HTC One M9 Carphone Warehouse price and plans


The HTC One M9 was recently made official and is heading for a release worldwide. If you’re in the UK and have been waiting for details of the phone from Carphone Warehouse you’re in luck. This flagship Android smartphone is likely to be in demand following the success of the One M8, and we now have news on HTC One M9 Carphone Warehouse price and plans.

Last week we gave some information for UK buyers of some of the UK networks that will be offering the phone. We also knew it would be available through Carphone Warehouse, but at that time the retailer hadn’t announced pricing. Now we can give you details on pricing, and we’ll start with the SIM free price, which is £579.99. Pre-orders are now open for the silver and grey colour options, and delivery is expected by 31st March tying in with previous release info that we’d heard.

Those customers who place a pre-order on a contract plan will also receive a free Dot View Case with the phone (not for SIM-free version). If you’d rather pay on a monthly contract then there are plenty of different plans available, with tariffs on EE, O2 and Vodafone.

If you don’t want to pay anything up front then one of the plans on Vodafone will cost you £43.50 per month for 24 months. This will get you unlimited minutes and texts and 4GB of 4G data monthly. Alternatively if you pay £59.99 upfront then the price drops to payments of £39.50 for 24 months, for the same amount of minutes, texts and data.

Another of the best plans is on EE where an upfront payment of £59.99 will mean contract payments of £41.99 for 24 months. This will get you unlimited minutes and texts and 5GB of 4G data. Customers who want the phone on O2 can choose a plan with an upfront payment of £59.99 and monthly payments of £43 for 24 months. This will get you the same minutes, text and data as the previous EE plan.

These are some of the recommended Carphone Warehouse plans for the HTC One M9 but plenty more are available. You can check them all out from this Carphone Warehouse product page, where those wishing to upgrade can also find details. Availability of the phone by the end of March means that it will arrive before the also recently announced Samsung Galaxy S6. As these are both new flagships, you might also want to check our article and video about some of the key advantages of each.

Have you been waiting for the HTC One M9? What is it about this smartphone that most appeals to you, and will you be pre-ordering one through Carphone Warehouse? Let us have your comments.

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