HTC One M9 design sees changes


Despite the fact that the latest flagship handset from HTC has only just got out of the door it doesn’t stop thoughts turning to what could be coming next, and the HTC One M9 design that we have for you today sees changes.

We have already seen one concept phone idea of next year’s HTC One M9 and heard about the possible camera specifications for the device from the actual company, but today we have a new render of the handset by Ross White.

As you can see the Duo Camera set up has been replaced by a single unit although there is still dual LED flash support, and there looks to be quad front facing BoomSound speakers in place. You would have thought that next year’s device will see an increase in screen size along with a jump up in resolution.

Do you like the idea of quad front facing speakers?

Source: Concept Phones.


5 thoughts on “HTC One M9 design sees changes”

    1. Art says:

      It’s metal, I’m pretty sure of it.
      That’s where HTC succeeds at, there is no way they’d take plastic instead of aluminum.
      There may be an HTC One M9 Ace released in 2015 with a plastic body, though.

        1. Guy says:

          I too like this concept. The front facing camera is also in the middle instead of the corner making front facing pictures easier to take. Maybe if the HTC logo on the front was completely gone (sorry HTC, no product placement on your own phone) and the bottom speaker completely filled up the bottom, then it would be really good. Although, it might look a little odd with the bottom speaker being full and the top speaker being split in two…Opinions anybody?

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