iOS 7.1.1 problems mount following update


Ever since Apple first released its newly designed iOS 7 operating system late last year the platform has been beset with issues, but the iOS 7.1.1 problems begin to mount after users have downloaded and installed the update.

Apple released its latest version of the iOS firmware a few days ago but it quickly became apparent that things such as battery life were still poor for some iOS users, although others had said it had improved.

Now though some more serious problems are emerging with one iPhone 4 user reporting a bricked handset after updating to iOS 7.1.1. The Apple Support Communities is filling up with the various problems, with owners of the iPhone 5S, 5C, and iPhone 4S all reporting that the update has either bricked their handset or locked them out of the device.

It seems that iPad owners are also being hit with issues as well with some reports of users of various iOS devices losing stored data as well. Others have said that they don’t get a caller image since installing iOS 7.1.1.

Have you had any problems since installing iOS 7.1.1?


15 thoughts on “iOS 7.1.1 problems mount following update”

  1. Ed in Wisconsin says:

    Yes, my 4S has bricked after this week’s iOS update.. I tried the restore function via iTunes but get an error 3194.” (Apparently that error is sometimes associated with a jailbreaked phone, but that is not an issue with my phone). Tomorrow I have a Genuis Bar appointment with Apple. Let’s see if they can fix. Let’s see if they stand behind the problem they created with a faulty iOS update. If they claim “out of warranty” and “can’t be responsible,” I’ll need to seriously consider that the Apple legacy of reliability is gone. If reliability is shot with Apple & I get stuck paying for a new phone, I am seriously going to consider Android or (gasp) a Windows phone.

  2. Jh law says:

    Apple is always the super worst when talk about software..
    My iphone 5 battery become super fast drain even i use it 3 days per week since own it around 1 year half ago..apps get crash and many more problem..
    I wanna punch u in the face if i had a chance!

  3. Adam Watson says:

    My Game Center fails to connect my internet loses connection wasn’t like this on the old version I had so sort it now no point having a phone if I can’t connect takes forever to load pages as well wish you could find away to go back though iOS rubbish

  4. LJ says:

    Well my iphone 5s now has a complete mind of it’s own. Siri and voice
    control come up repeatedly without me even touching the phone. It keeps
    jumping from app to app as well and ringing people to it’s own accord.
    I’ve tried to restore my phone several times but it keeps telling me to
    restore it over and over again. I don’t know what to do!

  5. Xensen says:

    My iPad 2 is in recovery mode now and being wiped/restored by iTunes on my PC. It was fine before the update to 7.1.1, but never came back to life afterward. Now it’s a brick.

  6. Fanreader says:

    My iPhone 4 went into recovery mode. It took a lot of work to get it fixed using iTunes because it kept resetting itself. Due to a recent restore of my hard drive, I’m still recovering my files so I haven’t been able to restore all of my apps and such yet. My iPad initially did just fine with the update. However, day before yesterday, I found the battery fully drained and it fell into a persistent reboot cycle, refusing to fully charge. An hour ago, it stuck in recovery mode. With the amount of issues multiple users have experienced across the board on devices, Apple needs to get this buggy release patched quickly. I have no confidence that recovering the devices will resolve any issues at all – especially after my iPad was working just fine after the upgrade until the battery suddenly drained over-night.

  7. Superfrustrated says:

    iPhone 5 apps are nearly all junk since 7.1.1 update. Games dont load correctly anymore causing many to be unplayable. Battery pretty much sucks. These guys are just morons since Mr. Jobs died they only know how to put out garbage.

  8. Disgusted@Apple says:

    I have loved my apple products until recently. I have two 4s phones and one 5s as well as a new iPad. ever since the ios 7 update, I have had issues and 7.1.1 isn’t any better. One phone went into recovery mode and I never got my lost info back. Both phones now activate Siri when I press the home button to look at the screen and no I’m not holding the button down. I can press the button repeatedly with no avail on getting out of Siri. Then the phone will call a random number or facetime someone. sometimes it just locks up completely and I have to hard reset it. I also have lost the caller picture when a contact calls me, the picture is blurred out. THIS REALLY SUCKS!!! My household has been a devout Apple home but I’m really tired of the problems and non user friendly updates

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