iPad Mini Retina vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0


We’ve known for some time that a new range of Samsung Galaxy Tab devices were on the way. The Galaxy Tab 4 range was made official a few days ago, and today we want to look at the Apple iPad mini Retina vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 in a video comparison that looks at the highlights of each.

The iPad mini Retina (aka iPad mini 2) was released in November last year and the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 will release at some point in Q2, so there may not be too long to wait now. Some US readers may be interested to hear that a Verizon variant of the Tab 4 8.0 has just passed the FCC, and it’s thought that it will become available at the same time as the international version.

The YouTube video that we’re bringing you today comes from Total Tech War and you can view it below this story. This is not a full specs review but particularly focuses on the strongest aspects of each tablet when compared with the other. This is a good idea if particular factors of a device are more important to you than others, and may help to make it clear as to which tablet would be the best for your requirements.

iPad mini 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 b

The video begins with listing the more superior factors of the iPad mini Retina over the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0, and shows 10 aspects in total. Just a few of these are faster graphics, a 45% larger battery, and direct updates. It continues by showing the better factors of the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 when opposed to the iPad mini Retina, with 8 aspects listed. Some of these include its cheaper price, more RAM, and microSD support.

When you’ve checked out the video below we’d be interested to hear your thoughts on these two tablets. Are you more likely to choose the iPad mini Retina or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0?


3 thoughts on “iPad Mini Retina vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0”

  1. Michael says:

    This is a pointless comparison, people looking to spend at the price of a iPad mini retina would choose between that and a Galaxy TabPro 8.4, not the one reviewed here which would be at the price range of the old iPad mini.
    The TabPro is already on sale today.
    Very odd product selection.

  2. Michael says:

    What do you mean with Direct Updates?
    Do you refer to all models being updated at the same time?
    Apple does not update all models, only some.
    And older models that do get updated get a hefty performance reduction, particularly so in the last update.
    On the balance of this is that Samsung sells many times more variations of its products, giving customers far more choice. This is much more important than having the exact same software as all other models (assuming the model you have even supports the new features).

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