Galaxy S4, S3 Android 4.3 update problems rumble on


Towards the end of last year Samsung released some Android updates for a few of its flagship handsets that caused users a number of issues, which eventually saw the firmware pulled before resuming a few weeks later. Now despite the apparent fixes the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 the Android 4.3 update problems rumble on.

The so called fixed Android 4.3 Jelly Bean updates for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 have been available for a while now, and the update we have on our GT-I9300 unlocked version of the handset has been performing well.

It seems though that for many users of both the S3 and S4 are still experiencing a number of problems that includes a patchy Wi-Fi connection, high battery drain, phone freezing, and a crashing web browser among some of the issues being faced.

Many of our readers have commented about the problems with a number of them owning handsets on US carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Many of the comments we are receiving have come in during the last day or two despite the promised fixes by the carriers and Samsung.

It makes you wonder if the problems with the update are centred on carrier versions of the handsets, but hopefully a fix is around the corner at least for Galaxy S4 owners. The Android 4.4 KitKat update was recently leaked for the handset and has begun rolling out to owners of the Galaxy Note 3 in some regions.

So owners of the affected Samsung smartphones may have to wait until Android 4.4 KitKat has been released for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3, and hopefully this time we won’t see the same issues that have plagued the Android 4.3 firmware.

Are you still having problems with the Android 4.3 update?


104 thoughts on “Galaxy S4, S3 Android 4.3 update problems rumble on”

  1. India (TN) says:

    I recently updated my Galaxy S3 (gt-i9300) with 4.3 on the air. I noticed two problems.. 1) fast battery drain especially in standby mode. i earlier experienced this same problem with 4.1.1 update. 2)Multi window option remain frozen. it’s icon always looks half lit. i can neither turn it on nor turn it off. Actually Multiwindow feature is not working after 4.3 update.

  2. Chris J. Popp says:

    Since the update, the phone freezes up and more annoyingly will go into mute mode while the screen is off… but you can’t pull it out of mute.

  3. maforduk says:

    I live in the UK and i’m with 3 (Three) Network. Since installing v4.3 I have had nothing but problems. I have contacted my Network who stated that I need to contact Samsung to which I done. They said that they were aware of the issue and would be releasing a fix next week. THIS WAS OVER A MONTH AGO! Still no fix, still having problems with my phone.

  4. Hong Kong says:

    Yes definitely I experienced problems on my S4 for about 2 weeks now. The battery drains in only about 4 hours and sometimes even when the battery says it has 82% charge, it will shut off and I can’t turn it on again. The only thing that will help is to connect the phone to an external charger, then I can power up again and it continues to work fine.

  5. Nitish says:

    I have updated my galaxy s3 and i also got some issues like battery drain out quickly and the the phone becomes a bit slow…… I used my phone and the whole day and in the night battery becomes 0% my phone is switched off automatically but when i used to charge it in the morning to turn it on its showing me 40% battery how it is possible

  6. L.Moore says:

    I have an AT&T Galaxy s3 i747 and I installed the update when it first came available a couple month back. I noticed some glitches such as displaying notifications for older down loads and several of my apps ran very slow but the bigest problems are wifi connection is very poor, the battery drains very quickly and when I connect to kies via usb on my computer I now get a notice that states “your devices current firmware version is not supported tp update firmware via kies” I have done a factory reset and it cleared out the minor glitches but the wifi, battery usage, and kies update issues are still happening. I have tried updating kies on my computer ajd that still didnt help. Kies recognizes my phone snd will let me do everything on kies except ccheck for any updates so now I am only able to update ,y phone OTA. I am at my witts end, I wish they would just send out an OTA update patch that would fix all these problems.

      1. Captain says:

        Anyone that has had an iPhone and switched to an Android regrets it. I am one of those. The only thing positive I can say about my Verizon S3 is that it survives repeated bounces of walls. Dear Mr. Potato Head. Grow up. He’s just stating his opinion which is shared by many. You’re the one who is coming off as “stupid”. Stick that in your spud gun and shoot it.

