iOS 8.1.1 update needed fast for issues fixes


Apple’s iOS 8.1 released a week ago today and was a much needed update that included some fixes for various problems with iOS 8.0.2. The trouble is that although some glitches were fixed for some iPhone and iPad users, that’s not the case for everybody as the multitude of comments we’ve received from readers testifies. Today we’re pointing out that an iOS 8.1.1 update is needed fast for issue fixes.

Regular readers will know that we’ve been documenting the many problems reported by iOS device users since iOS 8.0 released through to iOS 8.0.2. When iOS 8.1 arrived last week we had big hopes that many people’s device difficulties would be over and at the weekend we discussed how we were still receiving comments and emails from readers about these issues.

The list of complaints is long and varied and includes problems with WiFi, battery drain, cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, apps freezing, and crashes, as well as many minor glitches too. It’s also evident that this is affecting many different iOS devices from the iPhone 4S through to the iPhone 6 and also the iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air.

Since then we’ve received more comments about ongoing problems and it’s clear to us that there’s growing frustration among device users. This is something we understand as we are also encountering difficulties with our iPad mini, which are so bad that it’s virtually unusable at the moment.

iOS 8.1.1 update needed fast b

One comment that we received just a few hours ago to our previous article says, “For the money I pay, these chronic and possibly permanent problems are unacceptable. I’m thinking about consulting an attorney; I’m not sure what good it will do; but I’ve come to believe Apple is unable to fix the numerous problems their “updates” have created.”

Another reader said today, “Since the iOS 8 fixtures it’s been fine but iOS 8.1 is a joke. Won’t let me connect to my wifi. It blacks the wifi button out so I can’t even press it. Freezes ALOT!! Won’t let me on some apps so I have to turn phone on and off again. And the keyboard misses letters sometimes. It’s a joke. It’s eating my data up, I can’t even use my own wifi at home!! Joke Apple!!!!!”

We’re also still receiving comments to our article from late September where we wrote about various problems with iOS 8.0.2. We have now had almost 600 comments in response to this post with one reader saying yesterday, “When I connect my Apple Wireless Keyboard to my iPad and try to type on Pages, there’s alot of lag and the letters/key sometimes repeat when I only press them once – Running on an iPad 4, with iOS 8.1.”

It’s certainly the case that as time goes by there’s a growing amount of annoyance about these various complaints, although of course we’re not claiming that every iOS device has been adversely affected. However, we would like to know how you feel about this.

Do you agree with us that Apple needs to push out further problems fixes with an iOS 8.1.update as soon as possible? Let us have your comments.


130 thoughts on “iOS 8.1.1 update needed fast for issues fixes”

  1. Sheri says:

    Yes I am extremely frustrated with issues right through from slow internet connections, to buttons missing on at least one Internet shopping page and numerous frustrations with copy and paste. The brightness controls on screen keep changing on their won.
    I’ve tried most of the advice to increase the Internet connection speed with no luck.
    I had numerous issues when I went from IOS 6 to 7.1 and now regret ever upgrading to IOS 8.1. Apple updates are a joke! I’m never going to upgrade my ipad (I have ipad 2) and any future purchase will be a an android.

  2. Alison Hadley says:

    THANKYOU THANK YOU……I’m not the only one!!! Hubbys iPad Mini is virtually unusable since ios 8.1 as the wifi is like dial up! I dare not update mine for fear both iPads will be useless!
    And lo & behold a new problem appeared Sunday night on BOTH our IPADs… Google only loads half a page!! Checked my friend’s ipad & hers is doing the same too on Safari!! Funny doesnt do it when using Yahoo!
    Will this NEVER END ?? Ongoing issues with each update!! Never had any problem with ios 7!
    Why oh why can’t we go back to that or at least be given the option??!!
    We invested in the none too cheap iPads for Apples reputation of reliability & quality!
    That reputation is now in the BIN in our household!!!

  3. lnorange says:

    Our view is that we need 8.1.1 or 7.x in the interim, restore the downgrade. Apple’s customers need the press to continue to raise this issue as we don’t have a voice. I was told off by Apple in the forum for not being constructive and having a rant, excuse me, £600’s worth of iPad in our house and all with the same problems, poor wifi, slow Safari, links in Safari don’t work, crashing, double letters when typing, Airplay doesn’t work from iPad to Apple TV. They couldn’t have done a worse job if they tried. 8.1.1 is needed fast, but why must Apple ignore its loyal customers, save everyone a lot of annoyance, admit there is a problem with some devices and give us a timescale.

