Apple Confirms iPhone 5 Event Date & Time: Excited

Today is the day all Apple fans get a little excited, it has finally happened after weeks and weeks of waiting, yes we are talking about Apple confirms iPhone 5 event with its date and time.

The official Apple announcement has come by way of “The Loop” who reports that invites have been sent out by Apple mentioning that the event will kick off October 4 at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters campus, see we were right after all.

The message sent out by Apple says: “Let’s talk iPhone.“ The event will be held at 10:00 am PT (Pacific Time).

This is all about the iPhone 5 launch, hopefully Apple will unveil the new iOS 5 with its many new features such as “Voice Assistant”, “Facebook Integration” and “Twitter Integration”, as well as the 200+ features we already know about.

The Apple iPhone 5 launch event will happen October 4th, so surely this means Apple will release the iPhone 5 to the public around October 14th, well this is the release date according to a reliable source over at TNW (The Next Web).

As usual we always stay optimistic, we here at Phones Review have not received any such notification on this event via Apple. If we look back at our previous news we published about Twitter integration within iOS 5, it reported that Twitter are going to hold an event October 10th to the 12th, where we said is was more than likely Apple will hold its iPhone 5 launch event.

So the Apple iPhone 5 event starts October 4 at 10am Pacific Time, please do join me Mark Chubb on Google+, Facebook or Twitter where we will keep you up to date. No one is sure what the iPhone 5 will look like or what it will feature, but rumours do suggest it will have a curved back, 1GB of RAM, larger camera and much more.

You really DO NOT want to miss out on this, we will be covering everything to do with the event, iPhone 5 and iOS.

So, will you be lining up on the 14th to snag your new iPhone or is it mail order for you? Or are you not planning on forking over your cash to Apple at all?

We here at Phones Review are very excited indeed, we will be covering it all and would like you to stay with us for the announcement of the year. Good luck Tim Cook, going to be a great day.

If you would like to comment on any of the above, chat about how excited you are, or if you are an android fan that really does not care, please do use the commenting area below and have your say.

Just wish to say a big thanks to Product Reviews for the heads up, thanks guys.


4 thoughts on “Apple Confirms iPhone 5 Event Date & Time: Excited”

  1. Anonymous says:

    iPhone is indeed a product that storms all the market and the media everytime it is released. and it will be much more than the previous occasions this time with the iPhone 5.

    This shows how the iPhone is much more popular amd much awaited than all other smartphones which come to the market now and then but do not have such public attention.

    iPhone is the pioneer and still the leader of all smartphones!

  2. iphone needs 4g lte or it will be a switch to the new nexus prime coming out. no point in a smartphone with the slowest internet. verizon is the US #1 network, the only one that works, and lte is the fastest data, so not lte, no need for the newest iphone. here’s hoping it has LTE against all the rumors. LTE SHOULD make or break the iphone in the US, but there are likely enough silly fanboys out there. i love my apple products, my macbook pro, my old iphone, ect, but i am not dumb. don’t feed me a smartphone that uses internet at half the rate of a near equal competitor who has equal or better looking specs as well.

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