iOS 8.1.1 fixes needed with iOS 8.1.2 update before 8.2


Since iOS 8 released back in September it seems to have been a sorry tale regarding various problems reported by iPhone and iPad users. Subsequent updates have provided fixes for some issues but not others, and some updates have brought along some new snags for the ride. The last update was iOS 8.1.1, which arrived earlier this month, and as with previous updates many device owners are still having problems. There’s now a growing cry for iOS 8.1.1 fixes with an iOS 8.1.2 update before 8.2 eventually releases.

We’ve been documenting many of the difficulties with iOS 8.x updates and have seen growing frustration. After receiving literally thousands of comments and emails from our readers about different concerns we know how many urgently want to see a further update sooner rather than later. One of the most reported issues concerns WiFi connectivity, but a whole swathe of others have been widely reported including difficulties with Bluetooth, lag, apps freezing, glitchy keyboard, battery drain and more.

When iOS 8.1.1 first appeared we downloaded it immediately and a few hours later were fairly pleased with its performance on our iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, although there were still some issues for our iPad mini. Following this we reported on iOS 8.1.1 problems reported to us by readers and also evident on Apple’s support forums. Although it’s clear that the last update did provide some fixes, it’s very evident that for some device users the problems go on, or have even been added to with new issues.

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It’s some time on and comments about numerous problems are still coming in daily and it’s clear that a further update is necessary. We know that Apple has already made the iOS 8.2. beta available to developers but we also know that this primarily concerns Watchkit support, providing developers with tools to prepare for the Apple Watch release next year. There’s no firm news yet on when iOS 8.2 will make a public release, but as we don’t know that it includes any existing problem fixes anyway that update seems almost irrelevant at the moment.

Resolutions to these problems are needed for iPhone and iPad users now, and with no news on further fixes within iOS 8.2 or when that update will release we’re calling on Apple to issue an interim iOS 8.1.2 update. It’s true that there have been many suggested fixes for iOS 8.1.1 problems that device owners can try out (see some here), but for the inexperienced smartphone user these methods can see daunting. As well as this we see no reason why device users who have spent a lot of money on their iPhones and iPads should have to spend their own time looking into these issues and possible ways to fix them.

It seems to us that Apple should have ironed out all of these complaints by now. As this appears to have been difficult the company should at least be concentrating solely on the fixes required at this time, rather than the 8.2 update that could still be a long time away. We wonder if readers agree about this.

Are you fed up about ongoing problems with your iPhone or iPad since iOS 8.1.1 or one of the previous iOS 8.x updates? Are you of the same opinion as us, that Apple should be doing more about this? Let us know with your comments.


14 thoughts on “iOS 8.1.1 fixes needed with iOS 8.1.2 update before 8.2”

  1. Dean says:

    I’m running an IPad 2, which worked flawlessly until 8.1.1. Now it won’t load the email app, is frustratingly slow, freezes momentarily, and flickers. It is unusable in its current condition. Apple says its most likely due to my downloading 8.1.1 via wifi without using ITunes. They’ve been great to help with the problem, but no success yet. So, I’m wondering do I just scrap this machine? Has it been rendered unworkable by their own software upgrade? You can bet I won’t buy another Apple product unless this issue is fixed quick.

  2. Luis A. Rios-Reboyras says:

    Lost all my ringtones, the old ones and the ones bought after installing the upgrade. Dont buy any they just dissapear after some minutes. I cant find them in Itunes they appear as gray.

  3. Bethel Toler says:

    My iPad Air is terrible now. Wifi stinks. Crashes are more often. My iPhone 6 plus isn’t working right either!! I spent a LOT money for WHAT????

  4. Trish Kirby says:

    Wifi connectivity is a huge problem on both iPhone 6 and iPad mini. Freezing apps, huge battery drain….so frustrated that i am now tied to this junk with 2 iPhones and 2 iPads on Verizon. Now I am in new two year contract with crap performance for big $$$. Apple should be sued if they don’t fix this soon.

  5. chris9465 says:

    I am never upgrading to iOS 8…why would i intentionally downgrade the ability of my 5s? iOS 7.1.2 is stable runs smoothly….welcome to the android world of fractured OS

  6. Alicia Lee says:

    I hate 8.1.1. My phone has been lagging and freezing for two weeks…there’s nothing Mac City could do about it to fix it. Reboot, restore, delete whatever I could to have at least 7GB but still lags. What else can I do to fix this? Very frustrated…

  7. Moamsha says:

    Hey there
    I have iphone 6 plus and iphone 5s (ios 7.1.2) but my iphone 5s is way faster in web browsing and lunching core apps like app store and im kinda dissapointed whit what apple has done we really didnt want a whole new ios apple should have worked on ios 7 to even make it better instead of releasing a new ios i hope apple doesnt want to make a new ios again in 2015 otherwise it will lose its popularity

  8. tedmyoung says:

    I loved my iPhone 5 until I upgraded to 8.1.1. Now all I have are severe battery drain issues (can barely last 2 hours while using my running apps, while before 8.1.1, I had no problem going twice as long) and crashes almost every day (I can’t remember any crashes with iOS7). And my _new_ iPad Air 2 with 8.1.1 has flaky Wi-Fi.

    I see that 8.1.2 just arrived, and I guess I’ll upgrade because, heck, it can’t get much worse.

  9. Newtothis123 says:

    my iPhone 6 has been on 8.1 for a while and works fast than my 4s and has no connectivity issues with 2x Bluetooth cars, and switches from 4g to Wi-Fi and back and forth almost seamlessly, where as the 4s would give up trying to do the same after a couple of switches from 3g to wifi and back and forth (it seems to get in a muddle until you went to airplane mode and back which sorted it, bit annoying!). I’m sticking with this ios until the newer ones are proved to be better!

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