  4. RW says:

    I have the wifi issue. I have to move the page up and down to get wifi to come on again. It looses it and is slow too. My daughters mini 1 is having the on off buttons on some of the settings page flickering on and off over and over. You have to reboot the thing. Her wifi is slow and battery is bad with freezes and other problems. I don’t have the flickering problem on my iPad 4 though. Seems Apple is pushing these updates out too soon and before more testing is done. I may be wrong though. In my opinion as an android user, I think the race to keep up with the Joneses is ruining a nice product. At this point, I am sorry I bought the iPads for the kids and my wife. My nexus 7 and daughters Samsung seems to work without these problems after updates. C’mon Apple, get it together before you start to loose customers. Oh, and don’t have the Apple Store guys tell customers its thier fault the thing is fuzzed up, and go ahead and admit the problems and let us know you’re on the fix! Geesh!
    I think pushing out all these new things are cool, but what good are they if they don’t work? This is just my opinion though.

    1. Andrew says:

      This is really crazy, I did have the same problem , i went to one shop based in Dubai They told me once i am updating the new 8.1 Operating system your wifi Silion chip is corrupted like that .. Blaa blaa blaa. i don’t know even whether it is true or not , But eventually they have repaired my i phone , 🙂

  5. Ben Kenon says:

    Since iOS 8.1, I am not able to use my iPhone as a media player in my 2013 Elantra, unless playback is controlled from the phone. None of my dashboard/steering wheel controls work. When I use my iPod touch 5G, which is still on iOS 7, everything is golden. Seriously frustrating.

  6. Mark says:

    Since iOS 8 random wifi drops onmy iPhone 5s. No issues on my wife’s 5s running 7.12. I had other issues before this such as mail not telling me I have mail when email setting and notifications are set properly. Finally gave up and will be exchanging the phone with my server for a Samsung. Done with Apple

  7. mike says:

    upgraded to 8.0 and now 8.1, HAD AN IPHONE 5 AND NOW IPHONE 6 PLUS, same problems which I did not have prior to IOS upgrade: NO SOUND for incoming emails, and other sounds erratic

  8. Hershl says:

    I have upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.1,since then it has shown improvement as compare to previous updates, but the only glitch is battery draining when using iPhone to their their fullest features,

  9. Joe Henderson says:

    It isn’t compatible with facebook messenger – I can no longer select photos from my albums and send via facebook messenger. This isn’t a HUGE problem. What is a huge problem is that the “paste” option for cutting selected text doesn’t work between apps. What on Earth?

  10. Mike (UK) says:

    Upgraded iPhone 4S 2 days ago. Mine worked fine then last night lost wifi connection and was greyed out of wifi. I had already upgraded my partners iPhone 4S at the same time and that is perfect, but that was a full replacement after upgrading it last year to IOS 7 killed it. I have 2 more devices to upgrade

  11. Maria Summer says:

    I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1 and when I want to attach a picture via the sms app, by taking a new picture, the camera is completely black. The camera app itself otherwise works fine

    Further more, when the iPhone is in landscape mode – in the message app – and you want to attach a picture from the Photo Library it opens the photo-app in portrait mode! Even iPhone 6 Plus! This is very frustrating and means that you still have to rotate the iPhone to portrait mode to select the picture to attach. Furthermore, you can not select multiple images at once. The strange thing is that the photo app itself is rotating to landscape mode – but why not when to attach pictures to messages? I only use my iPhone in landscape mode.

    I have contacted Apple about this over the years but nothing happens. It wasn’t fixed in iOS 8.1! I exclusively use my iPhone in landscape mode!

  12. BBoyce says:

    Need an update asap. My Wifi only works if Im within 3-4 foot of the router. All other devices in house work fine. Tried resetting network settings, changing channel etc none of it works. Its made my iPAD next to useless

  13. Syoung says:

    Using iPad 2 perfectly well before latest upgrade, but now it’s an exercise in frustration every time I try and do anything. FaceTime freezes continuously and apps just turn off and shut me out. I am having to completely turn off and turn back on almost every time I use it – totally unacceptable.

  14. Watto's says:

    Wifi problems, app problems (won’t load) it’s the worst update and I sick of things happening every time there’s an update……….considering changing phones. Had enough!!

  15. Manoj says:

    First of all, I would like to say that I am (or shall I say, I WAS) a BIG Apple fan but post Steve Jobs era, it seems that they have turned into an insensitive and “show-off “organisation. It’s a joke that Apple thinks that by ignoring customer sentiments and problems, they can still survive when the competition has already fast caught up with them. The worst part is their customer care where you go after getting appointment to their so-called smart tech support in “Genius bar” and get a response “your Wifi is not working as it is hardware issue” (for the device which was running perfectly fine till you upgrade to iOS 8.0.2 or 8.1) and all they can offer is £50 for your device or a replacement same device (iPhone 4s) for £150.
    Is there no legal obligation on Apple to help customers who are troubled due to their faults?

