Confessions of the Sprint iPhone 5 Release 2011

Is the Sprint iPhone 5 going to be released is what many are thinking, well there are new hints flying around thanks to solid rumours. This is what we call the confessions of the Sprint iPhone 5 release 2011.

Has Sprint just spread a little rumour or just the tiniest of hints about them getting the Apple iPhone 5 smartphone this year. We have reported that the Apple event may possibly be kicking of October 4th with Tim Cook being the frontman; will the new Apple CEO announce Sprint as a new carrier of the handset?

The Sprint network is definitely ready for the iPhone, if you visit Reuters they have reported that Sprint’s Chief Executive Dan Hesse said “In order to meet full-year targets, Sprint would just need to have a “very strong fourth quarter.”

Now we all know that AT&T and Verizon and Vodafone are the only iPhone carriers in the U.S, we believe that Sprint should be the fourth and even better making T-Mobile the fifth.

Sprints network can handle the iPhone and all we need now is solid evidence if they will be getting their hands on Apple’s smartphones, If Sprint did get the iPhone we can see them having a very strong 4th quarter.

Going back a few days we reported that T-Mobile will not be getting the new smartphone this year of 2011, but these are all hear say rumours and only official announcements will proof such a rumour. (We still report what we know, being it a rumour or not).

Lot’s has been happening over the last week or so, such as Samsung trying to get a ban on the iPhone 5 being released in Korea and Europe, if this does happen would this be the case of iPhone 5 disappointment could release android monster.

It always happens every year, Apple knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to releasing new products, they know everything but very much enjoy the online hype. It is a big thing for them, only they know all and only they will reveal all. Would love to know if all the iPhone 5 hype is slightly getting on your nerves.

If Sprint and T-Mobile were to have the iPhone 5 that would make 5 US carriers, please use our poll system below and let us know what carrier you would go with for the new smartphone. Thanks

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  1. At this point, Sprint not denying the rumors might be even more evidence that they are getting an iPhone. If they knew they weren’t getting it, it seems to me that it would be easier for them to just go ahead and deny it, because by not denying it, their sales may slow down because some people would be waiting on the iPhone. If they weren’t getting it, I would think they would probably just go ahead and deny the rumors and keep on trying to push androids.

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