Google X Phone with dream scenario camera


For some time now there have been rumblings of a Google X Phone, also referred to as the Motorola X. This device is attracting a lot of attention and today we thought we’d share with you a Google X phone dream scenario, made by Motorola but with a Nokia PureView camera. Okay, so this is […]

Motorola X phone leak tells of mini me M version


It was way back in January that we first heard rumors of a Motorola X Phone, a collaboration with Google and sometimes dubbed the Google X. We’ve been passing on information and leaks as we hear it about this device although nothing has been officially announced yet. Now we hear that the Motorola X may […]

Google X aka Motorola X phone given XFON treatment


For some time now the mention of two upcoming smartphones has been making Android device enthusiasts sit up and take notice. Those are the Google X, alternatively dubbed the Motorola X Phone and also the Nexus 5. We’ve been bringing news on leaks and rumors for these handsets but while we wait for more we […]

Nexus 5 or Google X phone less likely than ever at Google I/O


There is a huge amount of excitement at the moment surrounding Google’s Nexus 5 and Google X (also known as the Motorola X phone). Many Android enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting an introduction to either of these devices and are hoping for at least one of them to be shown at Google I/O this month. However […]

Motorola X Phone could have been benchmarked as Google X


The Motorola X Phone, sometimes referred to as the Google X, is a rather enigmatic device that has been the subject of a lot of speculation since it was first rumored back in January. We recently heard that it may arrive later than initially expected but today we have heard that the Motorola X Phone […]

Google X Phone and power of suggestion

Google X Phone and power of suggestion

Last year search engine giant Google completed the deal that saw it snap up smartphone manufacturer Motorola in a $12.5 billion move, and since then we have not heard much about the plans that Google has for the company in the future. Recently this has changed with speculation growing of a Google X phone, and […]