Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Note 4 upgrade reasons or not


It’s fair to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has met with mixed reviews since it was recently made official. It will shortly be making its way into the hands of buyers and has some impressive specs and a sleek design, but lacks the microSD expansion and removable battery that so many Note fans like to have. If you are wondering whether it’s worth upgrading to we have a video to share of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Note 4 with upgrade reasons or not.

The Galaxy Note 5 was announced in the usual blaze of publicity, but we soon heard that the phablet would not be releasing for buyers in the UK and Europe any time soon. This has led to a petition being established in an attempt to make Samsung think again, although in truth this is unlikely to lead to a quick change of heart. Although many enthusiasts of the Note line are frustrated at the non-removable battery and missing microSD storage expansion, there will still be plenty of buyers of the new Galaxy Note.

For those who aren’t sure whether to purchase it or not, the YouTube video that we’ve positioned beneath this story of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Note 4 could be useful. It comes from TotalTechWar and details 15 different reasons why it’s worth upgrading to the Note 5. After a short introduction the reviewer first discusses 6 reasons why some might not want to upgrade from the Note 4 to the Note 5, with some reasons being more significant than others.

The next part of the video focuses on the reasons why you might want to upgrade to the Note 5. Just a few of the pointers discussed are the improved frame, new auto-ejectable S Pen, slimmer bezels, 4GB of RAM, other improved specs and more. You can see all of the various aspects noted when you watch the video below, at the end of which you should have a better idea of whether to splash your cash on the Galaxy Note 5.

After you’ve taken a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Note 4 video we’d appreciate your comments. Have you made up your mind whether to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or not to bother? What is the major factor in your decision?



8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Note 4 upgrade reasons or not”

  1. Brittany Waiters says:

    Still having such a difficult decision on whether to upgrade to a Note 4 or to a Note 5. I ‘m currently using a Galaxy S4 with an upgrade coming in Sept. Being able to expand my storage for $30 with a microSD as opposed to buying a completely different phone has always been a huge deal to me with my smartphones. And I have had to replace batteries on several different occasions (generally to fix issues, not to avoid charging). I’m so worried about upgrading to the non-removable back phone and then actually needing these features later on. Most people generally would rather avoid losses than acquire gains.
    I generally consider myself to be plenty vain when it comes to expensive things that I purchase, but I have never found the Galaxy S or Note series to be unattractive in any way. Is the full metal body prettier? Sure. But I doubt most people who use these phones care that much about that. It’s definitely not a deal breaker for me.
    I think the only reason I’m hesitating on this is because I’m always afraid of being “left behind” technologically. I’m always wary about getting the older model of things when the newer one is out. But from what I’ve heard, that’s generally not as big of an issue with Notes, but it still worries me.

    1. GOAT78 says:

      I own the Note 4 and I will not upgrade to the Note 5 at the price Samsung is offering. I love my Note 4. I’m not sure why folks care about a glass back. If you’re dropping $800+ on a phone, I think you should spend another $50 and get a decent case. With a case, no one will see that glass back. The Note 5 is a great phone. If you have never owned a Note, you will love it. I’m sure if you walk into a carrier or Best Buy and look at it, it will grab you. The screen is nice and it is well built. As a Note 4 owner, I already have a great screen and a great camera. In my opinion, the Note 4 is still the best Android phone on the market. It also still beats the iPhone 6+ any day of the week ending with a Y.

      1. Jimmy Drew says:

        Agree 100%. I will wait for actual owner reviews.. and see.. right now it is staying with my Note 4 all the way in it’s Otter box commuter case looks pretty damn good actually.

  2. GOAT78 says:

    In the video, it should be mentioned that when the battery is degraded, you have to mail your phone to Samsung. Probably have to pay $200. If something happens to the device after that 14 day period, are they going to give you a brand new one or do you have to ship it out for repairs? My brother bought the S6 Edge and it was DOA. Had to return it and wait for another one to be shipped to him because they were out of stock.

  3. Ira says:

    I was very disappointed when the Galaxy Note 5 discarded the replaceable battery and the SD card. Although you make some good points, I am not sure that the lack of these features warrants an upgrade. I will continue to research this issue, including a visit to my local Verizon store for a hands-on opportunity, but as of now, I am leaning towards the Note 4. Thanks for your informative video.

  4. Jimmy Drew says:

    Damn, I have had the opportunity to play with the Note 5. If it is faster it is very small increase in speed. The camera seems the same to me I don’t see a difference… Who cares about the looks, most of us put it in an Otter box or some other case… I personally don’t want a glass back… No SD slot.. c’mon guys.. sure I can live with a smaller battery if it proves to hold a charge for 12 hours. I love wireless charging.. but I can do that with my Note 4!!! I don’t think I can upgrade this time.. and I have loved each upgrade so far with the Notes but this really seems to be the smallest upgrade of all.. and yes I do use my IR blaster… not looking good for the Note 5 at all. IF I had to decide right this minute it would be NO… actually HELL NO!!!! 😉

  5. cliffy44 says:

    No SD card. – No removable battery – No Note 5

    I bought my Note Edge, wanting my September release dated Note 5 in January, when I believe that the release is actually going to happen.

    BUT, I would be throwing away my 128 Gig SD card; my $50.00 super case and my induction charging back case cover.

    As I said – NO NOTE 5; unless they allow me the same features that I have grown to love, since my very first Note 1.

    Sorry Samsung; you obama’ed up.

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