Shady goings on make Google Android not as open as first seemed!


We all know Google has been thrusting their Linux based OS the Android to the dev community as the mobile platform designed to revolutionise the mobile world, and the search giant has been touting Android as a totally “open” mobile platform which everyone can develop mobile apps for. Well it apparently turns out that Google […]

Palringo chat client for BlackBerry smartphones


BlackBerry’s Curve, Pearl and 8800 series is to receive Palringo; a messaging service which extends full functionality of PC based IM services to mobile devices such as picture and voice messaging. BlackBerry users who use Palringo will be able to chat using voice and picture messages along with the more traditional text, BlackBerry users will […]

Rogers learns lesson extends $30 data plans over all smartphones


Well for once it would appear that Rogers Wireless of Canada has learned a valuable lesson concerning data plans. Following on from their attempts to appease the irate iPhone 3G hoards with its generous $30.00 data plan, The GSM carrier has now announced they are to extend the more reasonably priced data plan to cover […]

Apple App Store or Windows Mobile Applications? You decide


Apple launch the App Store so what’s the next move, Microsoft shoves up an attempted competing website, attempted simply because it looks somewhat rushed although it is powered by Silverlight. The new website is dubbed “Windows Mobile Applications” and carries the slogan “DO MORE.” The Microsoft “Windows Mobile Applications” is there to promote most of […]

Vodafone and Lenovo team to bring mobile 3G broadband


An announcement has come on the teaming of Lenovo and Vodafone in the United Kingdom to offer mobile broadband which will be built-in to the laptop to save users needing to purchase a separate 3G datacard, and without adding extra cost to the model. The Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks in Lenovo’s T and X Series and […]

Bug-less Opera Mobile 9.5 due tomorrow 17th July


Those who are awaiting the holy grail of Windows Mobile browsers, Opera Mobile 9.5 probable already know that it isn’t ready and weren’t released on the date specified previously. I’m guessing they had all set their alarm clocks and constantly refreshed the Opera site wondering what was going on. Well unfortunately opera has been dragging […]

Mobile game Hellboy: Stench of Evil designed with mobile gamers in mind

hellboy mobile game

The meanest guy from hell is coming to mobile as Konami announce the launch of Hellboy: The Stench of Evil, in the U.S. Mobile users of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, American’s three largest mobile operators, can even now get hold of the mobile Hellboy game simply by sending an SMS to 566264 (HELLBOY). Word […]

Walkthrough the Symbian UIQ 3.3 prototype: Videos


Many await the first devices to be release that will be running UIQ 3.3 to hit the market, the wait just seems to go on and on, so thanks to one generous YouTuber, “PhonerX” we have two YouTube videos which show the latest version of the UIQ software program. As you view the videos you […]

15 Vehicle models come with Bluetooth hand-free from Toyota USA Inc.


Thinking about buying a new motor, and maybe you want a Toyota? Well here’s a small incentive to help you along. Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) USA Inc. is offering integrated Bluetooth hands-free wireless systems in 15 models. The Bluetooth hands-free wireless system will be made available on the all-new 2009 Venza when it goes on […]

Gremlins nightmare ad by BT receives all-clear from Advertising Standards: Video


The UK’s advertising watchdog has given British Telecom’s TV ad which stars Peter Jones being harassed by Gremlins the all clear despite complaints it has given some children nightmares. The complained about TV ad has mischievous Gremlins working alongside Peter Jones in his office late at night. Jones struggles to locate the problem with his […]