iPhone 7S concept adds microSD, removes audio jack


If you have been following news and leaks on the upcoming iPhone 7, you may well have heard suggestions that the new iPhone will abandon the headphone jack and instead make use of the Lightning port for transmitting sound. While Apple has not confirmed this, it has already led to concept designers imagining a new kind of iPhone. Today we’re showing a new iPhone 7S concept that adds a microSD card slot and removes the audio jack.

Hasan Kaymak is a name that many readers may be familiar with, as we’ve previously covered some of his other stylish visions for smartphones. Now he has turned his attention to an iPhone sans audio jack, but rather than doing this for the iPhone 7 he has imagined it a step further down the line. This iPhone 7S concept offers a new design idea for the handset that we think many iPhone buyers would appreciate.

The phone has an aluminum build with the metal look also showing more on the front than we’re used to. The handset features double diamond cut edges, curvature on both the top and bottom, and slight roundness for the back and front. One design touch that we particularly like is the discrete speaker placement on the top and bottom edges.

iPhone 7S concept
iPhone 7S concept c
iPhone 7S concept b

Something we would never expect to see on an iPhone is a microSD card slot. Nevertheless that hasn’t stopped the designer including that for his iPhone 7S concept, along with a Full HD retina display, and stereo speakers. Removing the iPhone jack would allow for a slimmer handset, and this is described as the “thinnest iPhone ever.”

Along with the renders shown here Kaymak has also produced an accompanying iPhone 7S concept design review video. You can take a look at that as we’ve embedded the video below this article for your viewing convenience. If you enjoyed this design you might also like to check out a couple of other recent concept ideas from this designer, for example this HTC One M10 XL or how about this OnePlus 3 design.

We’re impressed with the ideas behind this iPhone 7S concept and we wonder what you think. Do you think Apple will remove the headphone jack for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7S? Would you like to see Apple produce an iPhone 7S looking something like this? Let us know with your comments.

Source: Hasan Kaymak (YouTube)
Via: Concept Phones


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