What was the best mobile phone of 2007? 2008 phones to look out for

Many of our readers have asked “What was the best mobile phone of 2007? And what will 2008 have in store for us? So we thought the best people to ask is you, we would love your opinion. We have had thousands of comments about mobile phones what you like and what you dislike, but it is better to know all in the same place (This post).

There were quite a few mobiles out there that made many of you comment, for example the Sony Ericsson S500i was a great one; we have done a fair few reviews on this handset being it news or for the shopping section. The review that stood out the most was the one we titled “Update News on the Sony Ericsson S500i” which got a cool 484 comments (Responses).

Then there was the Apple iPhone and the LG Viewty, the list goes on, but what is the best? What is your favourite?

Ones to watch out for in 2008 have to be —
1. Sony Ericsson W760
2. Sony Ericsson W350
3. Sony Ericsson Z555
4. Sony Mylo 2
5. Motorola MOTO Z10

Please let us know below in the comments area, what was the best mobile phone of 2007? And what phone you are waiting for in 2008?

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7 thoughts on “What was the best mobile phone of 2007? 2008 phones to look out for”

  1. Joseph says:

    Sony Ericcson ” among the worst phone makers in the industry”?? Gimme a break, their phones are popular and proven in sales and usage, practical and easy to use…….You’ve obviously got your wires crossed with something else twerp!

  2. Meee..The Smart One says:

    Nw Nw Folkz.. Calm Doon Waii Aw Thii Arguing..!!
    People Have Different Opions On Phones and it Just Depends On The Buyer.
    For Al You Folks Information..(Not That am Pickiing a Side Or AnyHiing).. Sony Ericssons Telephone Exchanges Traffic Over 90% of All Telephone Calls iin The World.!!! So Next Tiime Your Talkiing On Your Crapy LG or Wt Eva Uva Model Your Call Wiil Have Been Routed Over a Sony Ericsson Switch. C Yah..xX

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