but it seems as if the Nexus 4 Android 4.4 KitKat issues are mounting.

Shortly after Google released the new KitKat update some owners of the Nexus 4 begun to experience problems that included the home button not working along with issues with the camera and microphone.

We then saw a couple of other small updates that has now brought the operating system up to Android 4.4.2, which still had problems for owners of various Nexus devices. Now a Reddit user going under the name of lazy_elf asked other users if there is a way to report all of the 27 issues he has found with the software on the Nexus 4.

This has led to other users reporting the issues that they have been experiencing and at the time of writing stands at 175 comments. These have included patchy Wi-Fi connections, and apps disappearing from the home screen among a number of others.

The problems seem to be affecting both versions of the Nexus 7 along with the Nexus 5 as well, but it is unclear if all the problems are down to the Android operating system or in some cases the actual apps. We have a 2012 Nexus 7 in the office which is running the latest update and have not experienced any of the problems that other users are reporting.

Have you had any issues with Android 4.4.2?


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  1. Ibraze Rafiq says:

    My nexus 4 1) restarts suddenly 2) Bluetooth does’nt search other devices properly 3) early battery drain. Hoping for a fix from team google.

  2. Vlad says:

    As far as the apps dissapearing from the home screen that’s been happening since 4.2
    It will only happen to apps that have permission changes I’ve noticed.

  3. WW says:

    I have both Nexus 7 (FHD) and Nexus 4. I have Android version 4.4.2 on both devices. Both Nexus devices stopped connecting to my Windows-7 devices (laptops and desktops); I cannot even charge the Nexus devices from USB connected to my Windows-7 devices; and my camera and HOME button on my Nexus 4 has had issues like the ones described.

  4. vivek shah says:

    The dialer of nexus 4 has become to laggy after update to 4.4.2 as whenever you dial any number the screen takes atleast 3 seconds to get the usual screen of dial and when you disconnect the phone it takes same time to get back to main screen..kindly fix this issue.might others may not facing this problem…

  5. Pjrisin says:

    I just got the Nexus 5 32GB running 4.4.2 and have not noticed any of the mentioned issues. I have had Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Note 2, S3, S4, Galaxy Mega and now the Nexus 5. Hands down the best phone and best operating system I have used. Love this goofy phone

  6. Karthik Raju R says:

    Phone restarts all of a sudden, OK Google hotword not working since the first Kit Kat update, Phone crashes every time I use Google music, Mobile network its floppy etc…

  7. hans says:

    No problemen on all my Nexus devices; S, Galaxy 4 and 7.
    4.4.2 only means 32 hrs on a battery charge and ons the Google Play update lands likely more.
    So like the software from Google.

  8. Goos says:

    I have Nexus 4 and I’m very happy with Kitkat in all the versions (now I have 4.4.2). I didn’t have any problem with Kitkat. With all new versions of an OS there are some apps that aren’t 100% compatible, but this is solved with new versions of apps appearing every day. I’m delighted with Kitkat and I have installed the Nexus 5 launcher, that runs great and I have a new home screen with Google now and I can use OK Google in every home screen. It’s a great OS and who complains is just a fool.

    1. Bryan says:

      name calling just because you are too insecure to handle the truth is rude. You may be ok with your particular phone and configuration but others are obviously having problems. Maybe you should spend some time with yours and report back when you have something further to add.

  9. joe says:

    I have a Nexus 5 on Sprint in the US. I and many others do not receive notices when we have a voicemail. It’s a deal killer. Also, you are forced into Hangouts as your default texting app. The icon does not show you have a new text.

  10. Rohan M says:

    Just cant understand whats hpnin wid d fone lately. The phone app stops workin. The sound stops workin.. It calls d favourite numbers just by itself and trust me thats not good at many times.. The major ones gets solved by restarting but it keeps callin itself that wont go.. Its high time google comes up with a big free update. It was good initially and even wid d first update. Bt 4.4.2 did all the crap. Please let know if any of u facin similar issues

  11. Minuetin says:

    I have a Nexus 4, and it has issues with app connections – I can receive calls and emails with wifi, but game apps and netflix it cannot connect. Even using the mobile connection I still cannot use apps that live link to the internet. this just changed within the last week; i haven’t update or anything different for over a month. What gives? Get on it, google

  12. opir says:

    Patchy WiFi connections since the update. Work connection was fine before, but not it comes and goes. Work cell with an older version connects without issue

  13. Mahesh says:

    I can’t see the caller’s name or number while receiving a call. Home screen is visible but the phone rings.. And nothing else works till the caller hangs up. This has been happening since the software update.

  14. Santhosh says:

    For every call that I attend after disconnecting the call the volume automatically goes down and shows on screen during disconnect. For every time I need to keep raising the volume button.

  15. Allen Casaletto says:

    My phone will go blank, and i can’t get it to come back to life unless i hold power down for about ten seconds. i can then reboot and the problem disappears for a few days

  16. big bear says:

    Nexus 7 issues with 4.4.2: Very slow start up versus 4.3. Drop down menues don’t stay on the screen _ for example when you tap on “settings” in the upper right of the screen _ the drop down only stays on screen if you hold on the “settings” – thus it’s a two finger operation – very unhandy! I think an iPad may be in my future! Google obviously has poor development quality control!

