Amazon App Store Spring Sale offers up over $110 in Free Android Apps

amazon app store sale

Depending on how long you’ve owned your Android smartphone or tablet, you may remember a time before the Amazon App Store existed. When it was launched things were a bit sparse, but it’s grown over time and we’ve seen a ton of sales in the process. Well, we’re getting another one today, and it is offering up over $110 worth of Android Apps and Games for free.

Amazon Free App Promo offers up $105 in Free Games and Apps

Amazon Apps store

Google Play likes to throw the occasional sale, but Amazon has really thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to free Android games and apps. Today, Amazon has fired up another promotion, and this time around they are giving users $105 bucks worth of free Android apps and games.

Huawei Honor 4X UK pre-orders begin for April 17 release

Huawei Honor 4X UK

The Huawei Honor 4X was made official in October last year and last month we heard that a launch was planned for the UK in Q2 of this year. If you’ve been waiting for the phone there’s good news today as Huawei Honor 4X UK pre-orders have begun and a release date is now available […]

Moto 360 price cut drops the wearable down to $179

moto 360

Unless you live under a rock, you know that today is a pretty bid day in the world of wearables – for Apple fans anyway. While Android Wear struck first last year, we’ve yet to see anyone put a stranglehold on things, although Motorola got close initially with the Moto 360. We know a sequel to that watch is in the works, and it may be coming sooner than we thing as a new Moto 360 price cut has seriously sliced the price on Moto’s first smartwatch.

Huawei SnapTo price listed at $180 unlocked on Amazon

huawei snapto

We had gotten wind that Huawei had something special in the works, and we knew it would be a low-priced handset of some sort. Well, we didn’t expect the Huawei SnapTo, which has just shown up unceremoniously on Amazon. The Huawei SnapTo price is listed at only $180, and we’re going to tell you how much bang you’re getting for your buck.

Amazon Unlocked program aims to make paid apps free


Amazon’s App store may not be the juggernaut that is Google Play, but they have a lot of great apps and games on display. A new report says they’re working on a new setup called ‘Amazon Unlocked’ for Android apps and games, and if you’re a fan of Prime, it may be right up your alley.

Samsung Galaxy S4, E7 and E5 India price cuts

Samsung Galaxy S4, E7, E5 price cuts for India

It was only last month that the new Samsung Galaxy E7 and Galaxy E5 were made official for India, and now we have news of pricing cuts for both of these smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy E7 and E5 India price drops may not be huge, but will be welcomed by potential buyers with either of […]

Amazon offering up 37 free Android apps including 80 days and Sorcery! 2

Every so often, Amazon enjoys putting up dozens of free Android apps and games, and today they’ve done just that ahead of Valentine’s Day. While the new promo doesn’t have a name, they are giving away up to $140 worth of free Android apps.

HTC One M9 case leak hits Amazon

HTC One M9 case

People get excited anytime a new smartphone arrives, even manufacturers. We’ve seen a lot of sites jump the gun with new product listings lately, and a new HTC One M9 accessory may have spilled the beans on the HTC One M9 design.

The Nexus Player comes to Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy

nexus player

Google unveiled the Nexus Player back in October, and while it’s a major improvement over previous versions of Google/Android TV, it hasn’t necessarily sold like hotcakes. It’s also been available solely through the Play Store until today. If you want to pick up the Nexus Player, and prefer to buy it from another source, it’s now available through Amazon, Newegg and Best Buy.