Get into Shape with the new Google Fit App

Google Fit app

A lot of folks associate smartphones and tablets with laziness, because let’s face it, we all tend to sit around doing things on our smart devices. Health and fitness are starting to get more attention, and Google is throwing its healthy hat into the ring with the recently released Google Fit app.

Keep Tabs on your Kids around the Pool with iSwimband


As wireless tech gets better, we’re finding new ways to put it to use. Smartbands are a natural fit for wireless ideas and a new gadget called the iSwimband has caught our attention as it’s a new way to keep tabs on your toddler around the pool.

RunKeeper app for Android receives update changes

runkeeper app for android update

Many readers will have heard of the hugely popular RunKeeper app and the RunKeeper app for Android has just been updated. We have details of the changes and improvements that this latest version of the app brings. Over 25 million people now use RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk, and just in case you haven’t […]

Slimming World app surely due a 2014 update

Slimming World app surely due an update

A taste of Slimming World app is for both men and women who wishes to reach their perfect goals when it comes to the their dream weight, the app is very popular in surely a new update is long over due. We have asked around and many are very happy indeed with the Slimming World […]

Scosche Rhythm Smart + heart rate monitor for fitness

Scosche Rhythm Smart+ heart rate monitor for fitness

Scosche unveiled its new RHYTHM SMART + at the 2014 International CES. The armband heart monitor optically measures blood flow and movement to calculate heart rate and calories burned more accurately than conventional heart rate monitors. The dual mode wireless configuration includes both Bluetooth Smart and ANT + capabilities, allowing it to pair with smartphones, […]

8 apps to keep students healthy

8 apps to keep students healthy

To be on top form for those hours of revision and essay writing you need to stay healthy. So below you will get to see 8 great apps to keep students healthy. There are a million and one things to think about when you’re a student. Do I have enough money to make it to […]

Android apps containing crystal and sonic therapy


There are apps available for virtually everything you can think of these days and while some are entertaining, others can be really useful. It you’re interested in fitness, health and healing then you may like to check out our selection of Android apps containing crystal and sonic therapy. We’ve rounded up some of the apps […]

Dermatology A-Z app for skin health information

Dermatology A-Z app for skin health information

While we see lots of game apps released onto the various mobile platforms we often get to see others that can provide really useful information about a variety of topics. Today we have news of the Android and iPhone app called Dermatology A-Z, which is packed with information about skin health. This recently released application […]

Pregnancy apps for Android, iPad and iPhone


There are mobile apps for just about everything these days, and pregnancy apps are no exception. Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting times of life, and it’s good to feel in the know about what’s going on with your body and of course, how your baby is developing, childbirth and more. With […]

Jawbone UP app reaches Android platform


We always enjoy bring readers news of some of the most popular apps out there and one of those is the Jawbone UP app. This is a health and fitness app that is used alongside a special wristband, but until now the app has only been available for iOS. Today we can tell you the […]