  17. KaY-9 says:

    4.4.2 draining my battery power in 6 or less hours. I dont even have to be on my device and my battery will drain itself. Now I’m not one to post and complain but this shyt is getting annoying. Google needs to do something bout this. Another update is needed, One that fixes this prob and doesn’t bring upon others Pronto. Ain’t nobody got time for that. DWAMN!!!

  18. Desmond says:

    Nexus 5,4.4.2 – screen blanks out when dialing out or answering a call.With headset inserted or speaker phone on,the screen is back to normal.Any ideas why this is happening,anyone ? Thx.

  19. Andy Frobig says:

    My Nexus 4 with Kitkat 4.4.2 has calling problems. Often I get a call, can’t hear the caller. Sometimes when this happens, I hang up and go to call the caller back, but the phone asks if I want to “resume current call.” If I say yes, it takes me back to the call screen and it says “Hanging Up,” sometimes several minutes after I hang up…the call is definitely not still in progress, but the app is tied up so I can’t place another call. Restart is the only way out of this. Sometimes I pick up when the phone rings, and the call ends immediately. I never thought of just switching to speaker, but apparently this works for some people. I don’t remember having these problems before Kitkat.

  20. Christine D says:

    My nexus 4, after the 4.4.2 kitkat update, is now losing data signal constantly throughout the day. Going from H to 3G to absolutely no signal, over and over all day. On top of that, it shuts off and is difficult to run again, with high pitched screeching noises every time it all of a sudden shuts off. Once I finally get it on again, by plugging it into the charger (with a full battery indication, because I just took it off the charger) the wallpaper main screen is either zoomed in or completely changed to the factory bubbles live screen. I’ve contacted google, and all they said was for me to factory reset, I did that but no change. So, I then wrote them back and their response was for me to take it to my third party whom I bought it from. I bought my phone from google, which confused me. so now I’m stuck with no phone at all for longer than maybe 5 minutes, on time, and paying over $100.00 a month on services. Not impressed, this phone isn’t even 2 years old yet. I’m still an android lover, but not sure if i can fork out $500.00 (all included) again for a phone that will break when the next update comes along.

  21. Siddharth Kathuria says:

    I still have Android Jelly Bean running on my Nexus 4. Do I have to take backup of all my data and apps if I update it to Kitkat 4.4.2 through the official update that have been rolled out to my phone by Google ? Plz help

  22. TabbyBoy says:

    I’ve had the new Nexus 7 for 3 months and it’s been driving me mad. Here’s some of the problems:

    Backlight bleed along edge where front camera is.
    WiFi cuts out every 2-3min and signal is week with router only 2m away!
    Home screen icons disappear on their own.
    USB port is poor and has gone sloppy.
    Battery life 5hrs if I’m careful.
    Blue patch in middle of screen.
    Home button unresponsive in portrait mode.
    Rubber case fits very badly.

    And…. I had to go through 2 previously to get one this good! Don’t read reviews as I think Google/Asus are paying them backhanders. This is a very poor product and I’m looking forward to returning the 3rd failure out of 3 and get an iPad Mini Retina (what I actually wanted originally but, too impatient to wait) at long last. I don’t care what anyone says, Asus don’t know what quality is and Android is even worse than Windows! You can’t fault Apple’s quality and support.

  23. Beavis says:

    Battery life, won’t sync to pc, dropped calls, freezing and rebooting……. How about an OTA rollback option to JB. This is freakin annoying. Tried factory reset, no better.

  24. Disappointed says:

    Major Disappointment. I decided to buy into the Nexus program and since the Kit-Kat updates, I can no longer use Bluetooth devices in cars. They seem to work OK in the house though, oddly enough. I tried factory resets, no luck. I did discover that disabling wi-fi seems to restore bluetooth functionality. I also have had my bluetooth “lock up” a time or two and had to reboot the phone to restore. Biggest issue for me is I can no longer use my phone hands-free while driving. Google cust service was equally disappointing. I am starting to wonder what Google’s legal responsibilities are for ruining a perfectly good product and not taking immediate steps to fix it. This has been way too long.

  25. Disappointed says:

    I should have said in my comment below, Bluetooth devices lose their connections and reconnect, over and over again when driving. This includes integrated Bluetooth built in to the car, a pebble watch, a Bluetooth headset, etc.
    After reading some other comments, I am wondering if I have other problems and just haven’t noticed since I don’t ever connect my phone to my pc, etc. I have experienced a few of the things mentioned but I assumed the cause was other than the phone.

  26. Mack says:

    Kitkat 4.4.2 has been a disaster for my Nexus 4. Bluetooth fails frequently and requires a reboot to be restarted. I listen to music on my motorcycle headset so this is a daily problem. Frequent hangs/reboots. Twice at night it has hung and my alarm has failed to go off. Google needs to communicate when help is on the way. I am looking at my girlfriend’s iPhone 5 with envy.

  27. Megan Grissom says:

    Nexus 4 updated a couple of months ago and noticed problems right away with the Bluetooth dropped and trying to reconnect especially during calls, not so much when listening to music. Slowly began to notice problems with the keyboard and so I decided to factory reset last night. Now my phone has no data capability unless connected to WiFi. I can still make and receive calls and text messages, but other than that I’m dead in the water. Kitkat is the worst thing that has even happened to my phone. Loved my phone and the stock Android experience before and now I’m hating my phone completely. I can’t believe that there has not been a fix to all these problems.

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