iOS 5 download time countdown, what to do: Update

The iOS download time is near and we are counting down, this is the biggest Apple software countdown to date and millions will be sitting right there next to their laptops / desktops etc hitting the update button within iTunes.

No one know what the exact time the iOS 5 update will go live tomorrow (Oct 12), but we are suggesting 10am in US (Pacific Time) and 6pm (GMT London Time).

This post on iPhone Rumors makes some suggestions on what you should do before updating your iPhone, and as we’re very close to the iPhone iOS 5 download time, how about a little refresh for our beloved readers on what to do before installing this new Apple software onto your iDevice.

Here come the tips:

1. Make sure you have an Apple iPhone etc (Only joking as that’s obvious).
2. On a serious note now — Visit Apples website and check to see if your iPhone is compatible with the new iOS 5, the reason we mention this is all down to the fact that older models such as the iPhone 3G and before will not be able to install.
3. Make sure you have the latest iTunes; tomorrow will see iTunes getting its 10.5 update.
4. Make sure you back up your Apple device before installing iOS 5.
5. Update all you applications, probably best to have all the updated apps as well as many of them will support iOS 5.
6. If you are into jailbreaking, you may want to revert back their software before updating, this is your choice though.
7. Once again BACKUP your iOS device before installing iOS 5, just in case something goes wrong.

We will let you know when the new iOS 5 goes live, personally we would wait until Thursday 13th because tomorrow everyone will be smashing the servers to bits to get the new iOS 5, it will be the case of MILLIONS hitting that update button all at once.

What time do you think Apple will make iOS 5 download live?

UPDATE: Sorry all, but iOS 5 is not live yet, we just like you are sitting here waiting patiently. Stay with us. Just to let you know we are starting our “iOS 5 public problems and discussions” page for you all to come. Oh and iCloud.com has gone live but you will need iOS 5 to enter etc, read more here.

Update 2: iOS 5 Release worldwide time zones

Update 3: iOS 5 is now live, go download


2,530 thoughts on “iOS 5 download time countdown, what to do: Update”

  1. Reply
    Natalie_bloor says:

    im in uk i need this now haaaa can someone help me download all of this itunes and i0s5 as i dont have a clue??? i wanna jailbreak it to/????????? x

  2. Reply
    Premraju says:

    I have downloaded iTunes 10.5. And i’m just waiting before my laptop hitting ‘Check Update’ buttom to get the new IOS. Nervous!

  3. Reply
    Pauls11 says:

    go on itunes you can download itunes 10.5 now,,,, if your tempted to download ios 5 gm restore  from one of the torrent sites you can but i think you should wait because there is a couple of things which need updating even though it says the current ios 5 is current and will check again on the 18th october,,i no because ive done it and it works fine but i am still gonna back up my phone and download the offical ipsw

    good luck

  4. Reply
    fangirl says:

    uk can go onto us itunes and download but cant download from uk apple, stupid or what?! installed here and waiting for ios5 now……..

  5. Reply
    conor porteous says:

    @cdbd0fc149a8625afa7b9e655802968b:disqus Open iTunes and at the top of the iTunes there should be a task bar starting with File and ending with Help. Go to Help then to Check for Updates iTunes will then check for 10.5 and will report back with the findings of the Update so then let it update and there you are now ready for iOS 5 tomorrow at whatever itis out. Hope I helped you 🙂

  6. Reply
    Andre Cabrera says:

    I’m a registered Apple developer and I have the iOS 5 Gold Master update and let me tell you that it’s worth the wait. iOS 5 is so advanced you’ll forget your using a phone I am head over heels in love with iOS5 not just notification center but edited and cropping pictures. As well as using the volume button to capture photos I think iOS 5 is by far the most advanced mobile operation system in any phone out now. My 4S comes on friday hopefully and I cannot wait to use Siri.

  7. Reply
    conor porteous says:

    @google-95e454199696bf38ffa5ebff95c18045:disqus Thanks for saying that now tomorrow will go slower no I know it is worth the wait I am FREAKING GOING TO DIE if I don’t get it sooner that 6PM tomorrow 🙁

    1. Reply
      Andre Cabrera says:

      I actually think or what all the developers are hearing is that they release it close to midnight.