  16. ttss says:

    the school I work at has a lot of ipads but since the IOS 8 update all the ones that have been updated, non of them will connect to the internet through the proxy server we use, just as well we only tried a few,
    this is now getting a joke and apple just refuse to accept there is any problems.
    we are now in a process of gradually swopping to android tables, which have less problems and when they do occur, they get fixed promptly.

  17. RC says:

    I’m amazed at how poorly the WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity is working (iPhone6). While my phone indicates it is connected to WIFI, the connection is poor and extremely slow. I am unable to connect to most apps. Yet the WIFI connection stays much longer than it needs too. I will walk out to the street (once out of range) and the WIFI signal still stays connected even though I would prefer to be connected to my cellular network. I have to toggle Airplane Mode on and off in order to connect to my cellular network. Bluetooth in my car (Honda) is absurd. It takes a minimum of 45-60 seconds to connect. Then the majority of my call attempts fail. I get a variety or errors: Bluetooth Connection has failed, it will make the call and then hang up within 2-3 seconds, the phone will completely freeze and I have to restart the phone in order to use. This would be very frustrating in an emergency. The music via Bluetooth sometimes connects and sometimes pauses for no reason. I am not having battery drain issues.

  18. Prashant Donekal says:

    the question I have been asking myself lately and I believe everyone else should is this – should we updating our phones and the OS as often as we do ? All I need is a phone (to make calls) which will let me connect to the internet and check my mail and use an app for most things – something which I could 2 years ago without any major upgrades on $600 iphone 4s. Is that too much to ask for the price I paid ?

  19. Jamie Panetta says:

    iPad 4, updated to 8.1 and with my 50Mb connection, I’m peaking at 50Mb on ethernet so it’s NOT my router, switch, wireless radio in the AP or my backbone connection. We have 2 iPads (a 2 and a 4) and an iPhone 5s, the other devices haven’t been “upgraded” to 8.1 and are running fine. This is stupid. I’m very seriously thinking of losing this iPad and going with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as I’m in the market to upgrade anyway and at lest with MS, I’ll be able to roll back an update if needed.

  20. Brian says:

    Next iOS 8 suggestion:
    -fix the glitch that happens when I’m on the homes ten; whether it freezes or crashes
    – get rid of No Service bar and replace it with Carrier Name and zero bars
    – nothing else seems to be a problem… But please do number two Apple!!!

  21. Brookers says:

    Very frustrating, iPad mini still slow with safari and wifi, have always trusted Apple to release well tested software, part of their Eco system is for hardware and software to work seamlessly however It’s now looking like this approach is far from a benefit for users and certainly not a good enough argument for choosing Apple and ios over android devices as it’s clearly not the case. Perhaps they should spend more time ensuing their core features of their software is working well before working on their next features for their os.. Not good and not happy.

  22. cg says:

    I still have issues with wi fi or more to the point NO wifi. Wifi button still greyed out! Also I keep receiving text messages stating that I have missed calls when the phone has been in my hand and not rung! I am really sick of this now. Apple need to sort this out without any further delays. I’m not sure I will stay will apple after this last fiasco. I’ve tried calling Apple only to find out that as my phone is out of warranty I will need to pay £25 for advise….. I don’t think so. I’ve not bothered mentioning my ipad as thats the same. Annoyed doesn’t even come close!!!

  23. Ally says:

    I have a 4s which I just purchased in May. Wifi has not been working since upgraded earlier this week. This is not acceptable. Specific iPhone apps are a required part of my graduate program, otherwise I would not have chosen an iPhone. Apple needs to fix this, or they will continue to lose their customer base.

  24. Steve Black says:

    Should have bought the 5s instead of the 6, because at least on iphone 5s you can downgrade back to iOS 7. Which you can’t do on iPhone 6 !! I’ve seen more stable custom firmwares on android than iOS 8(8.1).

    1. disq_read_error says:

      Obviously, you have hardware problems. All of you people have hardware problems. IT’S

  25. rammi says:

    android phone is better …. i have iphone 4s ..update 8.1 but any aap open its flashed … multi apps open then closed to little little hang its irritating …….7.1.2 is better

  26. john burgess says:

    Since update to latest IOS 8.1 I can not connect to my friends wifi router in her home doesnt accept there w.e.p key etc I dont know what to do

  27. Sakti says:

    After updating the IOS 8.1 I am unable to connect Bluetooth to my MacBook and iPad Air. It does not identify the make and iPad. I think Apple should take serious action on this issue and should release bug clear version as soon as possible.

  28. mrana says:

    new update to 8.1 made my iphone 4s “a bulky junk”. now i am not able to use my general apps like whatsapp , FB. as and when i try to open them they closed automatically and reply same in every attempt. Apple must think about this absurd update otherwise it gonna loose their valuable customers.