  7. Chuck Church says:

    Yes, my Verizon S4 has been flakey with the 4.3 update, and even with the post 4.3 update Verizon released in early December. Wi-Fi is only issue, but for me it’s unusable. It’ll disconnect frequently, and just stay in a non-connected state (doesn’t fail back to 4G). Home or power buttons won’t wake up phone when it’s in this disconnected state, keyboard won’t respond. So phone calls are unanswerable. I’m not sure what kind of QA they do for Wi-Fi, but it’s pretty miserable.

  8. zl says:

    Having problems with text message app icon showing I have a new message when I dont, even after deleting my messages it still shows I have one on the icon.

  9. Becky Ryberg says:

    Same problems as everyone else has stated. Biggest is WIFI connection. I’M SICK OF THIS PROBLEM AND PLEASE GET FIX DONE NOW…… I have gone over my data usage and had to pay extra because I keep getting a message on my phone that my internet is unstable. Samsung would you like to pay my bill and overages since you can’t get it fixed.

  10. S3-No Available update of 4.3 says:

    I am from India and own a S3 with baseband version I9300XXEMA5. I have
    been trying daily to check the update for 4.3 but still the update is
    not available for this version. Can anyone tell me when this baseband
    version will be getting the 4.3 update.

  11. morgan says:

    Since the up date my phone will not conect to wifi at all unless i turn off my mobile data. This has been a huge problem. Even if my mobile data is off i still have to manuly have to log into already saved wifi. It needs to be fixed!!!! This is a huge glich that is now costing me losts of money in my data usage when i should be conecting to wifi instead of the 4g networks…grrr!!!!

  12. karthik says:

    i am from bangalore, india. myphone is acting weird. screen automatically activates, battery has swollen which now has to be replaced. that sucks. i had high hopes for the phone and samsung. it makes me doubtful about buying a s5 now

  13. ian Crawford says:

    Im still on 4.1.2 version…..it says all updates are applied but if this is so then why don’t i have 4.3 hmmmm its a s3 gt19305 which is the LTE model….any ideas

  14. Tabitha McElroy Tate says:

    I have had issues from day one after the 4.3 update. So far Verizon wants me to do a factory reset which I do not prefer. Plus I have read that people have done that and their phones still have issues. My phone is basically useless right now. The battery drain is just tragic. I can not talk long or text much. Forget about using apps. I hope they fix this asap! What is the point of having this phone if you can not operate the functions WITHOUT turning everything off that you bought the phone for in the first place. Frustration is an understatement.

  15. Stephanie Vega says:

    I have the s3 with verizon. Ever since the update my phone has not been performing well at all. For starters my flash just blinks on and off for absolutely no reason. I have been into the settings and checked and unchecked the option for this. My text messages and missed calls icon constantly shows I have a text (or 12) or missed call for hours after I have checked them and or read them. There is a huge lag in everything from going into apps to just swiping from one screen to another. Apps freeze at times, sometimes I can’t even open apps. Battery drain has doubled I used to be able to go most of the day without a charge with normal game/talk/text/online use. As soon as I updated it was cut in half. Most days it just stays on the charger unless I have to leave. I can wake up in the morning to 100% and check the weather, facebook, text messages which takes maybe five minutes and my battery is down to 80% I have removed any and all apps I do not use often and this did not help. I have tried taking the battery out and also one site recommended a safe mode start which I did and that too did nothing to help. I am dreading to do a factory reset but it maybe the only thing I haven’t tried. Although reading some comments on here it may not help. UGGGG the only thing I like about this update is the new “Block” feature because from what I read verizon was the only one that didn’t already have that option it is new to me and I love that. I seriously hope they fix this soon, I used to love my phone and now I just want to throw it through a wall. 🙁

  16. Aljodeen says:

    I updated my Note II to android 4.3 and ever since its one fustration after the other. The other day I had to save a number, so I whipped out my fon and BOY!! From the time to unlock and get to dialler and saving the number, it took almost 30secs. I mean HOW?? Does Samsung think we are joking here?? I mean I might as well go for a Nokia 3210 and use. So so annoying. Don’t even know if the apps are not properly cached for quick access or the Samsung’s tech guys are just being $@#/@$$^#@#$@.

  17. Bright and breezy says:

    I don’t understand the technical stuff you mention, but since the latest download, the following has been causing me problems with my Galaxy S4:
    Wi if connection unstable (it isn’t)
    Camera won’t zoom in this mode – can’t change the mode
    Deleted emails keep appearing in my inbox
    Corrupted SD card
    Contacts missing
    What is happening? Any ideas what I can do to rectify?
    Thank you for listening.