          1. Jamsterthehamster1905 says:

            is it actually downloading or are people lieing coz im not getting it in england

      1. Reply
        DocKbh says:

        I guess its a really slow download since its been 40 min (now 50) since your first post? whats the dl speed? 

  8. Reply
    Vee says:

    ITUNES 10.5 can be downloaded from HELP section in ITUNES..choose CHECK FOR UPDATES. IOS 5 is not out yet though!! (London USER)

  9. Reply
    Michael Sanderson says:

    I have iTunes 10.5 and it can be downloaded from the Help Section of Apples website, as said before by Vee.


  10. Reply
    Adam says:

    It does say in the article it’ll be available in the UK at 18:00 on 12-10-2011 which is about 17 hours from now. You guys have a long, long wait if your sitting there constantly pressing ‘check for update’ in iTunes! Apple has always released updates at around18:00 on the day of release.

  11. Reply
    Anonymous says:

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  12. Reply
    Craig Osben says:

    I doubt it will be anytime soon, as Adam said its usually around 18:00 GMT so a long wait ahead 🙁

  13. Reply
    Benstoneman says:

    Yes! Just got IOS 5! Not Just Itunes 10.5. Put the device in dfu mode and open itunes as an administrator and click restore. Also change the time on the clock to 18:05 12/10/2011….GOOD LUCK

    1. Reply
      oJ says:

      i tried putting my phone in DFU mode and thn restoring it and also changed the time  . its still downloading 4.3.5 

    2. Reply
      Icarus says:

      Indeed. And if you stand upside down chanting evil tunes while pressing all six left mouse buttons it Will install iOS 6! No point in trying this as it Will not do anything to get closer to iOS 5. Fetch iTunes 10.5 and wait it out 🙂

  14. Reply
    Antum says:

    My cable came out halfway through….. I thought i killed it but its on IOS 5 now! thanks Ben you GANGstar

  15. Reply
    guest says:

    Ive changed the time zone, put device in DFU mode and also ran iTunes in admin mode, Still only restores it to 4.3.5

  16. Reply
    Gert says:

    For those having problems, Change Location in windows control panel to US and make sure you are not updating jailbroken device. if it does not work change date to 13/10/2011

  17. Reply
    guest says:

    I have tried everything. I have put all the regional settings to USA, changed time and date to 13/10 and ran itunes in admin. Still nothing.

    1. Reply
      Gert says:

      Uninstall Itunes then reinstall it, Uninstall quicktime, Deauthorise computer in itunes the authorise. make sure battery is full, use official cable, and bens instructions should work

        1. Reply
          Gert says:

          Its not the device thats the problem, Its how you follow instructions, the other people dont have problems. must be your pc thats junk or cruddy net connection

          1. guest says:

            Laptop is fine, All setting have been changed, Tested with un-restored iphone 4. Internet is working fine. If you have an iphone 4 and got the IPSW then please upload it

      1. Reply
        Ycnah says:

        done it 3x times now, have followed instructions to the letter .. still not running IOS 5 .. do u think it matters what country your in? im in New Zealand

  18. Reply
    Guest says:

    So for those who are wondering iOS isn’t actually released yet..So stop saying you’ve downloaded it or by changing your settings to US you’ve downloaded it. The only possible iOS you can download right at this point in time in the developers version of iOS 5. Apple have released Itunes 10.5 but not iOS 5

    1. Reply
      Sam says:

      SAME.. Just gonna wait it out.  5am Tomorrow (Tassie Daylight Time) it should be going love around then. I think that is 6am EST if you’re in a part of Aus that hasn’t got Daylight Savings just yet.

  19. Reply

    Ben is full of sh*t… just spent over an hour messing with this and it just doesnt work.. Ben should stop pretending to be different people and saying it works, it doesnt, it’s not available yet.
    Ben you c*ck s*cking n*b jockey

          1. phonesreview says:

            No you speak “professional troll-bot!”

            Nice job getting such a new age time-waster’s job! You are a waste of electricity Drew and the puppet PR office-clown posting under that fake name 🙂

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            Doesn’t seem like english to me?

          3. phonesreview says:

            Sorry, don’t speak Mexican or Spanish or whatever cleaner’s language that is

          4. phonesreview says:

            This post is so un-cool — I wish I could delete it… apologies for the offence it may have caused.

