Samsung Galaxy Note 2 S Cloud & Dropbox standards

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 S Cloud & Dropbox standards

Back when Samsung unveiled the popular Samsung Galaxy S3, it was expected the firm would also unveil their S Cloud service; however that didn’t happen, but it seems that the S Cloud service is coming, as we have a video for your viewing consideration below, which shows S Cloud popping up in the settings menu […]

v1.5 Dropbox update for iOS brings it in line with Android


If you’re an iOS Dropbox user and maybe a bit miffed that the Android offering is marginally ahead of yours then we have good news for you today. The Dropbox iOS app has just been updated to version 1.5 bringing some of the things you may have felt you were missing out on, such as […]

Google Dropbox video streaming update for ICS 4.0 users

drop box ics update

There are a growing number of ways for us to store our important files away from the hardware inside our homes or the mobile devices we use, and today we have news of the Google Dropbox video streaming update for ICS 4.0 users. Dropbox has just been updated for the Android operating system, and as […]

Verizon & AT&T Galaxy S3 customers at disadvantage


We’ve got some news today that may trouble plenty of U.S. customers planning to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) on AT&T or Verizon as it seems that those users will be at a disadvantage compared to those on other carriers. A touted extra from Samsung regarding the Galaxy S3 was a free 50GB […]

Apple flexes app rejection muscles at Dropbox

Apple flexes app rejection muscles at Dropbox

It appears that Apple has a bit of an issue with Dropbox at the moment, in as much as Apple is apparently rejecting Dropbox developer apps and updates, and apparently the reason behind Apple’s rejections is that the new Dropbox SDK enables users to create a Dropbox account. According to the guys over at Pando […]

Google Drive takes on Dropbox, iCloud & SugarSync


Earlier today we brought you news of Google Drive, the new cloud service that was finally launched yesterday. Now we thought it was time to see how Google Drive stands up against competition such as iCloud, Dropbox and SugarSync, with a brief overview of services and a price comparison. Since the launch of Google Drive […]

Google Drive to rival Dropbox next week release


A few days ago we gave readers some pre-launch information about Google Drive, a new cloud service to rival Dropbox and rumored to be coming next week. Further details have emerged which reinforce a release next week and the fact that Drive appears to have been spotted on a developer’s phone has to be a […]

Google Drive cloud service detailed ahead of launch

Google Drive service detailed ahead of release

Google have been pretty busy in the last few months with the launch of its new social networking site Google+, and continued tweaks to its other services such as Gmail and the Android mobile OS. Today we have news of the Google Drive cloud service that has been detailed ahead of launch. According to a […]

HTC Android Dropbox 5GB storage, take that iCloud

HTC Android Dropbox 5GB storage, take that iCloud

HTC has just announced on its dedicated Facebook page that they are now in partnership with Dropbox, the two combining will off Android customers with a nice 5GB of online storage. Normally if the customers want more than the basic 2GB storage for free they have to pay a fee. If you visit the HTC […]