LifeProof iPhone 6 and Plus waterproof case (nüüd) wait


Way back in September LifeProof gave some teasers for its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus waterproof cases. It’s been a long wait but in November one of these cases finally became available. However, there’s still no sign of the nüüd version, and the LifeProof iPhone 6 and Plus waterproof case wait goes on.

When we first reported on these LifeProof cases for the two new iPhones, the accessories company had posted a video teaser and said the new cases were ‘coming soon.’ The frÄ“ case was said to be coming for the iPhone 6 while the nüüd case was on the way for both the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus. In November we informed readers that the iPhone 6 frÄ“ case was now available, but where has the nüüd case got to?

We know that many readers are still waiting for this case, as we are still receiving comments and emails about this from our previous articles. Some are becoming understandably frustrated at the wait and some have said they have given up. While previously we’ve said that it does take time to develop a truly waterproof case that does the job properly, it’s now some months on and there’s still no sign!

A look at the LifeProof site today shows the frÄ“ waterproof case for the iPhone 6 as in stock at a price of $79.99. However, the iPhone 6 nüüd case is still not available or priced, though there is an option to sign up for notification. It’s precisely the same situation for the iPhone 6 Plus nüüd case, with no clues about when it will release.

One of our readers commented, “Lifeproof is losing money and customers daily by not providing a real timeline for the iPhone 6 Plus case,” and that seems like a fair point considering the lack of information. We wonder what readers think about this.

Are you still hanging on for LifeProof to release its nüüd waterproof case for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Maybe you’ve got tired of waiting and have purchased a different case altogether? Do let us know with your comments.


29 thoughts on “LifeProof iPhone 6 and Plus waterproof case (nüüd) wait”

  1. Justin Collins says:

    If there were other good waterproof options I’d have given up a long time ago… Wish they were planning to make the fre for the Plus though, I’m definitely not a fan of the nuud anyway. I don’t feel good about not being able to seal it up without the phone and test it after a drop like I could with the fre.

  2. anonymous says:

    extremely frustrated by the lack of communication from the company. it’s one thing to have problems with production or whatever, but to put out press releases and showcase it on your website followed by months of silence, is unacceptable.

  3. Alaska says:

    I’ve never had one of their cases before and was looking forward to getting the nüüd for my iphone6. The wait is annoying as hell cuz with every passing day, I fret about my phone’s vulnerability even though I have a pretty good case now. After reading reviews on their site and seeing how the frÄ“ has been a disappointment for many, I think the delay is now a ploy to offload the frÄ“ as much as possible before they put out an equally disappointing nüüd. I say this cuz the major complaints are about access to the ports, sound quality, and the silence switch – all features that render the case either useless or prohibitively priced due to having to by Apple accessories.

  4. Pclaflin says:

    They suck for misleading us. It said iphobe 6 and 6 plus coming out in November and now still not giving us any info. Anything. It’s disresoectful. I have a 6 plus and I’m tried of waiting.

  5. Gbanga says:

    Still waiting… but everyday I think bugger it I should just get an alternative… not long now and I’m going to give in and buy something else…

  6. Michael Darkly says:

    At this point I truly believe that OtterBox is purposely holding out on cases for the iPhone 6 Plus just to create a demand for their inferior CrapperBox. This would have never been an issue if Lifeproof would have gone through with the lawsuit and hadn’t sold itself to those guys. I don’t care what the brainiacs at Otterbox are doing. No delay of the Lifeproof case for the iPhone 6/Plus will ever get me to waste my money on an OtterBox. As soon as the Lunitik Aquatik is produced for the iPhone 6 Plus – I’ll never buy a Lifeproof aka Otterbox again. YAY!!!

  7. no one says:

    I’ve now pre-ordered the catalyst case, even if lifeproof had said due out end of march and let you pre-order i would have. But lack of any updates made me think they cant be bothered!

  8. Eric says:

    The Iphone 6 plus has been in the market for almost 5 months and you guys can’t get your act together to manufacture a case in that period of time? That’s a shame.

