Amazon Fire Phone sale drops the price to $130 with Free Prime

amazon fire phone

It may be finally time for everyone to admit the Fire Phone is officially dead. A new Amazon Fire Phone sale has just dropped the price down to a staggering $130 bucks, and they’re throwing in a full year of Amazon Prime to boot.

Amazon Underground app launched with $10,000 worth of freebies

Amazon Underground App

One of the big draws of the Amazon App store is their free App of the Day promo, which has apparently come to an end today. The Amazon Underground app has swooped in to replace the old freebie-based setup, and it’s arrived with a slew of free Android games and apps.

Amazon Free app promo offers up $50 in freebies through July 1st

amazon logo

It’s time for another Amazon Free app promotion, and today we’re getting $50 worth of free paid games and apps. Today’s free “app of the day” is nothing to scoff at either if you like games with a lot of style.

Lenovo Vibe Shot reaches US availability

Lenovo Vibe Shot US availability

We first saw the Lenovo Vibe Shot when it was shown off at MWC in March and in May the company announced pricing and a release date for China. It wasn’t clear when this camera-centric smartphone would arrive for other regions, but if you’re in the US there’s some good news for you today. The […]

Sony Xperia C4 now available for US on Amazon

Sony Xperia C4 available in US

If you’re a fan of Sony smartphones and want a new mid-range handset then you might be interested in the Sony Xperia C4. It has already released for some countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, but has not been made official for those stateside. However, the Sony Xperia C4 is now available for […]

New Kindle Paperwhite announced for $119, ships June 30th

kindle paperwhite

Before tablets were a part of our daily lives, there was the regular old Kindle. Amazon hasn’t forgot about the device, and today a new Kindle Paperwhite was announced with a better display.

HTC One E9+, One M9+ now on sale in US from Amazon

HTC One E9+, One M9+ b

There may be plenty of readers who liked the sound of the HTC One E9+ and HTC One M9+ when they were made official for China earlier this year. However, at the time HTC said that neither of these new smartphones would be available for the US. There’s good news today if you wanted one […]

Amazon Ear Scanning Tech allows your handset with your Ear

amazon logo

Remember the good old days when unlocking your smartphone was as simple as hitting the power button? Fingerprint scanners are the new trend, but Amazon may hope to change that. They aren’t going for your eyeballs either as the company has its sights set on your earlobes.

Samsung Galaxy A7 now available for US from Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A7 now available for US

The Samsung Galaxy A7 released back in February and now it’s finally available in the US as it has gone on sale at Amazon. While Samsung hasn’t officially launched the phone for North America, there are likely to be plenty of people stateside who will be pleased to hear they can now get their hands […]

Google Nexus Player Sale drops the price to $69.99 on Amazon

google nexus player sale

Google has been trying to get Android on the big screen for years, and the Nexus Players is their best attempt yet. A new Google Nexus Player Sale has just popped up online, and it has slashed the price down to a more manageable $69.99.