iOS 8.0.2 review on iPhone 5 and 4S


Many readers will have been pleased to hear of the release of iOS 8.0.2 a few days ago. This followed various issues being reported with iOS 8 and subsequently iOS 8.0.1 as well. The latest update is supposed to have contained bug fixes for some of the areas of concern, and now we have an iOS 8.0.2 review on the iPhone 5 and also the iPhone 4S.

Earlier today we told about a variety of problems that are now being noted since the latest 8.0.2 update. It remains to be seen whether they are widespread or isolated issues, and we’ll need to wait at least a few more days until we have more of an idea on this. In the meantime it’s always interesting to see some initial reviews of an update and so below this story we’ve embedded two brief video reviews of iOS 8.0.2.

The first YouTube review takes place showing the update on the iPhone 5 and it begins by noting that this is a small update with fixes. As this is the case there’s not too much to show but it does offer some interesting snippets of insight. For example, the review discusses the fact that with iOS 8 it has been the iPhone 4S that has struggled, so with iOS 9 next year it could be the iPhone 5 that doesn’t cope very well. It goes on to talk about the new widgets and how they are likely to slow down the system over time. It also shows the Launcher for quick access to apps and more, and the countdowns widget.

iOS 8.0.2 review on iPhone 5 and 4S b

The second YouTube video below is an iOS 8.0.2 review on the iPhone 4S. As you can imagine it covers the same kind of ground as the first review, but this is perhaps more interesting as it was the iPhone 4S that was reported to be sluggish and suffering lag after iOS 8. The reviewer notes that the iPhone 4S still has some lag and isn’t anywhere near as fast as the iPhone 5, and this appears to contradict recent reports that this issue has been largely resolved with 8.0.2.

It shows how it takes some time to open up the camera app on the iPhone 4S running 8.0.2 and also the keyboard, and it’s felt the phone is likely to also be slow using third-party keyboards. However, the phone seems speedier in some departments than others, with Internet browsing not so bad for example. Maybe then the phone is still slow, but not as slow since the update?

You might also like to check out an iOS 8.0.2 review on the iPhone 5S that we shared previously. It would be interesting to hear from readers about this update. If you have the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, how has your device responded since the latest iOS 8.0.2 update? Let us know with your comments.


8 thoughts on “iOS 8.0.2 review on iPhone 5 and 4S”

  1. Rebex says:

    I updated, I wish i had not. Apps that used to play a bunch of selected songs serially would now finish one song, move on to the next and stop. I have to hit play every time for for these apps to play the next song.
    Also, even though i had auto screen lock after 1min set in my previous ios, when i used to be on maps the screen would not lock until i have reached my destination. Now, the screen sleeps after 1 min while running map. While i am driving it is not possible to unlock screen every minute. so before i use maps i have to change my auto sleep setting every time and change back when i am not using maps.
    I don’t receive emails on time.
    Don’t receive skype calls on time.

  2. Razali Raihayu says:

    i updated my iphone5 to ios8 on the launch day, and it was the longest 48hours with it… the phone was sluggish, slowed down so much that i almost throw it to the wall. then i read online user suggested that i reset all setting and it works. i dare not update it to 8.0.2 as the phone is working well with 8.0.. occasional lost connection (no service) are seen throughout the day, but i’d live with it. and NOPE.. I WONT BE GETTING THOSE 6 or 6+…. i like to have my phone “thumb-able”.. had i wanted a big phone i’d go for those droids!

  3. moon says:

    my iphone5 has totally froze. can’t even turn it off. tried reset but can’t till ‘find my phone’ is turned off which I can’t do as the phone is locked ffs!!!!

    1. Bill says:

      I have the 5c and had the same issue. My touchscreen totally froze. First time ever on either of my iphones. I had someone who showed me how to do a hard reset. I did a hard reset by holding the top power button and the homebutton at the same time until it restarted. It did not do freeze again. I downloaded 8.0.2 and no issues (so far).

  4. Ardan says:

    A day or so after the update 8 on iPhone 5, my front camera stopped working. Tried update 8.0.02 still same problem. The flash does not work either or the flash light feature. I tried everything from reseting from settings to a hard reset and nothing. Apple said to restore in iTunes to a new iPhone setting and after wasting an hour, Nothing. I tried using third party apps and they only recognize the front camera. Rear camera still working, have nervier dropped my phone so its not a hardware problem. I am very disappointed in apple, since Steve’s passing there is no more quality control.

    Tried looking everywhere and it looks like I am not the only one, has anybody been able to fix this problem. I doubt genius bar will help as this is a software issue.

  5. bazza says:

    WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!!! how can I get the previous version back? I use my phone for business so I can access all my text messages by search key words. Now it does work, I cannot use the search bar to find anything. Useless is all I have to say. Plus the bloody phone keeps freezing. Get me the previous version back pleaaaaassseeee….

  6. carol says:

    My biggest issue with 4s/iOS8.02 update is the infuriating battery drainage, 50% + in 12hrs!!!!!!!!!
    On checking usage, 45 – 70% has been used in Home/Lock Screen, not what I expect from Apple!!
    Turned off everything possible. Overnight used 5+ hrs of battery, when it was asleep!!!!!
    Rubbish update for older phone users, not everyone wants the latest model, OR has the cash to do so.
    So come on Apple, get this sorted without delay for 4s users!

    Other issues include freezing of screen, keyboard.
    Slow performance, can cope with these, but drainage of battery is no acceptable. Why can’t I delete things I don’t want, Podcast, Tips, Books????

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