  29. Thoughts of a 14 year old says:

    I don’t know if there is a possible way for any of the other devices apart from the 5S to downgrade back to the older software updates. As I am typing this it is clear to see that there is even a problem with the keyboard. If there isn’t any possible way for all the ither devices to downgrade, then I think Apple should really consider finding a way for them to do so. As well as apps crashing, I’ve had reports of some people finding difficulties in deleting apps that they don’t want anymore (few examples like iFunny and Crunchyroll) I’m not annoyed to the point where I would stop being an Apple customer, but I think what most of the community thinks is that there are even more problems with this update than there were with iOS 8.0.2. To summarise this:
    -It would be nice if the issues with Bluetooth and Wifi connections were fixed as soon as possible. After reading other reviews on this site, I can see this is a large inconvenience for a lot of people.
    -The minor glitches may need some looking over, such as being unable to download or delete apps.

    Apart from these few points, I don’t think there are any othe major problems that Apple needs to deal with at this point. If anyone else is experiencing any further problems, I suggest posting them here on this site to let other people know and to see if they agree.

  30. Callum says:

    my safri and the app store have vanished can not get on the internet and can not get on the app store to download it! as i do not have it on my phone apparently! could this be from the recent update? any help or ideas?

  31. Unhappy iPad user says:

    Hi, since downloading and upgrading to iOS 8.1 last week I have not been getting consistent wifi reception on my iPad. Before the upgrade I could sit in any room in the house and surf, download check mail play games online without any disruption. Since the upgrade, the iPad regularly loses the wifi signal, and the signal strength seems to be weaker. The iPad is unusable in some rooms in the house. I have tried the two fixes suggested on numerous websites- switching off the wifi networking in location services and the other one. I have even done a complete restore from backup. No joy. This is unacceptableand probably not suitable for use in terms of the sale of good act either…

    I’m on an iPad 2 with Virgin media broadband at 50Mb.

  32. Sailesh Ghelani says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting an iPhone 5s (though Apple aren’t stocking any 5s or 6 in Mumbai at present for some strange reason) but after all these comments I may reconsider buying one. Will just stay with my Nokia Lumia 920 for a bit till Apple fixes its iOS 8

  33. Adam says:

    Since updating to ios8 on my iPad mini I often find links in Safari will not work until I scroll the screen up and down and try again. Web pages often freeze, as does email. Completely unacceptable and seriously undermines the credibility of Apple. They need to man up and roll back the software until they’ve ironed out all these problems. I’m not impressed at all.

  34. Steve says:

    This happens every time using Google on both my iPads. Though it was just me! Scroll up then down and all is good. How can Apple overlook such a major bug?

  35. CAN8IENS says:

    Same issue I am having with my son’s 4S, NO WIFI and i have tried all troubleshooting, what am I supposed to do, go out and get him a new phone, he’s only 13!! We have many apple products in our home from 3 phones, 4 iPads, apple TV and an iMac, this is very disappointing that they can’t fix a simple thing like wifi…..it was working just fine and now he can’t use the phone, it’s useless now……

  36. Anne says:

    I updated my iPad about a week ago and it’s worst then ever. Extremely slow downloads if at all, chews up my battery life, constantly crashes, and constantly having to reboot.
    Apple needs to fix these issues ASAP. It has been going on far too long. I paid a lot of money for my ipad and I use to love going on it everyday. Now all it does is frustrate instead of relax me

  37. ID says:

    iPad 2 wi-fi only: slow to the point of being unusable after 8.0, 8.0.1 and 8.1 updates. Perfectly fine under iOS 7. Not willing to risk updating my iPhone 5s. Not confident this will get better and angry that Apple is letting such basic problems go unresolved for so long

  38. Scott says:

    My 5S won’t connect to the internet. I just keep getting the spinning circle. I’m just about to go on vacation tomorrow and now it seems I can’t use my phone except for phone calls. I can log into iCloud and iTunes on my computer but my phone won’t recognise my password. This is really bloody frustrating

    1. Thomas says:

      I got the same problem. Was trying to restore, but it tells me to turn off “Find my iPhone”, which of cause is impossible to do when you cannot login to iCloud

  39. Big O says:

    My 4s won’t connect to wifi, my siri won’t talk to me in apple maps, battery drain is high and i am likely to go over my data budget becuase i didn’t realise it wasn’t using my wifi. Not impressed!!!!!!

  40. Carryc says:

    My IPad Air is still giving problems connecting to my WiFi. Iphone 5 is ok. I haven’t updated my husband’s IPad Air yet as it’s fine on 7.1.2. Apple need to sort this NOW!

  41. Hank says:

    I give up. Since installing 8.0 adn then 8.1 my iPad is no better than a large papper weight. I plan on throwing it in the trash if it is not fixed by next week and buying a much more reliable Surface. I also plan on throwing my IPhone in the trash as well as soon as I find a good substitue. Steve Jobs would neveer have allowed this to happen and if it did there would be several job openings at Apple. I am beyond frustrated with Apple products. I am now down right MAD.