          5. phonesreview says:

            Err — your email is linked to a whole chain of posts under the name Drew Peakcock — Click your picture to show your profile.

            Stupid, yes, but just trying to waste your time a little…

            Not a gaybot? Nice name you just made up for yourself. Seriously, are you bots in a cubicle at a PR company, or do you get to work by a pool somewhere?

            Do you own the PR company or just a work from home freelancer?

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      1. Reply
        phonesreview says:

        Sorry Tony — maybe I’m wrong.
        I consult sometimes for corporates to manage social media spin engineers — had flagged you as a professional human-bot.

        No offence meant, thought we were both at work!

  20. Reply
    thatguyoverthere says:


      1. Reply
        phonesreview says:

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        1. Reply
          Tony says:

          Spic your comments make no sense in english or spanish. go eat a burito or mug a chinaman or something you cant afford a iphone anyway.

          1. phonesreview says:

            That foreign language post was a repost of Brit’s comment about Daniel Radcliffe — just messing with her!

            > I’m Australian by the way — yes, poor! but that’s because I’ve invested all my cash into a tech startup: Have 3 iPads and a Samsung Android tablet — I’m a software developer and communication analyst.

            Keep trying to make yourself feel good mate by guessing who I’m not!

            Your cubicle is obviously not treating you nicely at the moment 😉

            Play, Play, Play, Bounce, Ping, Donk, Laugh, At, You!

          2. JOHNt says:


          3. phonesreview says:

            Right — Back — At — You — Like — A — Mirror

            I could not have said that better about you!!

    1. Reply
      phonesreview says:

      lol — This list of comments is hilarious!

      Ben: Wasting people’s time is not really that nice, but humans and their toys are funny to observe :p

        1. Reply
          phonesreview says:

          LOL — I wish! I have a bucket with your wet ear wax, wondering what to bounce in the apple of change to the brown bunker.

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          Love this game E o Jason ta bonitão!! Ainda bem ta se arrumando pra godney

        2. Reply
          phonesreview says:

          I love this point where you switch identities to JOHNt

          Clever trick using a lowercase ending to your aliases.

  21. Reply
    SantiagoCosta says:

    me 12 yr old son just did it for me thanks to the persons who put the instructions up, whoever cannot do it have some patience i couldnt do it either hence the use of my childs skills.

    1. Reply
      Patriot says:

      you spic people are so dumb lol i did it without a stupid kid haha eat dog dirt ben i did it without looking at your instructions because i am the king

  22. Reply
    Mrs Jessicaayres says:

    can someone please help me! I got itunes 10,5 now what do I need to do to get ios5?

    ps. im not that tech smart!

      1. Reply
        phonesreview says:

         Sportatorium – Richie Whitt – TV Ratings: Rangers + Mavericks + Stars < Cowboys 3 weeks agoI love putting you dweebs in your place. It's so easy. It's fun. A special shout out to RoosterKergoScruffy. He's already babbling. Come get some!

        1. Reply
          phonesreview says:

          I forgot to mention — this is a re-post of one of your posts Gert — although given you probably are borrowing this social profile as a human-bot, you probably don’t know what posts were sent previously.


      2. Reply
        Mrs Jessicaayres says:

        hmm… so i changed the date and time on my computer and my phone… opened itunes (which is 10.5) put my phone in DFU mode and then clicked restore… my phone is still on 4,2,10. Do i need to set it up as a new phone or am I missing something?

    1. Reply
      Mr. Rushmore says:

      you have to wait unfortunately, they only released iTunes 10.5. Your iPhone operating system upgrade (iOS5) won’t be available until tomorrow sometime. Rumors are saying 10am PST. Hope this helps.

  23. Reply
    JOHNt says:


    1. Reply
      phonesreview says:

      Can you re-post that not in caps — it’s hurting my ears?

      Also, just wondering why you have a lower-case “t” at the end of your name :/ Very interesting dude…

          1. phonesreview says:

            Oooh!  You are a cleaner…

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          2. phonesreview says:

            You are worthy of being liked, man…
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  24. Reply
    toof hurty says:

    Really, all this is boiling down to, is that the doucher who thinks that he can cheat his way into iOS5 just a few hours earlier needs to get a pair of balls and pay a prostitute to lick them on occassion.  Also, stop trying it for god’s sake!