  18. Waseem says:

    I’ve been waiting to update my phone for the last 3 months, today it has just updated and ‘m missing a few features such as the ripple effect and the ability to set lock screen widgets. I have a Galaxy S3 LTE. I’ve also been texting one of my friends and his name was displayed there, now its dissappeared? i did the update OTA im trying through kies now.

  19. irunnotdiet says:

    When I get a txt message or phone call while my music is playing, it won’t restart playing at the end of the call or after the text message notification. I appreciate being able to change my music from the front of the screen though 🙂

  20. ssbird says:

    I can’t download music or use Facebook or anything that uses a lot of data on WiFi. I wish they would just let us go back to the old one it worked fine. I loved my s3 if they don’t fix it soon I will never own another samsung. Its funny because at first I thought it was ju st my phone but my husband has the same phone and the same problems

  21. Zenos says:

    My GS3 is basically a piece of crap after this update. Deleted all of my photos from the last year and a few months, it also is really slow and unresponsive.

  22. Arnie Kuenn says:

    Nothing but problems since i got the update on Jan 9. Sync does not work, battery drains in a few hours, many apps lock up. i am so pissed that i did the upgrade and no way to go back. My phone is practically unusable now.

  23. Brian says:

    I had the 4.3 update on my SGS4 before Christmas and my battery life has significantly increased! However, my Wi-Fi cuts in and out all the time, so I have to keep an eye on it to make sure I am not chewing up my 2GB mobile data when I am at home.

  24. Forewarned says:

    Anyone know how to keep from having to opt out of this damaging update every morning when I start my phone? Fortunately for me, I was warned beforehand about this damaging update. Unfortunately, every morning I’m greeted with a prompt that wants me to schedule the damaging update for a later time if I don’t want to ruin my phone now. There is no option to tell it I don’t want to ruin my phone now or in the future by using their update.

  25. jeanfor says:

    Got the update on January 19th and I have no issue at all. Updated two phones. It is much faster. Multi window does works properly, wifi is fine, battery is fine. ATT

  26. Cohutta Photography says:

    Got the update a few days ago for my S3. Went from NO WiFi problems to very flaky WiFi performance. 🙁
    I am on Verizon and even when I have wonderful signal strength on my home router, WiFi will not work because it says the speed is low. 🙁

  27. Steven M. Baer says:

    My Samsung Verizon Note 3 got the WIFI instability problem recently. It did not have it in October when I bought it new. The problem appears to be caused by an Android 4.3 update in November. I tried all the cookbook fixes, unchecking boxes, etc, but they did nothing. For me, turning off the Bluetooth was the only thing that worked. I have written Samsung and the FCC to complain.

    1. Barb B says:

      My problem with wifi seems to be just at secured home network so far- I get “authentication error occurred” when trying to connect, even after removing and adding back. I certainly didn’t change our security password- it just won’t recognize it?

      1. Steven M. Baer says:

        Each case seems to be slightly different. I have two secured home networks. My Note 3 attached easily to either but (starting recently) had the WIFI instability problem, even with very strong signals. My Android tablet (not 4.3) worked perfectly with both. There is an active Bluetooth device (Pansonic phone) that my Note 3 it also mates well with. But when the Note 3 Bluetooth is on, it causes the WIFI instability.

        I took my Note 3 to another site and left the Bluetooth on (but with nothing to mate with). It worked perfectly as it should. So for my Note 3, it seems to be the Bluetooth mating that ruins the WIFI stability. But, I have had comments from others that turning off the WIFI has no impact.

        I have not heard back yet from the President/CEO of Samsung US. Nor have I received the 4.4 update (its still in Europe). I will sit tight a few more weeks, assuming that one or the other of these will fix it.

        I have tried all the cookbook fixes and unchecked boxes, removed battery, rebboted etc, without any success. Based on what I have read, I AM DEFINITELY NOT going to try any of the more drastic ideas that wipe out data and settings.

  28. David G says:

    I just recently updated to Android 4.3. I fortunately do not suffer from the wi-fi problems nor the battery draining. But what I unfortunately have is a problem with my messaging system. I can no longer receive group messages in threads. Instead they are no individual messages from the person sending. Along with this I can only message one person in the group message. The other people do not receive it. It is a hassel to handle and is quite a troublesome thing. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem but I would very much like it to be resolved.

