New Lumia 940 vision with specs provided


There have been murmurings about a Microsoft Lumia 940 and possibly a Lumia 940 XL for some time now, and many of us would appreciate a new high-end handset from the company. We’re still waiting for official news on this though, so in the meantime we thought we’d share a new Lumia 940 vision that has also been given some specs.

Regular readers of Phones Review will know that we enjoy looking at concept designs occasionally as they can give us some ideas for how upcoming devices could look, as well as specs and features that could be offered. This latest Lumia 940 creation comes from designer Lucas F Silva, and the handset looks pretty stylish and has a metallic build in five different color options.

It looks nicely slim and has slightly rounded corners to avoid the sharp feel of very angular edges in the hand. Silva has also provided some specs for this Lumia 940 design, which include a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 20-megapixel rear camera, and a 3200 mAh battery. There looks to be a speaker on the front and another on the back, and the phone features 3D Touch, a fingerprint sensor, and also an iris scanner.

New Lumia 940 vision with specs provided

This is not the first Lumia 940 design we’ve seen and you might also like to check out some previous renders we’ve shown here and here, and tell us which you think is the best so far and also which you think is the most credible. We imagine we should hear something official soon about the real deal, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see further concept ideas for this phone in the meantime.

What do you think of this latest Microsoft Lumia 940 design? Are you waiting for Microsoft to reveal a new top-flight Lumia smartphone? Do let us know by sending us your comments.

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4 thoughts on “New Lumia 940 vision with specs provided”

  1. yanivc says:

    Best render Ive seen thus far and 100% AGREE with the feature set. Iis Scanner and Finger Print reader would be amazing to have (I basically tweeted last week take the GS6 and turn it into WP winner). However what Im really hoping for we need to still wait and see which is better/tighter app integration at the OS level. The current context switching from OS to “shared app” is still way too clunky. When I click share, I expect a nice native screen, not the native black screen… ewww

  2. Alwin says:

    *yawn* The world really doesn’t need another iPhone clone with some top-level current abilities. Nokia was never afraid to push the envelope a bit. It’s how we ended up with fabulous cameras, offline maps and USB OTG on the cheap C7. I’d prefer the Lumia 940 (Lumia 10 actually, probably) to be entirely different. A real killer feature would be to go modular. Being able to click in mini-dock to connect screens and a keyboard perhaps to take a bite out of the tablet and laptop market with now universal apps. Being able to click in a bigger battery, a stunning camera, a much larger hard drive – that kind of thing. Make it the phone that’s infinitely upgradeable, like Windows 10 itself.

  3. Jacob Newton says:

    Well, as I am still clinging to my Lumia 920, unfortunately not by choice, I am prone to excessive excitement. The anticipation of getting my hands on a new Lumia, with years of development or dreaming and desires of its users combines to create quite the expectation. Fortunately, I am now accustomed to holding on steadfastly with contentment. That being said, I certainly believe that anything offered with a name Lumia 940 will be wildly successful and beyond my most dreamt expectations. Fingers crosses!

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