    1. Reply
      phonesreview says:

      LOL — Thanks toof — well said 😉

      I’m just having fun with the clowns while everyone waits!

        1. Reply
          phonesreview says:

          well, actually “reality” backs me up — and reality puts you into a cubicle, or beside a pool having some wonderful fun!

          Sorry for hassling you seriously though! Just wanted to balance out all that time-wasting you are doing for people making the try the iOS install!

          I’ll leave you alone now if you want. But if you say I’m just quitting the argument I’ll be back, maybe after I go for a coffee break 🙂

          +1 for CAPS… sometimes 😉

          1. JOHNt says:


          2. phonesreview says:

            I don’t troll with the iPads — I develop and test my iOS and Android enterprise apps for corporates :p

            I like your energy JOHNt! Want to invest some of that money in my company?

            We’ve got a bit of a professional connection going here!

            It’s 2:52 pm here in Melbourne, Australia — time for a coffee break! — so no, I shouldn’t keep you up, it’s not fair on you, I’ve had a good nights sleep, you’ve been cleaning all day.

          3. JOHNt says:


          4. toof hurty says:

            In all curiousity, I would like to learn what a ‘dirty cleaner’ is.  I don’t believe I would hire them.

          5. phonesreview says:

            We need to test on consumer devices before we release apps.

            Also, I love using tablets for my personal entertainment and project management.

            Hmm, you reveal yourself as a non-developer by calling us “they”.

            You said you were really rich, so that way why I was asking if you wanted to invest.

            Obviously you are not capable of intelligent conversation and you’re quite hurt by the basis of my argument, which is that telling someone to update to iOS 5 and pretending that there is proof that it can be done: is “time wasting”. You know that is true, right?!

            Inside, you know.

            Face that truth.

            I’m sorry for making you upset.

            And I do take back the comments about being a cleaner, that is unfair and I seriously take them back.

            Nobody needs 3 iPads, no, I use 1 personally and 2 are test units for apps that sync peer-to-peer and through the cloud.

            So perhaps the truth is “I have 2 for my job, and use 1 myself”

            Sometimes I do use a 2nd one as a reader, or reference to something like iOS based project management software like inShort or iThoughts when I’m mind mapping.

  25. Reply
    toof hurty says:


    1. Reply
      JOHNt says:


    1. Reply
      JOHNt says:


      1. Reply
        toof hurty says:

        Dude, I am obviously not the same person.  I do not know how to prove that to you.  But, I could tell you that I have no idea who phonesreview is.

      2. Reply
        phonesreview says:

        Obvious we are the same person?

        Because we use correct grammar and spelling and can type quickly because we are edu-macated?!

    2. Reply
      phonesreview says:

      hey toof, nice to meet you!

      I’m English+Yugoslav/German born in Melbourne, Australia :)I assure you that toof hurty and I are not the same person, but have no idea how or why we can prove it…

  26. Reply
    Hmmm says:

    Alright so. This is getting ridiculous. I don’t understand why you would post on this if you’re not talking about the iOS 5. Stop please. Thanks!

    1. Reply
      phonesreview says:

      A lot of these posts are actually a fight with a guy who is posting misinformation about how to get iOS 5 early.

      We’re trying to stop his message from wasting people’s time as they try early.

      Just wait — it’ll be available when your copy of iTunes 10.5 says it is :) 

    1. Reply
      MOOKSZ says:

      how’d you do it. cause ive restored about 5 times .. where should i change the time? and how exactly did u do it?

      1. Reply
        superhacker says:

        I did a combination of gert and bens instructions pretty difficult because these troll try to confuse things.

  27. Reply
    Mrs Jessicaayres says:

    Well that did not work. Going to have to wait. Does anyone know if ios 5 will allow you to change the sms bubble colors?

  28. Reply
    Mrs Jessicaayres says:

    Okay Thanks! Yeah I should have waited cause all my apps are gone 🙁 I have no idea what I’m doing lol

    1. Reply
      toof hurty says:

      Just wait.  Otherwise, most people will just delete all of their contacts, email, and photos, along with everything else. 

  29. Reply
    Mrfangt says:

    I tried 3 times did not work from instuctions under these freaks comments, i took cmos battery out and put it back in and it worked thanks mr ben!!!!!!

