iCarte for iPhone turns iPhone into NFC handset

iCarte 110, the first Near Field Communications (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader/writer to deliver NFC two-way communications, RFID read/write and contactless payment capability ahs been announced by Wireless Dynamics for the Apple iPhone reports an article on infosyncworld.

iCarte 110 is a made for iPhone accessory which attaches to the bottom of the iPhone and thus turns the iPhone into an NFC phone along with an RFID reader/writer. With iCarte 110 for iPhone the user can use their iPhone for fast and secure contactless payments, loyalty rewards, top up prepaid credit, check balances, transmit payments and exchange info with other NFC enabled handsets.

iCarte 110 for iPhone operates on 13.56MHz and supports a varied range of ISO1443A/B and ISO15693 tags which include I-CODE SLI, Texas Instruments Tag-it HF-I and NXP MIFARE and the like.

iCate 100 for iPhone is capable of peer to peer communications using ISO 18092 and NFCLIP-1 standards and is compliant with JCOP operating system, and works with both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS carrying OS 3.0 and above, and can also charge the iPhone and sync with iTunes via miniUSB connector

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