  42. Chariot says:

    Working 2 years with iPad, all perfect. After last update, complete disaster. I list only a few.
    Copy / Paste not working on most Apps, Many Apps closing half way. External HD-TV module
    is not recognised any more. “No Sim ” comes up all the time and blocks the screen.
    List goes on. Apple become trouble product.

  43. viddan says:

    i tried downloading the update whilst it was on charge it said 11 minutes it did that and then decided to turn off and now it wont turn on , ffs some one help

  44. Rachael says:

    Had a perfectly operating 4s until after yesterdays upgrade to ios8.1 and now everything is in slow motion, delay in typing has made it unusable, apps take forever to load and then shut down. i’m currently waiting for my iphone 6 to be delivered – should ask for a refund.

  45. 8.0 was Slooow so I jumped on 8.1 in hopes of a fix, now like the rest of you. So I’m starting to suspect Apple hired someone from microsoft to release their new software. (Since I have wasted a good 6 months of my life dealing with microsoft updates and bugs thus the reason most folks go to Apple to begin with! So if you want ios 8.1.1 or ios 8.2 just tell siri to download it from the interwebs… oh wait

  46. JennLynn says:

    On the bright side, my iPad 3 is no longer rebooting over and over after the update to 8.1. But I haven’t been able to update a single app since October 22nd. When I tap “update” the little circle appears but no progress is made beyond that. Weirdly, some of my app icons do show the little blue dot beside them as if they were updated, but they haven’t been. I think my next tablet is going to be Android or Windows; Apple is now an expensive disappointment.

  47. Dan Ersholt says:

    Since 8.0 AirPlay seems to have changed so a WiFi network isn’t needed for AirPlay to work. That’s smart – if it had worked. I have big problems connecting my iPad Air to my Apple tv both at home (with a WiFi network) and in my classroom (no WiFi network). I often need to restart either/or the iPad or the ATV before it connects. The ATV in my class is in “conference room” mode but not the one at home. We need a fix for this ASAP. And I agree with everybody that the new Microsoft-like Apple software quality and upgrade reliability is a very sad development. “Buy a Mac and you’ll never go back” was true for many years. Now it’s slowly becoming the opposite 🙁

  48. lorna says:

    I have updated my Ipad and my Iphone now I cant access the internet at home ,which is where I use the Ipad the most ,I have tried using it on other internet connections and it works fine but not at hoe , I thought then it must be the internet connection but no it works fine on the other Ipad in the house which hasn’t been updated , I WISH I hadn’t updated mine now , when I try to connect it says incorrect password but I know for sure it is the correct password , as the other ipad works(that wasn’t updated) as does the laptop ! I searched the apple site and have found lots of similar issues , some people have given suggestions ,which I have tried all ,resetting and changing different settings but nothing works !! I am very annoyed as it worked perfect before the update but it thought it would be better if I updated come on apple get it fixed !!

  49. Robyn says:

    I was such an Apple fan. I came from blackberry (frustratingly slow and useless) to Apple. Initially I was so impressed with my phone until iOS 8.0 and so on. I feel like I’ve gone right back to a blackberry and for the price we pay this is ridiculous!! Highly disappointing, Apple is no longer the apple of my eye and I am considering moving over to Samsung along with a few other people! I HATE THIS SOFTWARE!!

  50. Very disgruntled Apple user says:

    Wishing I had never ever downloaded this, my ipad air is laggy & now my phone is totally inoperable. All I get on the screen is connect to ITunes, but it will not connect. I can’t access the phone at all. I am deeply disappointed with Apple & am hoping for a very quick resolve, this should never have been allowed to happen

  51. joe golob says:

    Don’t leave IPOD touch out of the mix in regards to this update. I have the newest gen (forget the number) but iOS 8 turned an awesome device into one that utterly pisses me off. I’ll list what I can think of: Frequent charging issues. It only charges sometimes when it is plugged in. Oftentimes it starts and stops charging or even drains the battery when plugged in and this only started happening since the day of iOS8. Copy/paste issue. Only works mayb 25% of time. Sluggish typing (this is a pain right now). Random crashes in any given app, rarely happened before and now it’s a daily problem, especially for youtube. Music comes on randomly even if the app is not opened, which is probably the weirdest bug of them all. All in all, I could go on, but the way I see it, Apple is bugging their devices so that we upgrade. What good is an iPod touch that isn’t on a cellular network? hIm never going to install another update that is reported with problems without the needed patches ever again. I’ll deal with these issues and they can kiss my ass because I’m never buying an apple product ever again either.