      1. David G says:

        I have done that and it has not changed. I contacted Samsung 3 times and they said that’s the way it is now from the update. I aslo went to a Best Buy and reflashed it. Nothing changed with the messaging.

  29. Amy Hopkins says:

    My 4.3 update is absolutely full of problems. The most irritating of the rather extensive list is that of the Gallery; the new photo viewing is full of glitches and never lets me slide down to see my photos. It either selects multiple, or clicks to enlarge the photo. Horrendous.
    Also, the software is generally lagging, never opening on time or crashing more than it used to. This is very distressing as my Galaxy s3 is only a year old, and I use it for fast and efficient networking.

  30. preston allen says:

    my camera was jacked up after the update on my gs4 had to reset my phone and still nothing hope they fix the problem whatever it my be cause i had a enough but will not change back to apple…

  31. WPDjr says:

    Yes, I have started having all of the issues you mentioned above on my S4; periodic freezes/black screen, high battery drain, warm body, and erratic wi-fi issues. I hope this gets fixed SOON. I bought this phone because of the great reviews last spring and summer. Now, I feel like I’m back to all the issues I was having with my old Motorola phone.

  32. abcat01 says:

    My S3 is practically useless since the update. WiFi drops constantly, all aps are lagging or freezing. None of the suggested fixes so far have helped.

  33. Bradley s says:

    My phone keeps locking up. When I finally pulled battery out to restart it, now says safe mode in bottom left corner. How do I get that to go away?

  34. Steely says:

    Updated my phone 2 days ago, and now unable to use the wifi at home, on a system that says I have a super connection, but keeps disapling saying slow internet speeds, how do I roll back the update?

  35. Roy says:

    I am using the unlocked international model of S3 (GT-I9300) in the USA, carrier is T-Mobile. It’s still running on Android 4.1.2. Why isn’t the 4.3 update available for my phone yet?

  36. Hayley says:

    I just sent my phone off for repair not knowing it was because of the update!! My battery life was appalling and wouldnt even charge about 50% over night!! I cannot connect to the internet outside of wifi and even on wifi it can be slow! The apps are incredibly slow but I didnt realise until now how bad because of reading the below comments!!! when will this update fix come in? I got my phone back yesterday and the problems are still in place so at least I know it wasnt my phone but the update!!! what a waste of time”!!!

    1. pbk says:

      Yes, i am an S3 user, even i am having the same issue, i am from India, we got the update recently, after it got updated battery life is horrible… even to charge the battery to 100% sometimes it take the whole day.. Keeping the device idle so consumes a lot….:'(.

      1. Sachin says:

        I am Facing the same problem in INDIA after updating my s3. All apps are pretty much slow. very slow mobile now as comparison to past. please suggest whit to do next?

  37. Tom Doyle says:

    Since the update:
    My internet connection on wifi is always unstable
    My phone states that my earphones are plugged in – they’re not.
    apps crash contantly
    Disgusted to be honest. Paid a fortune for the s4 only for Samsung to pass on a dodgy update. If I had downloaded an update off a dodgy website I’d be told it was a virus or malware – terrible when the malware is given to you by the provider!

  38. Alan says:

    I swear to God, I knew it was a bad idea to perform that update. I just kept punting the 4.3 update from the time it went OTA until I finally decided to accept it yesterday. There was *nothing wrong* with my S3 prior to the update; everything behaved as expected and desired.

    After the update, my sound intermittently and unexpectedly drops even though I’m not muted; a reboot is required to bring sound back.

    My network connection intermittently and unexpectedly drops;a reboot is required to bring data back.

    The real kicker is that right now, as I type this, my screen is frozen for the first time ever. All buttons unresponsive. Had to pull the battery for the first time ever.

    CRAP! This was obviously either untested before it went over the air or a QA team needs to be fired.

    1. Alan says:

      The only thing that appears to have gotten better is the facial recognition on the lock screen. I’ve had a tough time habituating, but as soon as the OTA update came in, it has no trouble identifying my face.

      …whoopty-frickin’ do. What.A.Trade!

