Apple iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre battery life is a pain for many users


The new touchscreen titans, Palm Pre and Apple iPhone 3GS, are winning over customers, each of the smartphones has received a powerful approval rating in the two months that they have been available. However, there is always room for improvements, according to director of research at Rockville, Paul Carton. An example of this is: 41% […]

iPhone 3GS 32GB: July No1 selling top-spot in Japan


You may not have thought Apple were capable of success in Japan, but it would seem that they have proved everyone wrong. The iPhone 3GS 32GB was a huge success, it was number 1 top-selling handset in Japan for July. The 16GB model found itself on the list also, which is fabulous for fanboys globally […]

Poll: Are you satisfied with the Apple iPhone 3GS?


The results of the survey show a divide between the average customers liking for the Apple iPhone and the moaning from insiders in the industry along with some software devs on Apple’s heavy handed strategy which includes their outing of the Google Voice app for iPhone which is thought to protect the iPhone’s exclusive carrier […]

Apple iPhone 3GS: new oleophobic coating is fingerprint resistant


The new iPhone 3GS features a fingerprint resistant olephobic coating to do away with fingerprint problems. The other iPhone and iPod Touch devices do not have this. You may be asking yourself, what is an Oleophobic coating? Well an Oleophobic coating is if you touch your touchscreen smartphone with oily fingers your fingerprints will show […]

Poll: Should iPhone 3GS replace 8GB 3G?


It looks like Apple are going to replace the 8GB 3G model with a 8GB version once the 1 year model goes out of stock. Somebody from Rogers the mobile phone operators is said to have sent a few pictures to BGR of the Canadian telco webpage. BGR saw the document named “Rogers 8GB iPhone […]

Will we get Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB soon?


There are rumours that Apple are to get an iPhone 3GS 8GB very soon. There are documents from The Boy Genius Report that show screen grabs. Rogers said in an internal memo the 8GB iphone 3GS handset is yet to be announced. The older 3G model is being reduced. Verizon Wireless say they will cut […]

iPhone 3GS to be sold in UK and Germany according to Vodafone


The iPhone 3GS is going to be sold in the UK and Germany according to Vodafone reporters. Chief financial officer of Vodafone has said recently “it’s a good product and we would love to have the portfolio in more countries”. Currently Vodafone is selling the iPhone 3GS in countries worldwide but not in France, UK […]

Should Apple iPhone have full QWERTY hardware keyboard?


It is now 2009 and the Apple iPhone 3GS has been released, yet many people have called the lack of a physical keyboard a deal-breaker. Steve Jobs prefaced his introduction at Macworld in 2007, by saying what was wrong with smartphones (the hardware keyboard).They do not go away when you don’t need them, they don’t […]

iPhone 3GS Overheating Debate: Cases cause discoloration say’s Apple


Many of you and of course our readers have mentioned the problems with overheating, the debate over the overheating issue with the white Apple iPhone 3GS is immense and many of us want to know what the problem is. Well it seems the debate is over, many users of the iPhone 3GS blamed the case […]

iPhone 3GS: Downstream is good, 384 Kbps upstream is poor


The Apple iPhone 3GS did indeed get an upgrade in downloading speeds which now supports 7.2Mbps which is all good, so this means the downstream is good but what about the upstream? RapidRepair ripped the iPhone 3GS apart and found a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (UMTS HSDPA) chip which apparently is […]