  52. Zzznorch says:

    You can add me to the list of disgruntled iOS 8 users. I am sorry I upgraded from iOS 7.1.2. Yes there were issues with it but I had high hopes for the new features of iOS 8. As it is, my iPhone 4S still freezes up from time to time even with 8.1. Bluetooth still disconnects from my Pebble smart watch for no apparently reason. Various Apple apps such as Safari have a habit of crashing. My iPad Air has fared a bit better but it too will sometimes freeze up and WiFi performance can slow to a crawl. I do agree with other posters that for the money spent, Apple should have done better. I have a MacBook Pro Retina and have yet to upgrade to Yosemite because I fear similar problems on that platform too. I have already been burned by iOS 8. I DO NOT need grief from OS X too. Perhaps Apple should take a billion or two of their monthly profits and spend it on software quality control. At this point, I fear for iOS 9. Plus, I will not be buying a newer iPhone or other Apple powered device any time soon if/until they start to address all these outstanding software issues. Why should I shower good money after bad?

    I should add my eight year old niece has a Samsung Galaxy tablet and I am very impressed by it. Yes there are some rough edges in Android but nothing compared to what I have been experiencing with iOS 8. Maybe I will get myself one and say the heck with the Apple world. On the bright side, I could finally install an ad blocker on a tablet and stop having to look at all the garbage I am forced to endure on my unfiltered iPad Air.

  53. guest says:

    I had trouble never resolved with the i phone 4 s upgrade followed with the i pad 4 wi fi brand new…
    All that money and virtually unusable…ungoing struggle………apple after 2 months of back and forth text me I am getting a replacement. fact is I don’t even want it anymore – problems remind me of my vista which years and $$$’s later never did get fixed and made me hate computers.

  54. Pete says:

    Wifi issues have made this my last Apple purchase. Android for me after this. Apple was a little to quick to release this pos software. Won’t be back cuz the don’t acknowledge the issue. Contact your router company. Really Apple buzz off.

  55. Kayla says:

    Of course they need to fix this. I don’t even like my iPad anymore. When my tablet starts to glitch there’s nothing I can do to control it. The glitch controls my tablet more than I do. Apple needs to fix this as soon as possible.

  56. whollis says:

    count me in – bought the new ipad air 2 and constant loss of wifi on home my network. Engineering is aware of the problem yet according to Apple’s case manager assigned to me they don’t work weekends Nice – $600 for a brand new wifi only unit and i need to keep turning on and off wifi to get it work. Typical Apple denial – guess there is a reason that “A” is for apple, but also apathetic, apologetic, arrogant and awful.

    Guess I’m “holding” the ipad wrong for those that remember antenna-gate.

    Insane company w/ the lousiest of customer service. AppleCares-LESS

    got the new 6plus yesterday also with 8.1 and so far no issues….Apple thinks it might be the chip (uh oh!) and possible compatibility issues with the chip, wifi and Linksys routers. My router is new as of 5 months ago – Dual Band N. No issues with the old ipad 4 that had 8.1 installed on it!

  57. Hasan SAHIN says:

    Huge battery drain and wifi connectivity issues on my Iphone 5S.
    Impatiently waiting for 8.1.1 update.
    By the way, I have been following IOS system since 4.x.x series and I have never seen IOS system that is fully robust and bug free !!! except 4.3.5 🙂

  58. Frida says:

    Since updated to ios 8.1 i have to charge my iPhone twice a day. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!! The screen is turning on and off every 30 seconds, it consumes my battery in a few hours. I think apple should consider compensating every costumer. It is a lot of stress every day and could say that our phone is an essential part of us nowdays…..

  59. Ellie says:

    My iphone 5c is having horrible internt connectivity problems ever since i hit that god forsaken update button.. My partner, who very wisely choose not to upgrade to the new iOS8 at ALL (he figured it would cause problems) is now enjoying our new wonderfuly fast modem capabilities and his phone works like a dream. I however am fustrated more and more each day by this pathetic excuse of an update by apple. Slow wifi, bugging apps, freezing and drop outs, every 15min or so something goes wrong. This is unacceptble for the price you are expected to pay. How about apple quit working on new phones and money making grabs and instead ensure the devices and updates they currently provide actually work!! I will never buy an apple product again, absolutly shocking.