  39. lefteercs says:

    Made the mistake of installing the update when I had some down time thinking that I was going to be forced to do so at an inconvenient time as were a few of my co-workers. I’m freezing up nearly once a day & never has one in 18 months prior to the upgrade. Battery life has never been great. It’s no better but no worse. I WAS thinking about upgrading to S4 or S5 when that becomes available but the lack of response to this issue from Samsung has me wondering whether I should go to an iPhone. Apple’s not perfect but they eventually respond. According to what I’ve read, this OS was over six months ago, problems were reported shortly thereafter and there is STILL no fix!?

  40. Kawo says:

    Samsung S3 user in the UK with unlocked version of the phone, received the 4.3 (MK6 version) 19th December and had problems since. Samsung’s only reply is do a factory reset. It hasn’t worked, phone is only 9 months old and I still have 15 months left of my contract with a phone that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

  41. Leonard C. Chadwick says:

    Galaxy S3 user in the US on AT&T and having a boatload of issues, but primarily battery drain (15% drain within 1st hour off charge) and RAM issues (typically stuck at 85-90% of RAM with very little use). I get the wake up lag. I get the bluetooth connectivity issue. My wifi issues have actually gotten better since 4.3 but think that has more to do with the wifi at work than the phone (it was sucking hard after a server update they ran here). All in all, I am very unhappy and (gasp) considering an iPhone. I just want Samsung/google/AT&T to fix my phone.

  42. Mani P says:

    I tried a factory reset after taking a back up and un mounting my sd card. On reset there was no reset as I learnt later but surprise the battery drain issues seems resolved. I don’t why. Others can try with nothing to lose except spend time downloading the many apps.

  43. JMD says:

    I got the new update on my S3 this weekend and immediately began to notice massive battery drain. The battery drains quickly when left to idle, drains even faster when I use it, and charges very, very slowly. The phone itself runs much slower as well. I’ve also had other annoyances with the new software. It updated google maps to the new version (which I hate) and won’t let me uninstall updates like I did when I previously updated maps. So far the update has meant major phone problems and the only good new feature I’ve noticed is a slightly nicer clock.

  44. opollo says:

    Before update it was perfect, now its goosed. I have a unlocked s3:
    Battery life is abismal even though I’ve a bigger sized one.
    Wifi always complains that its unstable.
    Freezes when running apps.
    Camera option greyed out, can’t use flash.
    4×3 keyboard missing.

    I want Samsung to admit they’ve messed up, I want my phone back that I had bought.
    What annoys me is that there was no option to never download update, it just kept pestering me to download the update.

  45. Frank Theplank says:

    Multi screen not working. Feels sluggish when loading. Email Sometimes gets stuck on refresh. Wifi turned off for no reason yesterday?! And more… In uk on stock rom…
    Was hoping app updates would help but nope! I always wait with new updates but this time i stupidly thought as they had a good track record I’ll do it – Argh!

  46. Tidiane says:

    cannot use it anymore after the update. Done the upgrade in France. now the phone would not get a network. and of course has a fuzzy wifi connexion. done with trademark

  47. Me2uall says:

    I’m dumbfounded that a organisation the size & wealth built upon communication finds it so hard to admit, apologise & rectify such a bad VALUE customer experience . Until my update approx 3 weeks ago my Galaxy Note2 worked like a dream. Battery life is a major spec(for most owners) as well as the unique selling point at the time of purchase of multi tasking windows now both completely shot. I don’t want to factory reset, back up or switch off obscure functions/settings that I didn’t know about and worked fine until the so called update. Correct us if wrong but shouldn’t the experience upgraded not degraded the handset. Adding applications that can not be un-installed is very worrying. HOW? Could this have been allowed when according to most reports exactly the same issues arose in December 2013. All we are left with is trawling the net hoping for more than hearsay of a possible Kit -Kit 4.4 solution. What a complete and utter let down!!!

  48. Kommento says:

    Updated my Galaxy SIII to 4.3 yesterday and after unpacking and installing, the phone is in a completely frozen state after splashscreen. Nothing I’ve tried has helped solving this problem.

  49. DelhiCalifera . says:





  50. Sachin says:

    I am Facing the problem in INDIA after updating my s3, All apps are
    pretty much slow now. very slow mobile as comparison to past. please
    suggest what to do next?