  30. Reply
    Mrs Jessicaayres says:

    I would fall under “most people” haha and I actually successfully jail broke my phone and changed the colors but it seemed like too much just to get the ugly green off so I went back to stock.

  31. Reply
    Mike Ruffner says:

    I agree with the 10am pacific/1pm eastern rule of thumb.  However, in the past (twice) I’ve updated after midnight.  Some sort of “selection” to relieve server pressure?  A thrice would be nice!!

    1. Reply
      phonesreview says:


      Ironically, at some point it’s going to be released and we’re going to be so busy telling people it’s not actually available yet that we’ll miss it ourselves!

      But hey, I will forever remember the hours leading up to the release of iOS 5!!!

      Great to share the hilarious experience with you Mr Hurty 🙂

    1. Reply
      toof hurty says:

      honestly, i understand that you’re upset.  notice all the lower case lettering to let you feel as if you have won.

      1. Reply
        phonesreview says:

        yep… suuuuuree……. is….

        (just not iOS 5 release which has not happened yet and cannot be gotten, yet, wait…)

  32. Reply
    JOHNt says:

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  35. Reply
    JOHNt says:

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    Deborah for shining a light on what I thought was an impossible

  36. Reply
    JOHNt says:

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    JOHNt says:

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      1. Reply
        phonesreview says:

        He didn’t! It’s not available to consumers yet, only to developers, so best to wait a day.

        He’s just messing with people :)Must have been bullied as a kid, now he messes with other people online to feel some type of closure perhaps?

  38. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    Sky News’s Adam Boulton openly questions married Liam Fox’s sexuality on
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  39. Reply
    JOHNt says:

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  40. Reply
    MiguelSombe says:

    JOHNt is the bomb; I love how you are ignoring the loser with the two profiles you can tell its one guy because he replies to his own comment straight away. I’ve been reading for a hour at this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Reply
        phonesreview says:

        Actually we are pretty similar toof!

        If I wasn’t one of the 2 who are being compared I’d think we were the same person 🙂

    1. Reply
      phonesreview says:

      lol — we are wasting your time 🙂

      payback for all those people you’re annoying — Karma will bite you Ben/Gert/John

  41. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    CNET UKCraveMobile Phones

    iPad 3 and iPhone 5 could have MagSafe chargers

    By Luke Westaway on 18 August 2011, 1:12pm

    Alert me

    Mobile Phones

    Apple could be working on squeezing its MagSafe charging tech into future mobile gadgets, according to a patent that Jobs and co have been awarded.
    The diagram above shows how Apple would squeeze its magnetic power supply into a device like an iPad — perhaps the iPad 3. It looks like the charging port could jut out diagonally from the gadget in question.
    MagSafe reduces the risk of accidentally sending your stuff flying across the room, if you accidentally yank on its power cord.
    welcome the addition of this charging port, not just because it could
    save us a trip to the tech doctor, but because we’re rather averse to
    the 30-pin connector port that currently adorns every iPad, iPod and iPhone. Despite having about a million of them in the office, somehow we can never find one

  42. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    Apple will eventually get rid of the 30pin connector , so the mag safe power is likely.

    No parts to ware, more space for other things, or smaller device. Smart idea.

  43. Reply
    LacyChabert says:

    Another satisfied customer! lmao                       The “experts” below don’t know nothing thank you bengert,       every body for the instructions look below the 3 freaks 100 love comments.

  44. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    Asus is keeping all its bases covered by offering a variety of
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  45. Reply
    JOHNt says:

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  46. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    The new Galaxy Tab 10.1V is a real corker. It’s a good size, it’s
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    shelves this summer.

  47. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    The Motorola Xoom is one of the second-generation Android tablets that
    the tech world is getting very excited about. Packing Nvidia’s
    super-powerful Tegra 2 chip and running the tablet-friendly Android 3.0
    OS, the Xoom is going to be big.

  48. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    he BlackBerry PlayBook is designed to be mobile and business-friendly.
    That means, at 130x194mm, the device is small enough to hold with one
    hand, slip in a laptop bag side pouch, and even carry around all day to
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    apps. The Playbook is powerful and has brilliant multitasking
    capabilities, but for now it’s one to watch rather than one to buy.

