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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus released in September and a few days before they became available we informed readers that LifeProof would be producing waterproof cases for them. At that time the LifeProof cases were not yet available but were detailed as ‘coming soon.’ However, it’s now November and some are beginning to wonder about the wait for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus waterproof cases from LifeProof.

Some flagship phones are water-resistant but that’s not the case with the new iPhones. Therefore there was always likely to be a lot of interest in new LifeProof iPhone 6 waterproof cases, as the company also makes this type of case for previous iPhones and other devices. LifeProof is a reputable accessories maker and its information page for new cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus says that they will be shock proof as well as waterproof.

When we previously reported on these cases for the new iPhones we also included a teaser video from LifeProof, which you can see in that article. The video also claims that the cases are coming soon. However, it’s a few months on and there’s still no availability date for these waterproof iPhone 6 cases and we have now received many comments and emails from readers asking about when they will release.

For example a few days ago one reader wrote, “It’s November! Why have they not released this case? My new phone is coming tomorrow and I don’t want to spend any more money on a cheap case. May have to pull the trigger on a different brand if Life Proof doesn’t release their case in the next few days.” In response to this another reader has written, “I have just spoken with Lifeproof and they were fairly ambiguous. I suggest get onto them also.”

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Another reader recently said, “They can’t release this fast enough! Already my phone has a small crack in the left hand bottom corner! I need it now.” It’s clear that consumers are eagerly waiting for these LifeProof cases and some are finding the wait pretty hard. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that accessory manufacturers do need a certain amount of time and don’t often get the new devices in advance to prepare. Also, a truly waterproof case does require more care to develop and time for testing.

We’ll be getting in touch with LifeProof ourselves to try to get some further information on this, but in the meantime if you head to this LifeProof page you can register for notification for the iPhone 6 frÄ“ or nüüd case, or for the iPhone 6 Plus there’s the nüüd case. No prices are listed yet for either of these case styles, but as a guide we can tell you that the nüüd case for the iPhone 5S is $89.99 while the frÄ“ case is $79.99, so prices are likely to be similar or a little more.

We’ll be contacting LifeProof ourselves to see if we can get more of an idea on when these cases will be available, so do check back with us for more. You may also like to check out our article on Catalyst waterproof cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but like the LifeProof cases these are also not available yet.

Are you one of the many people waiting for the Lifeproof waterproof cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? If so, are you frustrated about the wait or are you just happy that they are on the way? Let us have your comments on this.


20 thoughts on “iPhone 6 and Plus waterproof cases from LifeProof wait”

  1. Matt says:

    My screen is now cracked because I was waiting for the lifeproof case, won’t be buying their products anymore.
    (Also lost an iPhone 5 to water damage when the seals mysteriously failed)

  2. Kristin says:

    November is nearly over and I’ve had my phone since September. I feel like a ticking time bomb… I had to buy a $40 screen protector to hold me over until the lifeproof comes out. I’m getting tired of waiting.

  3. Alex says:

    I am waiting for my iPhone 6 Plus case to be released over here in Spain, the wait will be even longer for us. Even though I understand the fact that they have to test it and whatever I can’t really wait for that long, I think I will try another manufacturer this time…

  4. Major wood says:

    Lifeproof has really dropped the ball here.
    why merge with otter box when it obviously does nothing to
    Increase efficiency. Infact;it could be part of the problem.
    They have until Friday to have my lifeproof avail or I will be done
    With them.
    My unit has all iPhone 6 plus owners as of last Thursday.
    we can’t take these devices into any sort of action with out the LP.
    My feelings are shared with many people I have talked with on the
    Issue.We will go with body guardz screen protection and silicone covered backside cases of any brand,with high
    Durability zip Lock bags for water/ dust prevention .
    They made one for the iPad mini,No reason R&D couldn’t be expedited for the 6 plus.

  5. Paul says:

    They do the same thing with every iphone release. I will bet money the Nuud will be released Christmas week. If I remember correctly that is when the Iphone 5S Nuud was released. The release date has nothing to do with testing it has been in production for some time probably.

  6. Matt says:

    It is all a money tactic. They will wait until right next to christmas to put the case available for the public. This is ridiculous, no longer a lifeproof fan. DONE. so are all of my friends and many people i know. My family of 4 have been waiting for 4 iphone 6 plus cases and they still havent released the case. UNBELIEVABLE

  7. Kyle says:

    Just check out LP’s facebook page. There are countless aggrivated customers that are sick and tired of this ridiculous delay. I feel like I am cradling an egg every single time that I use my 6 plus outside of my house and I was forced to settle with a chepo silicone case along with a Zagg HD screen protector to get me by in the meantime. I’m assuming that they are goin to release it Christmas week or first week of January. More and more reliable customers are going to start buying Otterbox, (though they are under the same roof and I doubt they will care) this is a riot….

  8. JanA says:

    I am also getting tired of the wait, I’ve had the Lifeproof case for my Iphone 4 and it saved it from innumerable falls and tumbles into mud and other yuck, without a scratch. However I am really not confident that any other manufacturer has the same warranty should something go south with the phone and case……

  9. peter says:

    i cant understand why the Life proof company did not manufacture the Life Proof i phone 6 Plus in advance knowing the approximate time of i phone release .
    ive temporarily had to purchase a cover ( which makes the phone look like a Brick) and still waiting for life proof case

  10. Kyle says:

    Like most of you frustrated and fed up iPhone 6 plus customers, I gave up on the absolutely absurd and lack there of customer support from LifeProof. I threw in the towel and bought a Merit waterproof case. The quality is nearly the same as LifeProof cases but there customer service and support make up the difference, not to mention the 40 bucks that you save in price. LP has really dropped the ball ever since they have collaborated with OtterBox and I hope more people give them the middle finger as I have done.


  11. Erik says:

    It’s bs that it is taking this long to produce the 6 plus case. Yes I understand it needs to be “good” so it takes a while but the dimensions of it are THAT different from a few of the other larger phones. My point is hurry up because people aren’t going to wait forever. 1 more month and I’m done with LP. I refuse to buy a second temporary case for my phone because my first temp case has already worn out while waiting.

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