Trademark filings reveal possible LG G3 variants


The LG G3 has received positive feedback both from media outlets that reviewed the phone, and from owners that rushed to grab one as soon as it became available. Just like last year, when the G2 was followed by a G2 Mini, we can bet on the fact that this year’s flagship, the G3, will most definitely be followed to the market by a mini variant. Some competitors already released or announced their miniature versions, with the HTC One mini 2 already being available, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini just recently announced. Sony is yet to make its X2 Compact official, but, judging by the praise (and specs) the Z1 Compact received, Sony is in a comfortable position where it might as well just skip a year; the phone is so strong that competitors are yet to catch up.

This year’s LG G3 Mini might have a new name, as we’re recently heard about a certain LG G3 Beat. Said G3 Beat would have a smaller screen than the one on the LG G3, but would be featuring rather beefy specifications. This exact LG G3 Beat made an appearance on the United States Trademark and Patent Office’s website, as the phone-maker is filing trademarks for this, and three other G3-related names.

The LG G3 Beat, as mentioned, might be a miniature version of some sort of the LG G3. Additional filings have been uncovered for G3 Vista, G3 Vigor, and G3 Lite.

While the G3 Beat could be easily predicted as the upcoming “mini”-phone, and the G3 Vista probably being a Verizon USA carrier version of some sort — as the LG G Vista is the G-Pro 2 Lite for Verizon — the situation is not so clear when it comes to the other two.

The LG G3 Lite could, or could not be, an alternative name for the G3 Beat (the mini version), and there’s no information on the G3 Vigor.

Of course, trademark filings are nothing uncommon; manufacturers often reserve a name (or a set of names), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those names will actually be used, or, if used, that said smartphones will ever see the light of day (as in get announced).

LG G3 Lite LG G3 Vigor LG G3 Vista

Source: USPTO
Via: PhoneArena

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