  49. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    After months of speculation, the Amazon Kindle Fire
    has been officially announced at an event in New York, marking the
    first time the company has entered the tablet market proper. The
    successor to the Amazon Kindle is a 7-inch device that comes with
    Android, albeit a version that has been heavily altered by Amazon to
    make the best use of the company’s e-shopping spine. The screen is an
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    streamlined pages, so it is easier to buy stuff on than the actual
    Amazon website.

        1. Reply
          Bassdrummer says:

          Zeron, me too.

          This is what I don’t like about Apple.

          They feel because they have a leg up in the industry they can just leave things hanging the balance.  Where is the respect for people like us?

          They can’t even post a time?

          We should just wait until tomorrow?


      1. Reply
        Bassdrummer says:

        I’m waiting on iTunes and I get a message saying update to 4.3.5.  

        What is the word on getting 5.0?

  50. Reply
    JOHNt says:

    “For Windows customers, Microsoft is using the Windows Certification
    program to ensure that systems shipping with Windows 8 have secure boot
    enabled by default,” Mangefeste said. Windows Certification will also
    ensure “that firmware not allow programmatic control of secure boot (to
    prevent malware from disabling security policies in firmware), and that
    OEMs prevent unauthorised attempts at updating firmware that could
    compromise system integrity.”

      1. Bruce willis’s of the mac game.  Cue the shaft music…………sexy Siri voice, then POW here we are swinging our testicles about at the front of the humungous apple waiting line full of yellow anoraks. BIOTCH!  Das how we roll and Steve Jobbs would’ve loved it. God rest his brainy lil head!

  51. Reply
    Bassdrummer says:


    What have we done to deserve this?

    Why can we not get a launch time?

    Specific time(s)?

    A one sentence instruction stating:

    “If you want to get it at midnight.. **** you..”

    Why, guys?

    Why so serious?

    1. Reply
      Ryangoesrawrer says:

      It comes out at 12:00 APPLE’S TIME ZONE. Two more hours… (Unless they let it out early, which they kind of do..)

      1. Reply
        Big-c94 says:

        Damn, I’m going to school soon, and dont got iTunes on my laptop :O .. Have to wait 6 hours :O .. Good that i have a easy day today 🙂

          1. Purpleback says:

            Molecular Biology exam in the morning, and I stayed up until now to not get a midnight download! FML!

    2. Reply
      Big-c94 says:

      I woke up 4 in the morning to download it :O .. Really annoying, didn’t know that it would be launched at 7 (if it is 🙁 )

  52. Reply
    Ryangoesrawrer says:

    Is the “Check for Update” being slow for anyone else? Or is because I’m raping the button?

      1. Reply
        Ryangoesrawrer says:

        Hahaha. Well I’m just too excited. As a Camera Whore, my favorite part right now is the Lock Screen camera access… But I’m not sure if that will change once I actually HAVE it.

      2. Reply
        Bassdrummer says:

        Apple is raping us.

        $700 on iPhone.

        $2000 on Mac.

        $2000 on Macbook Elite.

        $400 on Apple TV

        $200 on iPod Nano

        No iOS 5 Midnight Launch.


        Face down, *** up.


        1. Reply
          Ryangoesrawrer says:

          Whatever. Apple is good quality. As Steve Jobs said: “Design is not just how something looks or feels. Design is how it works.

          1. Bassdrummer says:

            I just spent over 5K on Apple products in the last 90 days.

            Whatever what broski?

            All I’m saying is give me 5.0 at a reasonable time frame.

            They owe it to us, no?

          2. Ryangoesrawrer says:

            Right. I want it NOW. I’m falling in love with Apple though.. My next large purchase is going to be a Macbook Pro. So0o0o0o yeah. I do agree though. I want it now. They do owe it to us xD

  53. Reply
    Maxwell says:

    ya and it keeps telling me itunes is open its being a little biatch this is my 3rd time tryiing to install

  54. Reply
    Ryangoesrawrer says:

    If anything is stuck in my head by the end of the night, it’s going to me “Contacting the iPod Software Update Server”. 🙂

  55. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Why does everyone think it’s coming out in 2 hours? I mean, I’m glad if it does, but no one from apple has said so, and even this article says it’s probably not going to be out for another 12 hours or so

    1. Reply
      Ryangoesrawrer says:

      From what I’ve heard, it comes out at 12:00 AM on Wednesday (PST). It’s two hours until then.

