iPhone 7 and iOS 9 early expectations


The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just released in the usual blaze of publicity and iOS 8 also just released, but that won’t stop attention drifting towards the next iterations. We always enjoy thinking ahead to what may be offered in the future, so today we’re looking at iPhone 7 and iOS 9 early expectations.

The two new iPhones are making plenty of waves right now and selling in huge numbers, and many are excited to see Apple move into the phablet market with the iPhone 6 Plus, which should be viable competition to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. iOS 8 also became available to the public last week, and although there have been some reported problems the upgraded operating system has plenty of new features and improvements that many will appreciate.

So what can Apple bring to the table with the iPhone 7 and iOS 9 that will make people sit up and take notice? One of the things that many iPhone enthusiasts would like is a new and fresher design. Although we really like the new rounded edges to the iPhone 6 (please keep) and of course both models are larger in size than previous iPhones, we’d really like to see a revamp for the front of the phone that would give it a whole new look.

iPhone 7 and iOS 9 expectations b

When the iPhone 5S arrived it offered something news in the way of a fingerprint sensor, and so it was no surprise to see this kept for the iPhone 6. However, Apple needs to come up with some new mind-blowing features that would make the competition stop in its tracks. There has been some criticism in recent years that the iPhone is now lagging specs-wise behind top-flight Android phones, so that is also something that could be addressed.

As far as iOS is concerned we’ve been impressed by some of the new features that have arrived with iOS 8 this year, such as Continuity, Shazam integration, the new QuickType keyboard, the Health app, and Family Sharing. Many existing features have also been improved and next year we’d like to see further improvements to Apple Maps, home screen widgets and more. However, we also want to see even more in the way of new features, maybe with something so ground-breaking that we can’t even imagine it yet!

While these are just a few of the things we want to see with the 2015 iPhone and iOS 9, what we’d really like to know is what you hope for in the way of new hardware, features and improvements. What are your expectations for the iPhone 7 and iOS 9?

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