  60. David Ross says:

    had my iphone 4s for a while, still looking a good clean decent phone, ios 8.1 and now when i power off a few second more it reboots and come back on again, driving me mad it really is.. was shown on youtube that holding the power button and the home button together the wait till the phone shuts down then the apple logo will appear, still holding both together the second logo was suppose to go black and this would fix it, i been trying this for 2 days. if i put the apple usb lead in connected to the plug mains it will stay off but soon as i pull the usb out its reboots again. i have clean very gently the connector were you put the usb still nothing, on the 3rd day i charged my up and just holded the power and home button and the phone went off and the first apple logo came on the it went black, so i let go of the home button then the power, then i turn the phone off by the swipe and it stayed off, but only for 6 days so im back to square one…anyone had this issue and fixed it for good? please tell me how you did it………pritty please

  61. zumba says:

    ditto. it is sad to see a company with as many resources as Apple regress and bypass basic testing. heading back to Android, at least it’s a more vibrant environment and the fixes come faster and more robust

  62. OVER-IT says:

    I have an iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1(12B411) and to me i personally think that the iOS 8.1 update was a complete waste of time as it actually created more problems than it fixed. At the moment my iphone 5s is a very expensive paper weight as my wi-fi connection does not even connect to anything unless my phone is taped to my actual router, if i take two steps backwards, my wi-fi disconnects, trying these useless fixes that i have searched on the internet, are just the same as the iOS 8.1 update (USELESS). network resetting – wi-fi network settings – factory reset. The battery drainage is so horrific that charging the iphone is just as part as my life as breakfast, lunch and supper. iOS 8.1.1 needs to sort these issues out properly before rushing into another useless update that actually does everything but fix any of the customers problems.

  63. Bryn Thompson says:

    I’ve had a real slog with my new iPhone, the still beta iTunes Match trying to download 100+ songs at the same time, locking up network access and turning my phone into an effective hand warmer, having to swipe/delete 3000 downloads to stop it, stupid crashes, freezes, the pleasure of iTunes syncing, my phone locking to the carrier of first SIM I put in it.

    I’m now left with WIFI access that only really works if I disable cellular?! It’s ridiculous and I’m left thinking why am I buying apple? At least with Android there is a vibrant community you can go to for decent support, apple just doesn’t bother quite frankly. I’m seriously thinking about making the jump now.

  64. joe87 says:

    I have an iPhone 6 since three days. Today my WiFi stopped working, too (wifi switch is greyed out). Resetting network settings, hard reboot or normal reboot didn’t help either.
    @APPLE: Please fix as soon as possible!

  65. bayviewguy says:

    Yes, they need to fix these bugs, largely Safari. It seems to crash more when I’m in the midst of typing in a form, or typing a longer post and then it freezes, and eventually crashes. This happens the most with Safari, but also happens in the native email as well, which is annoying as I use my ipad as a work productivity tool. Not very productive when you have to keep typing everything two or three times. Dont make me buy an Android.

  66. Airplay a joke w/ ios8.1 says:

    Airplay is a joke. Ipad2 (IOS8.1) does not recoqnize ATV3 when ATV is asleep (was possible pre ios 8). What is worse is that airplay disconnects when ipad (or iphone) goes to sleep. This has never been an issue in the past. You shouldn’t need to change settings on the ipad in order to stream to ATV or be forced to connect a charger. How could such a bad ios even be released, you’d think that apple had some sort of quality assurance before they release upgrades. Would be nice to incorporate a function where you are able to downgrade to the ios of choice…

  67. ChandrasekharVasant says:

    Apple has to do something as the songs which i have downloaded earlier does not play after updating my iPad to ios 8.1.1 please check and fix it

  68. Nobody says:

    I have a iPhone 5s and IPad Air I have constant connection issues over wifi to the point my iPad Air is unusable and my iPhone I need to constantly switch on and off flight mode to reconnect, this is so frustrating and it seems it has got worse since I updated to 8.1.

  69. Katie Rourke Dowding says:

    I have an iPad 2 running IOS 8.1. I use this for work, its not a play thing or toy. I’m self employed and the sole breadwinner, which means when I can’t work, I do not earn any money. I’ve been an Apple fan since the very outset and my history with Apple goes back to the early 90’s. So it is with HUGE regret that I am ditching my iPhone 4 for an android phone next week. I’m forced to use the iPad for work unless I’m prepared to re-type every single client and two years of their history into a new programme. But the new iPad won’t be on my Christmas List. I’m very very frustrated and disappointed by the IOS 8 downgrade and by Apple’s lack of response to it. Cut/Copy/Paste is an utterly basic function and one I use daily. Being unable to post website addresses via paste is crippling my business and I’m spending more and more of my time on my iMac.

  70. Jjpd19 says:

    I have an iPad air and ios 8, and since I install the very first release os this system, I have a lot of problems: airplay bottom missed, reading email take several minutes, wifi is slower than before… an all these issues are the same in two ipad air and two iphone 5s. I have been searching for a fix but I did not found any. I am still in “IOs quest 8.1”.

  71. goodbyeIOS says:

    iOS 6 was great with ipad 2 but current IOS 8.1 is a joke and shows how less Apple nowdays cares about customers. Growing group of users re coming out with slow wifi, airplay, jamming UI, slow apps and increased power consumption but what Apple does? Silense no answers for tickets or any valuable comments for discussion groups. For me it jus look that they dont care… World greates brand has selected way to go down but they may not realized it yeat ! For me its over with IOS and iPad im moving for other ecosystems and hoping that there customer counts. Goodye apple!