          1. Anonymous says:

            I’m going to stay up just in case they release it at midnight, but I’m not getting my hopes up lol

          2. Ryangoesrawrer says:

            Haha. Same here. I feel like I need iOS 5 to live. I’ve felt this way since last year when it was first announced. 

  56. Reply
    Gareth says:

    It’s 4.20pm in Australia right now and no sign…

    If iOS 5 Gold Master is anything to go by, you’z all gonna love it!!!


  58. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    I love how the rumor mill was all “ALL THESE THINGS ARE GONNA BE IN THE IPHONE 5!” and then they were all wrong, then they acted like Apple was the one who screwed up.

  59. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Man, I’m gonna go look at the line at the Apple store on Friday, just to see how many crazy people are there. The line was so long for the iPad 2 launch that there were news helicopters overhead lol

  60. Reply
    crashoverride says:

    there was some guy telling off ryan earlier and crap i was reading them before i started posting stuff 

  61. Reply
    Barts1a says:

    I type “These comments are funnier than youtube comments” and I get people trying and failing epicly to take funny to a nausiatingly bad level.

    And yet, I have not been let down…

  62. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Hm, I just tried to attach my iTouch to Find My Iphone and it takes me to “Welcome to iCloud” lol

    1. Reply
      Ryangoesrawrer says:

      Considering America doesn’t get it for another hour AT LEAST.. I wouldn’t expect anything different..

  63. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Speaking of iCloud, the stupid setup page isn’t up yet lol 

    iCloud’s website keeps sending me to some setup page that doesn’t exist.

    1. Reply
      Christian says:

      If you go to bed Apple will not forgive you and deny you all future updates! Must.. Stay… awake … must.. mash… update.. button 😉

          1. Anonymous says:

            The iCloud site is telling me to log into icloud using Lion’s system preferences lol

  64. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    I’m currently enjoying my one and only iCloud feature I can use right now: telling me where I currently am.

  65. Reply
    Jedum says:

    I just got a call form a friend that works in Apple. It will be at midnight in Hawaii. That means 4 hours. Good night everybody and have iOS 5 dreams!

  66. Reply
    Rohannim says:

    im waiting like crazy..  all night and now 11:49
    its like 11:19 in california..  so i guess another 41 minutes….

      1. Reply
        Jedum says:

        Did you check the Japanese site? no, you can’t, it depends of the server! I am talking to friends in Tokyo

          1. Rohannim says:

            u knw what, i checked last night, itunes update was available as soon as the blue corner tag on their website was removed..   so keep an eye over that blue coming soon tag at the corner and u might become the first one to get the ios 5 update

          2. Anonymous says:

            Maybe. It’s quicker to click the update button than to reload their website though lol

    1. Reply
      Big-c94 says:

      It have already been leaked, but i dont know where.. But the real one from iTunes should come in 33  minuttes..

  67. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    just go to apple dot co dot jp and navigate to iPhone, then click on iOS, the little blue tag is still there saying it’s coming soon lol

  68. Reply
    Jedum says:

    News: My friend in Apple said that they got a notice saying: ” iOS Update, 10/12/2011 @ 00:01 in Heaven time, Sincerely, Steve PS: Be patient, Jesus is waiting as you are”  

  69. Reply
    Rohannim says:

    u knw what, i checked last night, itunes update was available as soon as
    the blue corner tag on their website was removed..   so keep an eye
    over that blue coming soon tag at the corner and u might become the
    first one to get the ios 5 update

  70. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    I’m just waiting for the resounding “thump” that is the sound everyone’s expectations of a midnight release crashing to earth.

  71. Reply
    Joseph Ashmore says:

    I live in England and I just gave up my last half hour in bed to get the update, and it didn’t show up ;'(

  72. Reply
    Rachel says:

    we’ll know when it comes out because no one will have the time to post on here anymore, while theyre all downloading the software 

      1. Reply
        Rohannim says:

        no, its not that  big of a burdain for the processor but the only reason they put it in only 4s, is to make it even more worthy..   guys they had to make 4s different than 4..

  73. Reply
    zack says:

    So the second it comes out sent me a text message. I am dead tired. +1(859)240-1092. Lol I think we are all addicted to apple updates.

  74. Reply
    Hannah_the_banana says:

    are most of us now in the UK waiting for the download… all hoping it is an 8 am download lol