Samsung Tizen phone for India near to Diwali


There’s a certain amount of interest in the Tizen mobile operating system and earlier this year the Samsung Z Tizen smartphone was made official. Now it’s being reported that there will be at least one Samsung Tizen phone launch for India near to Diwali, and possibly even two.

Back in the summer we reported that a Galaxy S5 running Tizen was being tested by Samsung, following a listing for it that appeared on an Indian export site. However, the upcoming Samsung Tizen phones are more likely to be entry-level handsets. Reports from India suggest Samsung will be releasing a non-flagship smartphone running Tizen there in November.

So far two model numbers have been mentioned, SM-Z130E and SM-Z130H, so there’s a prospect of two handsets being launched within months. Specs for these handsets aren’t revealed but Samsung has already said that Tizen can run on devices with only 256MB of RAM, and this fits with budget handsets.

We’ll be following developments on this with interest as it’s always interesting to see further choices being introduced, and Samsung is a name that could persuade consumers to try a new smartphone with the alternative Tizen OS. We shall of course pass on further news to readers as we hear it.

Do you think you could be tempted to purchase a new low-end Samsung phone running the Tizen OS? Are you looking forward to hearing more about the SM-Z130E and SM-Z130H for India? We always appreciate hearing your comments so do send them in.

Source: IndiaTimes
Via: GSMArena

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