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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition official release date

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition

Earlier this month we were teased with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition, and even the tantalizing image of the box that it would come in was enough to get many of us drooling. At that point it wasn’t clear when this version of the smartphone would be available, but now the Samsung […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 idea features f/1.8 lens

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vision

Once the Samsung Galaxy S6 was introduced it was time to give more attention to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5. There have already been numerous leaks about the new phablet, although we’re a long way from anything being confirmed. However, we are seeing an increasing amount of Note 5 concepts. Today we’re showing a […]

Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 officially certified with images

Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7

There have been several leaks and rumors over the last few months about two mid-range upcoming smartphones from Samsung. Now the Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 have received official certification and there are also some images. Specs that have been revealed mainly tie in with those that we’d heard before, and the fact that […]

Galaxy Grand Neo Plus officially on sale at Samsung India

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus for India

We first reported on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus back in January when it arrived in India and went up for sale at Mahesh Telecom. We note that the phone is available from other retailers in the country too, such as Flipkart, eBay and Amazon India to name a few, and now the Samsung […]

Powerful unannounced Samsung Tablet gets Benchmarked


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge may be Sammy’s bread and butter this year, but they are far from done when it comes to new releases. Case in point, an unannounced Samsung tablet has just been spotted that doesn’t belong to any lineup we know of and it has interesting specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge T-Mobile price promo

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge T-Mobile price promo

If you have been considering purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge but haven’t got round to it yet, we have some details of a deal that will give you food for thought. There’s a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge T-Mobile price promo on the way that will run for Memorial Day […]

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 rumored to rock a fingerprint scanner


We first learned of Samsung’s new metal-clad A series late last year, and we’ve seen three devices roll out thus far. Many assumed they were done with the Galaxy A lineup for 2015, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as the Samsung Galaxy A8 has just appeared online.

iPhone 7 Edge vision has Samsung Galaxy feature

iPhone 7 Edge design

It’s always enjoyable to look ahead to what future devices could be like, and today we’re sharing a design that many readers might find interesting. Interestingly, this iPhone 7 Edge vision has a Samsung Galaxy feature from the Galaxy S6 Edge, as it has gently curved sides that can display notifications. We have some images […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active specs include a QHD display

samsung galaxy s6 active

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active can’t seem to keep itself out of the rumor mill. Last week, we got a look at the rough and tumble smartphone, and now we are able to confirm an important detail regarding the Galaxy S6 Active specs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release could be sooner than expected

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release could be earlier than expected

Almost as soon as the Galaxy Note 4 released we started to hear rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for 2015. There have been numerous leaks about the device already, but of course the specs are far from being official at this stage. One thing we felt pretty sure of though was that it […]