Microsoft Lumia 740 design complete with specs


There’s a lot of buzz about the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 940 at the moment, but what about a mid-range Microsoft Lumia 740? The latter is the subject of a new concept render that we’re sharing today, and this design is complete with specs. We wonder if readers would like Microsoft to come up with a real Lumia 740 that’s something like this?

New Lumia handsets are always popular with concept designers. While we’ve shown plenty of ideas for the Lumia 940 (example 1, example 2), we haven’t seen a design for a Lumia 740 before. The vision we’re sharing today comes from Microsoft Lovers and it’s all about the selfies with this one.

Imagined specs for this smartphone include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64-bit octa-core processor, a 5-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD to 128GB. It has a 2650 mAh battery, and as you would expect it would be running Windows 10 for Mobile.

Microsoft Lumia 740 design b
Microsoft Lumia 740 design c

This Microsoft Lumia 740 comes in a single SIM 4G version or dual SIM 3G and 4G variants. Camera capabilities of this handset include a 13-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front-facing snapper. The rear unit has Zeiss lens, LED flash, f/2.0 aperture, and 1080p video capture. The front-facing camera has a wide-angle lens, LED flash, and also Full HD video recording capability.

As far as the design is concerned it largely sticks to the Fabula Design look. It has a polycarbonate casing with a large camera area on the reverse. It’s decent looking enough but doesn’t bring much new to the table, although we suppose that does make it a realistic concept. We’d like to hear from readers about this new concept Lumia 740 idea.

Would you like to see a Microsoft Lumia 740 looking like this with similar specs released? Maybe you have your own ideas on what you’d like for a new Lumia mid-range smartphone? Drop us your comments in the box below.

Source: Microsoft Lovers (Facebook)
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14 thoughts on “Microsoft Lumia 740 design complete with specs”

  1. praveenk says:

    must hav atleast 1.5gb ram(1gb ram nowadays old)…hav zeiss lens.. dolby5.1 srround sound…5inch screen is enough… hav 1080p display.. hav corning gorilla glass4…and last but not least. the price should b below 20000…if all these specs are there then lumia is the winner…

  2. Maximum Fate says:

    poor design and spec.
    Here is mine:
    720p294 ppi
    16 ROM2RAMMSD 128gb
    5 mp ffc13 mp rc zeiss opticsprueviewIOS
    Improved camera sensor. dual LED flash.
    Slowfast motion video capture
    7201080p video capture.
    Hoping for snapdragon 625.
    It has ram @933 mhz speed
    daul isp sensor
    octa core @ 2.2ghz.

      1. Maximum Fate says:

        it also depend on ram speed and processor speed. lpddr2 comes with 533mhz where lpddr3 comes with 933mhz there is major difference. Lumia 640 having 1 gb ram and SoC 400 @1.2 ghz. The review says that it is not a fastest device. Need a break through. Hence windows phone come with a universal apps.

    1. Sai Chand says:

      present windows phone and ios is maintain 1gb ram is working fastly lot of app is running. but android was 1 gb ram no space of apps is not well runnning no optimization. so that android has given 2gb and 3gb ram facility in android.

  3. balcobomber25 says:

    Really not much of an upgrade over the 640. Would prefer to see similar specs to Android midrange devices:

    2-3 GB of RAM
    16GB ROM
    13MP with Zeiss and OIS

  4. Greeting says:

    I wish more emphasis was given to weight – the Lumia range (630 upwards) goes way over 140g, 150g etc). To be comfortable we should have a choice in the Microsoft range of a quick but compact phone, easily slipped into a shirt pocket – for this, mid-range specs are fine, provided Windows runs smooth and easy – consider the 740 fitting into this hierarchy… I think it would be a massive seller
    How about
    940 flagship 5.5 inch,
    840 cut-down flagship 5.0 inch
    -> 740 upper mid-range 4.7 inch – compact & Light (125g or less, and under 135x67x9 mm)
    640 lower midrange 5.0 inch – bigger, heavier, a little slower, cheaper (quantity over quality?)
    540 really great value 4.5 inch – compact, simple, effective

  5. Souporno says:

    Nice Phone.Windows 10 OS is also good.Camera Is like a mini dslr.13 mp with Zeiss lens.wait for that phone.I will get the 1st day of release.

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