  9. Cece says:

    Still waiting , and actually am almost at the point of giving up on it . Why the long wait ? Why no info on release date ? Seems to me like they are possibly having design /sealing issues , why else would it not be released by now ? What they SHOULD do is that for all the people that signed up by leaving their e-mail address for notification about the release , give like a 25% off price for a 24 hour window only for the LONG WAIT .

  10. Sloan says:

    Still waiting like everybody else…getting to the tipping point where I am about to just buy another case, possibly life proofs rival Otter OC. I agree with the article and many readers below, at least give some sort of update or timeline via the sign up notifications. The silence is odd on many levels, but a business perspective for LifeProof if nothing else.

  11. Mols says:

    Been waiting and waiting to even hear a release date. Thought I read end of February, now that is not firm… My screen just got cracked. Looks like I’m going to order the Catalyst… : ( Would have considered the fre’ but it seems to have poor reviews with screen usability, rainbow affect and scratches easily. I also would have liked atleast a lime green color choice not just pink, purple and blue. Please tell us a date! I agree those that signed up for notification should get a discount!


      I’ve never seen there’s until your post. I’m on the phone with them now getting some design specifics, thanks for sharing.

  12. sy says:

    daniel pls post some early thoughts! ive been waiting for the ip6+ nuud forever and gave up a month or so ago but still havent gotten a waterproof one. never had the old one so spending so much money on a case without reading some review is tough!

    is it bulky? is it easy to put on and off? these are my main concerns as i wont be in waterproof required situations daily so may want to change cases if bulky

  13. Steve says:

    Got my case for 6+ two weeks ago (shipped to UK)
    however whilst sound reception is great people can’t hear me! about to investigate and report to Lifeproof as at the moment I have an expensive box!

  14. Bob says:

    Just received my new Lifproof case for my 6+ 2 days ago. I was so pleased as I looked it over and quickly snapped it together….same apparent quality as my Lifeproof case for my iPad Mini. All good until I made my first call and discovered that people had difficulty hearing me. Basically useless as a phone. My next step after this post will be a call to Lifeproof customer service! I too have a very expensive box. Help!


    LIFEPROOF didn’t do a good job of design & testing of the i6+ NUUD

    Received the long-awaited early-bird preordered case on Fri 3/13. Mon 3/16 processed refund due to IP68 waterleak test failure in 8″ of kitchen sink water and I’m well versed in testing extreme phone cases, additionally outgoing calls were distorted & nobody could understand me.

    Today (Mon 3/16) called LP and (1st LP agent) shared LP was working on the known issues
    which several have been complaining about and he confirmed those issues
    were waterleak test failure & sound distortion for outgoing calls. We processed a refund.

    Today (Mon 3/16) called LP back to confirm return shipping instructions and a second LP agent happened to share her own personal success with ther i6+ case she received 1.5 weeks ago. She stated hers was part of the NEW batch which had corrected leaking and sound distortion issues. I relayed that mine was received Fri 3/13 (should be NEW batch) and leaked and sound issues. She was dissapointed to hear that and stated that perhaps mine was just defective and should’ve been the NEW batch. The real kicker is when she told me the first batch had trial & error issues, this isn’t what customers want to hear after paying $99 for a case, plus tax. I’ve used Otterbox & LP products in the past and they’ve always been just ok, otterboxes are generally tough to pull out of your pocket with out turning them inside out (soft silicone grabs) and LP cases on past models I’ve used have never held up to the drop tests they claim. I was excited to see an IP68 rated case finally and very dissapointed it’s a HIT or MISS as to whether they leak or sound distort. I’m therefore forced to continue searching for an extreme duty case and only hope LIFEPROOF can learn to
    design & test prior mass production shipping of their products. I will say LP does have decent customer service though.

    Unfortunately I do NOT recommend this product at this time.

  16. CurtissPope says:

    Do not order this case if you want to be heard by the person you are talking to .Also it has issues accepting the standard iphone headphones that come with the phone. you literally have to carry around your cable that screws directly onto the case .Returning mine today

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