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The next major Android OS update in the form of Android L was made official at Google I/O yesterday and many mobile device enthusiasts are eager to find out more. The Android L release makes its way to the public in fall but arrives as a developer preview today. Now we have a video to share that discusses the Android L update pros and cons, that we think our readership will find interesting.

We’ve already posted an article about Android L, with some of the new changes and features that are on the way, so please check that out here if you want more information. Below this post we’ve embedded a YouTube video from the team at Pocketnow that gives some good insight into both the postives and negatives of Android L.

It nicely condenses some of the main details of the Google I/O keynote regarding Android L, starting with one of the plus points, the new UI dubbed Material Design. It goes on to discuss another benefit of Android L in that it provides a unified experience for the OS across different devices including smartphones, tablets, wearables, TVs and more.

Another aspect talked about is Android Wear, which is a highly rated addition. The reviewer still feels there’s room for improvement with Android L though, and the latter part of the video includes some drawbacks and disappointments. These include ambiguity on the part of Google about which devices will get the update, and the lack of any mention of Google Glass.

Finally there’s still a big question about Nexus devices, with no new Nexus hardware being announced or plans for the future. On the whole though there’s plenty of positivity for Android L, but do you agree?

If you want to see more on Google I/O news you can check out some of our previous articles at the following links, on the Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and the Android One project. When you’ve checked out the video below for yourselves we’d like to know what you think about Android L. Are you impressed with what you’ve seen so far?


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  1. Felix Weber says:

    Honestly? Yes. Google I/O is always a huge thing for me, and I’d attend every year if I could. Android is my OS of choice, and I’d have a Chromebook if I could afford it. This is just the thing I’ve been hoping would come to Android since I saw ICS back in 2011, and one of the biggest draws of iOS has always been that unified look and feel on top of the well-related ecosystem. Android L looks to be taking everything I love about Android, blending in some of that unification I’ve been hoping for, and making a UI that’s more beautiful than anything I’ve seen from a competitor. I’m loving the new icons at the bottom of the screen.

    In all honesty, what I’ve seen at Google I/O this year has renewed my stagnating interest in consumer electronics, which was, and is again, a field I’d kill to work in.

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