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Samsung Galaxy O series, Grand On, Mega On specs leak

Samsung Galaxy O Galaxy Grand On Mega On

Regular readers of Phones Review may remember that earlier this month we gave some news on a new Samsung Galaxy O series of smartphones. At that time two handsets were dubbed the Galaxy O5 and Galaxy O7. Now a further report has them possibly titled as the Samsung Galaxy Grand On and Galaxy Mega On […]

Samsung Gear S2 photo shows the wearable on the wrist

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung has given us plenty of teases for the upcoming Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, but we’ve yet to see it in the wild. Well, that changed today as we got an official “leak” of the smartwatch on someone’s wrist.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs OnePlus 2 camera comparison

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs OnePlus 2 camera comparison b

For many people a smartphone is now their primary camera so this aspect of a new handset is increasingly important. The flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 was recently joined by the OnePlus 2, which OnePlus has dubbed a “2016 flagship killer.” Is that true as far as camera capabilities are concerned? We’re finding out with a […]

Moto G 3rd gen vs Samsung Galaxy J7 price and specs

Moto G 3rd gen vs Samsung Galaxy J7

There were plenty of people waiting for the new Moto G 2015 to release and Motorola duly obliged with the Moto G 3rd gen. This is an affordable smartphone and one of its competitors is likely to be a recent Samsung arrival, the Galaxy J7. Today we’re comparing the Moto G 3rd gen vs Samsung […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Moto X Style, benefits of each

Galaxy Note 5 vs Moto X Style

Two recently announced smartphones that are making waves at the moment are the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Motorola Moto X Style. The Note 5 has just released while the X Style is set to hit the shelves next month. There will be time for full comparisons later but for some quick pointers you […]

Samsung Ultimate Test Drive promo gives iPhone users a 30-day trial

samsung ultimate test drive

A few days ago, we told you about Sprint’s iPhone Forever plan and now we’ve got something for the other crowd. Samsung’s Ultimate Test Drive promo is geared towards getting folks to try Android with a focus on their flashy new flagships.

Samsung SM-T670 Tahoe Tablet specs leak reveals huge slate

samsung logo

Looking for a tablet that’s a little bigger than your typical slate? Well, Sammy may have the answer with the Samsung SM-T670. The tablet carries the ‘Tahoe’ moniker, and is set to be one of the largest tablets on the planet.

Samsung Gear S2 functions and faces revealed in new video

samsung gear S2

Samsung is set to reveal the Samsung Gear S2 to the world in a few weeks, and today we’re getting a nice teaser ahead of the launch. A new Samsung Gear S2 video has surfaced that shows the smartwatch in action while revealing a little more about how things will work.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ UK release info and pricing

samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus UK

Last week the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphone was announced and we learned it would release in the UK in September. As the Galaxy Note 5 will not launch for Europe (at least initially) the S6 Edge Plus version might find some buyers although it’s a pricey device. Now we can give you Samsung Galaxy […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM spotted sans expandable storage

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM

Unless you live under a rock or just returned from a locale without internet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ were announced last week. We assumed a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM model was in the works, and we’re pleased to announced it’s been confirmed. That being said, we hope you weren’t holding out hope for a hybrid SIM card slot…