  51. Mark says:

    this is unebelievable! how on earth can such a large scale software provider consistently produce such shocking updates? just updated firmware to 4.3 and problem after problem since. utterly frustrating! and really, do I have to put up with this until kitkat? which may have its own problems. Dear oh dear 🙁

  52. Eric says:

    Verizon S3 – non stop problems! Enormous battery drain, sluggish opening/closing apps and screen on/off, lock screen issues, poor Wi-Fi connectivity, RAM and CPU usage are both up, terrible GPS locating especially in google’s navigation, web browser freezes or crashes or offers dead links, calendar glitches, not to mention FoxFi doesn’t work anymore but that’s probably intentional. S3 made me a huge Samsung fan a year ago, but rapidly changing my opinion…

    1. pics says:

      My s4 is doing the same and acting retarded…
      Starting to hate cell phones period and go back in the day
      Where no one had a cell phone…..it was so much easier and less stress right?
      Damn piece of crap…sorry venting
      Take care and good luck

  53. AJ says:

    In Alberta canada with bell….really pissed about this update and this is the only place where I got answers to what was wrong with my phone! Ill have to wait a few weeks and do extensive research before each update from now on… way to go samsung, I switched from apple for this very same problem and I guess your software isn’t any better.

  54. MEP88 says:

    This whole thing is crap! My Galaxy III had no issues connecting to WiFi until the last update from Samsung. Then it would not connect to WiFi after this latest update from Samsung that could not be aborted. I looked at numerous forums and then switched off the mobile data which has been running for the last year with the WiFi and with no problems. WiFi immediately connected when the mobile data button was turned off. I have turned mobile data on and off several times with WiFi coming on each time it is off and WiFi disappearing each time it is on. This is crap – now I have to change the mobile data button everywhere that I am not connected to WiFi which is all over the place because I travel to many different places each day for work and rely heavily on getting my e-mail all the time. Is it just a coincidence that I got a notice from my carrier that I am eligible for a FREE upgrade simply for signing a new 2-year contract? By the way, I stuck the sim card in an old HTC One and it connected to WiFi with no problem. I may have to switch back to that phone unless Samsung gets this fixed in the next few days!

  55. archaictext says:

    So we get an article, that Samsung isn’t going to care about, with no info on how to fix these issues, just a place to complain to each other about them. Cool.

  56. adam riozzi says:

    I am having a nightmare….I am on the verge of buying an iphone 5….because they JUST WORK. Seriously fed up..I actually MISSED A PHONECALL because my s3 was TOO SLOW SHOWING THE SCREEN TO ANSWER….

  57. Jen Struk says:

    I have the Note 3 thru T-Mobile. I just got the 4.4.2 KitKat update and regrettably have been experiencing nothing but problems since…severe batt drain where prior it was excellent, the lock screen stays black when u press the power button, so I can’t get it to respond and bring up my screen to type password in! The camera is suddenly dog slow….it takes a photo then takes 5 seconds to “process” so I am not able to quickly get shots of the kids and dogs like I could before bcuz it takes so long….and it is just really really slow…and freezes randomly or crashes doing everything from web browsing to email. I use my phone for EVERYTHING and have been a loyal Android user since the G1 (I worked in T-Mobile Customer Care for 4 years) I had the Note 2 last year and was so happy with it, I opted for the new version again this year. I have never received an update that had this many issues and I am extremely disappointed. This is arguably one of the best, most capable and most expensive devices on the market right now. It was functioning great before the update. To release an update that basically trashes my excellent device is, in a word: unacceptable.

  58. India says:

    I upgraded my S3 yesterday, it was working just fine for a couple of hours. Now I can’t use the facebook app and google play with my wifi but I can use it with my mobile data. Facebook cannot be opened even on the browser. It is freaking annoying! 🙁

  59. anjikanji says:

    bought Samsung 4s 2 weeks ago. few days ago updated to kitkat. yesterday started freezing, have to turn phone on and off. today can’t adjust screen resolution on internet pages by thumb and finger so can’t read smaller text. what next?

  60. Cliff Chan says:

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  61. azam says:

    After the freaking update my wifi has gone off completely… it doesn’t turn on anytime…I have even reset my mobile couple of times but still no use… this update is the worst thing that happened to my phone… i swear!!!

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