  72. emma says:

    i updated my iphone 5s today and when it was supposed to be done it wudnt come back on and has said connnect to itunes but its still helping me get the phone back on can anyone help me? not happy about this problem as its the second time this kind of thing has happened.

  73. Debbie says:

    My ipad mini keeps crashing. Safari also had a view displaying all bookmarks as a column which I googled and they said the only way to eliminate that view was to delete each bookmark which I did and now working well… But thought the ipad mini was only crashing in Safari.. Battery is full and it keeps crashing… not stable at all…. In the middle of typing the APPLE logo appears….

  74. Adam says:

    I have an iphone 4s still on contract which i pay a small fortune for, every time i update, its never plain sailing. I’ve just updated to 8.1.1 after reading the review and decided it was the best and only way forward to restore my 4s to a usable state. Major battery drain, whole thing flickers like a strobe when and after charging, crashes all the time and really slow, not to mention sometimes it plays music and you can hear it and sometimes it cant be bothered. Release an update when you know for sure it works, If its to big for older devices, please advise us. For the amount we all pay, you have no room to make mistakes, I am due to upgrade in march 2015, but you can stick your iphone where the sun don’t shine because i’m done being ripped off by what can only be described as a crap serivce. I hope your reading these posts APPLE.

  75. Joanie says:

    Bluetooth keyboaed (Belkin QODE slim style keyboard case) stopped connecting on my iPad air. So frustrated!!! Fix this Apple! It worked fine before the update.

  76. Matt says:

    I’m on ios 8.1.1(ipad 3rd gen), and my homescreen lags so bad. When I try to delete an app, my homescreen basicly crashes, parts of the screen start glitching and is not responsive. I have to force restarts ye ipad to fix this. I can delete apps in folders and through settings.
    Amazing apple, you can’t del apps

  77. AB10 says:

    I too wish I had never moved to ios8. 8.1.1 made some improvement but not much. My problems (on ipad mini and to some extent on iphone 5s) include wifi connectivity, lag, jerkiness, unresponsive keyboard on safari, and a problem with Apple TV – the wifi connection is always dropped within a few seconds of Airplay starting. None of this is a router or signal issue – wifi is very good on PC and other devices, and HDMI connection with the TV works fine with Kindle Fire.

  78. Rosie says:

    My phone Never had trouble holding battery power, until the day I updated to iOS 8.1.1. I wish I could go back and have the old OS. Apple should make that possible for us while they handle the trouble. Let’s do this Apple! It would make me so happy to back up one update. Make it so! Make the download available on your website so that I can stop dealing with battery drain. Pretty please.

  79. Carla Amaral says:

    Let’s hope the version to correct 8.1.1 arrives fast because my Internet connection is really messed up NOW. I gave up Safari and have been using Chrome, but the annoying internet disconnections still continues. Very disappointing. I have an IPad.

  80. Steve says:

    Dose any one know why can’t itunes sync , I’m trying to sync music and apps and it keeps on getting stuck on the waiting for sync to start…
    I’m thinking of switching to gallaxy I’ve had it with Apple and there bugs ios8.1 suxs

  81. Gralar says:

    Airplay has become really unstable with the latest updates. Lots of homepages that used to work perfect now takes ages loading and only works half the time. I wish i could downgrade, but of course thats not possible.

  82. Adrian says:

    My iPad 2 has nearly come to a standstill with version 8.1.1, it is slow, frezes and every now and then just closes down on me.
    The other thing is that I am totally unable to get my calendar on iPad and iPhone 5 to synch even after following all the good words on various forums.
    Apple has lost the plot totally.

  83. Kara says:

    same as everyone else, I may as well throw my iPad in the bin, since the upgrade it is almost useless. Will never buy Apple again and will tell as many others as possible !

  84. Siân Titcomb says:

    I am frequently unable to open links to other pages in Safari, my keyboard misses out letters, and I have had many occurrences of my delete button getting ‘stuck’ and deleting a whole document or page in seconds (which would be impressive if the typing was as fast in the apps!)

  85. Bosslady says:

    Yes they need more fixes I can’t even create business cards without my screen flashing off its making me crazy , for as much as my Ipad and phone costs it should be. Problem free I’m very upset let me know if your lawyer can do anything

  86. Paulio Antonio says:

    Done with IPhone/Apple also once I’m finished with my current plan… Number of consistent problems ever since this update… Apples service team member made me laugh when he told me he never heard of the multitude of problems this update created… So over it all… Sad thing is I was so happy with my IPhone 5 before this… Not touching their products again.

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