Galaxy Note 4 specifications & features speculated


Up until recently the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was regarded by many to be the best Android smartphone available to consumers, but things move fast in the mobile world. The company will obviously be providing us with a new model later this year as the Galaxy Note 4 specifications and features are speculated.

We have heard a few rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and now a new report is looking at some of these along with a few more suggestions for the device, which include the device featuring 128GB of internal storage.

This needs to be taken with a pinch of salt though as the Galaxy S5 instead allows microSD cards up to the size of 128GB, but there is talk the new model will feature 4GB of RAM. This has been mentioned before given the fact that the company has revealed it is mass producing 4GB DDR3 DRAM units that are using the 20-nm manufacturing process.

There are also claims that the device will be dust and waterproof which has also been rumoured before and makes sense when you consider the Galaxy S5 now has this feature.

The Galaxy S5 also comes with a fingerprint scanner but this is rumoured to be replaced by better handwriting recognition which will be used for unlocking and locking of the handset, but this seems a little farfetched and you have to wonder if users would want to be bothered to have to write something on the display just to unlock the device.

On the display side of things the source is claiming that the Galaxy Note 4 will have an UHD AMOLED display at a 4K resolution, and we have heard the company confirm that it is working on such technology, but a 2K display is more likely.

Finally there are claims the device will be fitted with a 20.7-megapixel rear camera with OIS and running Android 4.5 straight out of the box, while powering the device is rumoured to be a battery between 3,600 mAH to 3,800 mAh costing under $800.

Do you think any of these rumours are accurate?

Source: Cnmo via G4Games.

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